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You can buy your boyfriend an expensive, age-appropriate Christmas present, like a shirt and tie set or a designer leather wallet or a book by his favourite author, but if you're dating a guy who is as active as a 10-year-old on a sugar high you might need to get creative this Christmas. It's the ultimate boys toy, with features he'll love, this smart phone will have his undivided attention all Summer and beyond. It's rugged, durable, water-proof and guaranteed to make your boyfriend love you even more. This is the perfect list for the hard-to-buy-for sporty guy in your life with gifts ranging from $4.99 to $899 you might even find something fun for yourself. However, it volunteered to protect the tourists during this monsoon. The Kurla residents Shahjad Ahmed, 21, and Nuruddin Shah, 22, had gone to the silver beach opposite Godrej bungalow in Juhu for swimming around 5 pm. As soon as they entered the deep water they started drowning as they are not trained swimmers. Later, they were handed over to the Juhu Police for further questioning. The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) is responsible for appointing life guards at the city's beaches. However, as the civic body did not appoint anyone, Sea Guardian had started guarding the Juhu beach in 2007. They bought their own machinery and life jackets and guarded the beach without charging any fees. "We were expecting the BMC and other government agencies assist us in the job to save the tourists' lives.
Such was the apathy on the government side that they did not even recognise our life guards as the official ones. As we were fighting the battle alone with limited sources we started the operations," Sunil Kanojia, head of the NGO told India Today. After Sea Guardian stopped operations, 10 tourists drowned at Juhu beach in the last 2 months. And I am pleased to say that we have not allowed anyone to die till date," Kanojia said. An official from the BMC said that the civic body has appointed one life guard at the beach. Laxman spotted femal wearing maroon silvaar & white Kurta rushing in the deep water, he ran from post to stop her, on seeing Lifeguard coming to stop her she rushed in the deep water but in vain Laxman Reached her before she could enter in deep water.

Kistamma refused to come out of the water she started dipping herself saying leave her alone she wants to die. Seeing to all this from Kistamma police was alerted to reach Silver beach, control room alerted 3 number mobile van in charge Chaudhary to rush at silver beach, Beach, Volunteers started inquiry from public if Kistamma was accompanied by anyone.
A lady visitor pointed out a boy wearing white shirt name Krishna Poojari was her boyfriend. This species is a fairly stocky whale, with a low, rounded dorsal fin that is set one-third of the way along the body, and with long pectoral fins. Chaggan Bhujbal along with MD MTDC  at his resident Ramtek in Mumbai On 19th March 2011, with the members of RLLS, Surf Lifesaving Australia and Sea Guardian Lifeguard. The Mumbai Fire Brigade on Friday, flaunted these 23 lifeguards and demonstrated their skills at a press meet at Girgaum Chowpatty.Mumbai 13th Nov.
They reached Silver Beach at around 13 hours, Islam Khan went for swim in the sea water while Samir and Dhanlaxmi enjoyed listening music and talking to each other soon Islam approached Samir and Dhanlxami to join him for a swim in the sea, Smir agreed to go for swim with Samir but Dhanlaxmi refused to go, but Samir and Islam pulled her in the water, as they were enjoying wave pulled them in deepwater.
Samir and Islam ran away with their cloths without raising any alarm for help of Dhanlaxmi, seeing someone in the deep water Volunteer lifeguard Rakesh and Ganesh rushed for Dhanlaxmi’s HELP.
They rescued her alive.Lifeguard Rakesh and Ganesh gave CPR to Dhanlaxmi and rushed her to Cooper Hospital with lifeguard Kamlesh for further medical.
Norman FarmerESM with Manager – Operations & Training, Rashtriya Life Saving Society India Mr. The sea water is also polluted and garbage’s are seen all over water on Juhu Beach. We request all sea goers not to go swimming in the sea. Its for sure if you get stuck in this wave No Police, No BMC, No Firebrigade will be able to rescue you on time.
Time 10am to 5pm. ?Add- Ever shine club, near Ever shine Garden, Thakur village, Kandivali (e),  Bus no -287 Thakur village last Bus Stop. Course Requirement  - 500 mtr swimming in 15min , 2 passport size photo, 1 photo ID Prof Xerox (for Renewal 1day course)   for any query,  contact  Mr.

Thousands of people gathered to see the dead whale fish, national media reached the spot and LIVE news was flashed on Indias most of the channels. Police and lifeguards keep people away from the fish as to keep people safe from any viral infection if fish cascare had carried.While this whale shark may be huge and rarely seen, it joins many other sea creatures that have unfortunately been washed up on the beaches. Some of the deaths of these animals may be a mystery, but many can be related back to drought and humans.A study by Baylor University showed that drought conditions not only affect water levels, but also water quality.
The study found that when pH levels shift, ammonia in the water can become toxic and affect the fish.According from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, 80 percent of pollution to marine life comes from the land. Non point source pollution is the largest cause, which includes septic tanks, cars, trucks, and boats.
Lifeguard Complained about the cascara lying on the sea shore cleaning department was deployed to lift the cascara and clean the beach. SGL Volunteer Lifeguard Service runs on volunteers, so if you can spare some time to help us help others, then don't delay! Lifeguards are provided in an effort to reduce the number of accidents at our beaches, but we cannot do the job alone.
An informed public is essential to maintaining adequate levels of beach and water safety.The objective of Beach Safety is to make citizens aware of the need to be safe while in and near the water. Our member includes professional beach lifeguards in this area, joining lifeguards from across Mumbai.Thank you for considering this request.

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