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According to experts, single women looking for a happy, secure boyfriend should look for a man with a sister or sisters.
Pro Tip: When surprising your son or daughter at college, make sure you know their correct dorm room number. If your ex girlfriend texts you (for the first time) after a period of no contact (NC) - then you should respond to her… but not immediately.
My girlfriend and I recently broke up, about a month ago and a half ago after a two and a half year relationship, and it was an abrupt break up.
She tells me that what she is doing now is what she needs right now and that she does not want to be with me right now. I dont know what to do, because she said that she is the kind of girl, and i know this from previous expericences, that is out of sight out of mind. So what do I do, I know to let her go through her phase with this guy, but I dont know how long that can be. Also I am in a similar situation, however mine was straightforward at first but I found ways to make things more complicated. She broke up with me close to three months ago for the reason that I was being too needy, though she did still want to be friends. However, a week and a half later in a rush of blood I started talking to her again, and this made her very confused, saying things like ‘we went from not being friends to being good friends, so what am I supposed to think?’.
Then by chance I saw her and some of her friends, and we travelled for a bit, though the whole time she looked highly indifferent towards me, typically in the way that people do when things are awkward. What would be the best course of action in this case, just to greet her when I see her at the event and continue to not have contact with her after, or to try to diffuse the awkwardness between the both of us in some way?
Since the breakup I have pretty much revert back to the calm not-so-needy person I was before and it would probably show, however advice on this matter would still be very much appreciated, as I am in need of assurance that what I am doing will improve my situation rather than make it worse. Same situation for me but I am older than her, distance relationship and her parents against me did not help, then they could convince her to stop with me! What I could learn from life is : 1st- depending about she blames you, you tell her exactly what she wants to hear from you and to promise her to change what was wrong in her eyes. In the long run, I would like to continue to get to know this girl, I’m not desperate to get her back and can move on.
Before you go out and decide on whether or not you want your ex back try to objectively analyze the relationship. I suggest going through a period of No contact with your ex if you really want to get back together with her. See if this stuff works, I’m just speaking from experience from being a girl and being in a relationship and having other friends that are girls.

It’s been now 3 months into their relationship and not sure if there is any reconcilliation of us getting back???
The 4 month relationship ended, a year and a half ago, horrendously with her saying many hurtful things and me making myself look both desperate and needy. My ex gf of 2 yrs and 9 months has been gone from the relationship now for 9 months and no contact she has been with two guys since then. If you want to remain friends, text her back to see how she’s doing - or even get together at some point. What happen was on Christmas day after she had left my house around 11 o’clock pm she called me hyseterical crying because her brother was drunk and her parents could not control him. At the start I tried to convince her to get back, but after that failed we kept some contact as friends.
Another two weeks passed with no contact between either of us, however there is a high chance l will see her at an event which I’ve bought tickets to. Like how do i approach everything and how do i start talking to her so we dont get stuck in the friend zone!
If she shows interest after this period then I would suggest pursuing it further otherwise you’re just wasting your time. When you write this don’t put in things that will make her feel guilty like if I am not with you I will kill myself. Her reason for breaking up with me is that she couldn’t hide about her being in a relationship from her parents (her parents forbid her from being in a relationship).
I then decided that I didn’t want that, especially seeing as I was always the one initiating contact, so I disappeared for about a week. The genes have also allowed for me to be the top runner in my class for 6A schools in my State, Oregon. Then I sent a birthday type ATB and got a response but then when i followed it up with 2 more ATB texts and a best of relationship texts just this past summer i got no response and I gave up for good, but since in the time following my texts she’s reached out on Facebook to my best friend (they had never talked previously) telling him he’s so hot and then a few months later reached out on Facebook to my brother (they haven’t spoken either in over a year) saying almost the same things.
If her messages are short and to the point, yours should be the same (for a more detailed explanation of this see page 43 in How to Get Her Back for Good). To add onto that, her father had a stroke, and told me that she didn’t want to drop the bomb on her dad, when he finds out about me. Even though I am only fifteen, my eighteen year old ex said that I am the most handsome guys she has ever seen-moreso than her ex’s. My girlfriend broke up with me but two days before that she said she was madly in love with me and crying on the phone because she wanted to take a break but still talk every day just not as much. Don’t call more than once a day (unless she calls you first or she calls you back and you miss it then refer to no calling for more than 5 times in an hour).

This confused the hell out of me bc to me their is some connection to me but I decided not to react.
I then told her that we couldn’t be friends and that I needed space, and she seemed to be able to appreciate that.
She broke up one to be in a long distance relationship with me, since she lives in Indiana. When I was on the mend I met up with her and to my suprise she still wanted to see me - which made me feel happy.
Dont send her a 100+ messages in one day unless it’s to hold a conversation with her. I basically told her I was done, and then later on explained that I was upset and that I didn’t want to break up. He will tell her, everythime she brings up my name in front of him, that he will move out of the way so that we can work things out, but she says no.
She is the love of my life, and there were things that she said and I said to each other that we can never take back. I have been kicked out of my house, and am staying with my parents, and soon moving back to my parents.
We talked about her, then I told him what she said about her not liking him and just the relationship. But my fiance is almost 22, and she would go outside and smoke at 12 am (Which we stay up pretty late) & would be out there talking on the phone with her for 45 min while sat inside.
I basically called her out on cheating and have said some nasty thing to her and about her new friend. He was cool that I would tell him that, but during school I got the simultaneous texts from both of them. The next day she called me and told me that I was making too big of a deal over something that never was. And lied about her being over at our house, and she deleted texts, and was just really shady. I have recently found out a bunch of lies she has told me and she told her ex gf that she wasn’t happy with me about 2 years ago.

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