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He has brought us to this place, and has given us this land, a land flowing with milk and honey. We get lots of letters about dogs, sheep and gardens, but here's the first one about Curry the cat. I would take him food (tuna, no less) and milk several times a day and bring him in the house in the evening to try and tame him. Meanwhile, the kitten loved the rabbits and would curl up on top of the Big Daddy Rabbit to sleep. Carm even set pictures of her Maine Coon cat, Premier Colecoon All-American Pride, or Pride for short. We have a big rabbit hutch and big New Zealand white rabbits that were ten times the size of my brat kitten. Every night, Bob would get the kitten out of the rabbit cage, bring it into the house and play with it.
He patrols the basement for mice, makes his rounds of the house, reports to me for scratching, and usually naps in his favorite chair.
Curry spends a lot of his time snoozing and this tree, which is part of my collection of porch plants, is one of his favorite places to curl up for a nap.

The female rabbit (Sweet Pea) would wash the kitten and they had a game of chase and pounce. At the present time, he is my most affectionate, most personable, and most intelligent cat. The volunteer told me she was a Maine Coon but then when I looked at her card, it said she was a domestic medium hair. He pounces on a Poodle, and the Poodle bounces straight up, then they race around in circles. It all started a little over a year ago when I was stretched out on the sofa, wrapped in one of my wool comforters and watching the evening news. He escaped from every kind of box we fixed for him and would hide out in the darkest corners of the basement.
She has long tufts of fur extending out of her paws, her tail is HUGE, and she looks like a lion with all the hair around her neck when she lays down.
I know you want to be 100% sure, but the only way to do that is to look at a cats pedigree. It's an actual piece of paper that every purebred kitten has.In her kitten picture, it is almost impossible to tell her apart from the other Maine Coon kittens sprinkled throughout this site!As a full grown girl, I see many similarities.

Her fur would be longer in the belly and chest area, maybe inches longer, flowing almost to the floor when she walks. It's more than lots of fur coming out of the ears, its fur standing up on the top giving the ear a long pointy tip. Every full Maine Coon has them, they may be more or less pronounced, but they must be there.Lastly, (and very important!) purebred Maine Coons always come from a breeder who makes it their passion and sometimes profession to show and breed Maine Coon cats.
With a pedigree and registration, one would wonder how and why a young kitten was surrendered to a shelter.Oprah is the classic example of a cat who looks almost just like a Maine Coon.
Either way she's just as magnificent, beautiful, and perfect!I personally have owned a Siamese, and a few 'regular' domestic housecats in my time, as well as my Maine Coons.

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