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Baby massage is a wonderful way to get to know your newborn baby intimately and to share a very special bond. Not only does baby massage offer you to chance to explore every single last millimetre of your new baby's body, it is a great excuse for some quiet time together for just you and your little one to bond.
Until recently I had never considered massage of the face but for us it has brought two wonderful natural benefits for Holly - the ability to relieve the discomfort of a blocked nose during a cold and some slight relief (a distraction at least) from teething pains. Holly caught her first cold aged 10 weeks and we opted for some natural remedies to help her through it - we used Sterimar Baby saltwater spray to clear her nose and baby massage to help her to clear her sinuses and unblock the passages in her nose.

You can help to relieve teething by massaging gently along the upper gum line or lower jaw line. I took my baby massage classes in my own home thanks to Bond with Bubs who I can WHOLEHEARTEDLY recommend. I'm a first-time mum to preschooler Holly, and independent KS1 schoolgirl Lara and approaching motherhood the mellow way - PMA, positive mental attitude! Here are a few great baby massage techniques for relieving the discomfort of a cold or headache.

Starting with your thumbs in the centre of the forehead, gently spread your thumbs out across the head towards the temples.
Pressing your middle fingers onto the top of the nose where it meets the eyes, slowly work your fingers down the nose and over the nostrils, effectively squeezing out any goo that might be in the nose.

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