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Remember that you can download your licenses whenever you want in the Downloads section of your profile.
If the revelations that Verizon (and perhaps other telcomms) is handing over customer call records to the federal government has you scrambling for your tinfoil hat, there is a simple way to make sure those government spies have no idea who you are calling. The call records will still exist—that someone from this phone number using that particular device made a phone call to this other number from this location and talked for 10 minutes.
According to the Guardian, the blanket court order covers transactional data, "metadata," and not actual communications. Also, pretty much every VoIP service I have seen need you to associate with a specific IP address (which means a VPN service or anonymizer is right out) or a physical device (and if you are going to use a burner phone, why are we complicating things with VoIP?). Keep It Simple My point is, if you are that concerned about being able to make anonymous calls, stick with the simplest route and get a prepaid phone that you are willing to toss away.
If you are more concerned about making secure calls no one can listen in on, that's a whole another ballgame.

Large-scale collection of call records data by the government is not new, as there were reports of similar programs under the Bush administration.
The "session identifying information" includes the numbers of both parties on the call, location data, call duration, unique identifiers, telephone calling card numbers, trunk identifiers, International Mobile Subscriber Identity number, the time and duration of all calls, and "comprehensive communication routing information," the Guardian said. But this is the first sign the practice has continued under the Obama administration on this scale. Instead of associating Google Voice to a physical phone number, forward calls to Google Talk, or Gmail. Also, don't forget that network traffic flows through the cheapest path, not necessarily the shortest path geographically. Skype is VoIP telephony, and it uses a proprietary peer-to-peer protocol to make it hard to trace. Since you don't have control over where the call is being routed, there may be latency issues or it may pass through US servers, anyway.

Since you will be ditching the phone every so often (since phones can be traced), the simpler the device, the better. However, there have been reports suggesting Microsoft may allow law enforcement some access to call metadata. If you are on a VPN service while logged into Gmail, then it becomes harder to trace that email account to you, but yow, talk about call latency.
If your only concern is to make sure the call can't be traced to you, create a throwaway email address and use it only for making Skype calls.

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