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Robbie Williams' wife Ayda Field fears the couple will have ''minging'' children when they start a family next month. Something that I figured out today is that, in life, we go through this patch of our lives.
Every Sunday, if I can make it (or not horse riding) I visit the city with Helena, Livy or Eva. I spent most of the day today, with my hair tied up so it wouldn't go in my face and watching sixteen candles - eating Reeses Pieces. Somebody asked me what my dress looked like for my Year 10 Formal (basically like a ball) Here we go.
I'm not going to start this post with 'lately I've been feeling' because that's just stupid.
You're probably thinking, India - why is the title 'missed calls and communications' that has nothing to do with your blog. A girl called A, lets just say because she might want her name to be anonymous, who I don't personally know, emailed me asking if I could give her some advice.
At the end of the day, what matters is getting motivated and doing what you have been set up to do.
I'm not saying you have to open up your soul to them and tell them EVERYTHING you're doing but its best to just let them know where you are most of the time. I know that it's hard not to go onto websites that distract you, but my parent's trust me, and failing an exam because of facebook, is NOT worth it.
When faced with the hardest of decisions, we feel like we can't go on, or we are filled to the brim with stress, anger or sadness.

They love you and they do everything for you to make sure you're safe and not in harm in any way.
Whether it's rewriting out trig equations or battling the works of Romeo and Juliet, with more study time you fit in, you will find a way that makes you remember the material best.
It's like something building up and boiling up inside of us, and once it's happened, we think that it isn't that bad. I haven't been keeping in good contact with my family - telling them of my plans for parties, sleepovers, dinners.
Sometimes though, when I am out with friends or just doing something that takes my time up other than school work, it completely skips my mind. One of the most important things to do is to keep in contact and tell your family or parents or whoever looks after you what you are doing. I guess it's a question for you and advice that would help me.'In response to your question (which is a really good one by the way) I always have mixed feelings about this. I'm always trying to understand the bigger picture of something that's happening too close up in my eyes so I step back. The scars don't hurt anymore, but we are left with a reminder that they will always be there.
Honestly, and I have found out this the hard way, lying to your parents or not being bothered to keep in contact with them is stupid.
When you feel like overlooking all of the problems in your life because of someone or something that has uplifted your mood. I know that if I worked harder, I could really do very well in school, but I have never learned a steady pace of emotion.

Moving house and tidying my room until it is actually a place where I want to spend my time. However boring your life may be or you feel like there isn't enough happening, get a reality check. Yes, there is the occasional getting distracted, with Facebook and my phone but I seem to do okay.
In the term time all I want to do is sleep and in the holidays all I want to do is be awake. I suggest for all the people out there that are struggling with studying, or getting motivation, read. With school at the moment, I've got big exams and a personal project I've been doing all year that I have to hand it tomorrow. It's hard to do all these things at once but I have a couple of sayings 'just go with it' and 'don't sweat the small stuff'. These do sound pretty cliche and also a little tacky but honestly worrying what your friend has said about you, or a mark from when you were 11, doesn't matter.

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