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Like other instant messengers, Yahoo Messenger also allows you to download and install emoticons to liven up your conversations. Though the actual Yahoo Messenger has few range of emoticons available in the Smiley’s list but Yahoo allows you to download as many emoticons as you want to. The procedure is simple, follow the steps mentioned in this guide and enjoy lively Yahoo Instant Messaging with your friends and family. A new window will open on your screen on which you will have to enable the use of emoticons by choosing Enable Emoticons. Now again log in to your yahoo Messenger and open a conversation window of any of your contact.
During instant messaging these small pictures help user to express the actual meaning of the message. Add these funny emoticons in your conversation so that your friends can easily figure out exactly how you feel. There are wide varieties of emoticons which represent every possible emotion and make your chat more funny and expressive.

Make sure the installed icons are named correctly so that you can press the accurate keys to use them.
I checked the stairwell, I saw from outside - no light - nobody there - it was jut a few minutes past midnight. Again - again - again - ten times, every five minutes, somebody knocked violently on the door - and there was nobody outside the door, or in the stairwell.
Finally, I had a look out of my kitchen window - and there he was, the Small Red Hat Woddpecker - hungry, violently knocking his hungry beak in to an old rotten tree - just outside the window - and the sound was EXACTLY the same as somebody knocking firmly on my door.
PUUUUUUUUUUUUUH - I was not mad, it was NOT a ghost - it was just a small innocent hungry woodpecker eating his night-food! My mouth was still dry as gun powder, my hands were still shaking - it took a while to cool down - PUUUUUH - I have FOR SURE never been so scared and terrified all my life! So - I decided to call the sweet little woodpecker Hitchkock - have a look - here comes Mister Hitchkock again - isn't he sweet? An old lady wood - or would positively have died from heart attack at once - and ended up in a wooden woodpecker coffin made of wood - maybe that's why we do not see so many old ladies on the streets in Santiago and the rest of Alentejo - Mister Hitchkock has positively scared the death out them all already - woodpeckers use to move around.

AND - IF YOU WANT TO GET RID OF YOUR WIFE, YOUR NEIGHBOURS, YOUR DENTIST, YOUR MOTHER IN LAW OR THE ENTIRE RED ARMY FROM STALINGRAD - USE THE WOODPECKER METHOD, THE BEST AND MOST EFFECTIVE BIOLOGICAL WEAPON IN THE WORLD - but please protect your ears with some cotton, even a heavy matal industry, a loud rock orchester or a global thermonuclear war is much more silent then a woodpecker.
And in a forest - the red army will positively think it is a very heavy machine gun, and run all the way back home to Moscow again!
After I died in the ambulance (heart dead, no EKG, no EEG, did not breath, temporarily brain dead 8 min) I woke up at another place. Black, silent, peaceful, beautiful - the most beautiful black color I had seen - there was nothing but me, or my soul - I was like an astronaute with no body in a universe with no stars.
After, I wished I could tell the world what was over there - but nobody would believe me anyway, it would be no use to phone CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, New York Times and The Voice of America and thell - they would just laugh.A That place was not in my brain - my brain was dead, and a lot of strong waste electricity from the hearth starter was chocking through my dead brain for 8 minutes - enough to make a memory loss, it took me over a year to recover.A Three years later I find exactly the same place - in The Book Of Mormon!
Nachdem ich starb im Krankenwagen (Herz tot, kein EKG, EEG nicht, nicht den Atem,vorA?bergehend hirntot 8 min) wachte ich an einem anderen Ort.

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