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It sounds too good to be true, but a University of Southern California (USC) researcher has found proof that tricking your body with a diet that mimics fasting can help you lose weight, reduce your risk of disease, and help you live a longer, healthier life.
Mice and yeast are used as study subject because they have naturally shorter lifespans, giving researchers the chance to study long-term effects in a short amount of time.
The team discovered a specific four-day, low-calorie diet could trick the body into thinking it’s in fasting mode, resulting in belly fat loss. Longo and his team first put mice through bimonthly cycles that consisted of four days on the calorie-controlled FMD. Here’s the kicker: both groups had the same total monthly caloric intake, which led Longo and his team to conclude that the positive effects of the FMD had little to do with mere caloric restriction. When the researchers put their human subjects through their first trial, they upped the fasting period from four days to five and ran them through three complete cycles.
With no major side effects noted, Longo and his team discovered that their fasting mimicking diet decreased amounts of the hormone IGF-I, which is has been linked to cancer. Thanks to Longo and his research team, this new fasting mimicking diet could one day be a prescription handed out to those struggling with obesity and heart disease. Sleep is often overlooked by dieters, but a wealth of scientific research supports the theory that people who get little sleep are at increased risk of being overweight or obese.
Still, some people naturally need more sleep than others, and this genetic trait should be taken into account. Make the most of natural daylightIt isn't always widely known, but spending days in rooms with low lighting levels and doing activities under artificial light dips into the body's reserves of melatonin, a hormone that allows the onset of sleep.
Switch lie-ins for napsGetting up at midday on Saturday and Sunday sets our regular food intake off balance. Don't mix sugar and fat at dinner timeIn large quantities, fats, like sugars, slow down digestion and increase body temperature. Sure most of this proof comes from studying yeast and mice, but human subjects also showed promising results.
I saw no mention of exercise, making this fasting mimicking diet (FMD) my favorite diet of all time.

His research focuses on understanding the fundamental mechanisms of aging using genetics and biochemistry.
Valter Longo is the Edna Jones Professor in Gerontology and Professor in Biological Science.
Yeast, a simple organism, allows for easier study of the biological mechanisms triggered by fasting. Further, the diet also led to an elevated number of stem cells in the older adult mice they studied.
The mice on the diet experienced longer lifespans compared to the control group, as well as lower cancer rates, stronger overall immune systems, reduced inflammation, and improved cognitive function.
During the remaining 25 days each month, the study participants were allowed to go back to whatever they normally ate—the study didn’t require any changes beyond the carefully controlled five-day fasting period.
The diet also reduced biomarkers linked to diabetes and cardiovascular disease, including glucose, visceral belly fat, and C-reactive protein without negatively affecting muscle or bone mass.
They’re currently conducting a randomized clinical trial with over 70 participants in an attempt to back up their initial positive findings.
As a knock-on effect, poor sleep can lead people to be less active and snack more, often reaching for sugary or fatty foods as a pick-me-up.
As the specialist explains, if you wake up on great form after five hours' sleep, then maybe you're someone who just doesn't need much shut-eye. Preventing this process during the day causes the body to secrete of higher levels of melatonin in the evening, which can favor refreshing, quality sleep. It's better to take 20-minute naps during the day to avoid breaking the weekday routine entirely.
Caffeine stimulates the nervous system and alters the activity of melatonin and adenosine, two neurotransmitters essential to the onset of sleep. Here too, it's important to listen to the body, as different people enjoy exercise at different times of day.
It may help induce sleep initially, but the transition to a deep sleep phase is slowed down.

Yet do you find yourself always indulging in fast food and having cravings for sweet things? In his latest study funded by the National Institute on Aging, Longo and his fellow researchers and clinicians from USC, Texas, Italy and England conducted a three-part study on periodic fasting using yeast, mice, and humans.
Together, these two study subjects gave Longo and his team a great starting point for human studies. These stem cells were located in key organs, including the brain, where the researchers measured a boost in three key markers of healthy aging: neural regeneration, learning, and memory… quite the trifecta, considering they’re unexpected additional benefits to the weight loss. The FMD mice also experienced slower bone density loss, an important and often over-looked health marker for an aging population. At the end of the trial period, researchers measured the 19 participants for common biological risk factors of overall aging, as well as serious diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. So as badly as you may want to fit back into your skinny jeans, keep eating… or, at the very least, consult your doctor. Here are a few tips from the doctor and nutritionist Laurence Plumey to improve the chances of successful weight loss. Detrimental light from screens can be toned down in the evenings by downloading a free programme like F.lux, giving the light a yellow tinge for a softer effect.
Some find that exercise winds them down, while others ride high on the effects of dopamine for an energising start to a day. In fact, alcohol is thought to prevent the secretion of adrenaline (the stress hormone) and disturb the activity of tryptophan and serotonin, two neurotransmitters that regulate sleep.

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