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I mentioned earlier in the introduction that TMG 2010 allows administrators to consolidate their perimeter infrastructure into a single, secure point of entry, this is done by combining with a couple of other great technologies.
In this 6 part series, I’ll go through the process of installing Exchange Server Edge, FPES and TMG 2010 on the same server.
This series is intended to be a detailed “how to” so I’ll make use of a lot of screen shots of each of the steps of the process. Here is a brief overview of the environment I’ll use throughout this series, the environment is my lab environment. Workgroup – Since we will be installing Exchange Server Edge, our TMG server will NOT be a domain member. To answer your second question, Yes, the steps will be exactly the same for a single server deployment. This could be an issue with Outlook not authenticating properly against your exchange server. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site.
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April 15, 2013 by Paul Cunningham 7 Comments TweetI’ve been seeing a few common questions regarding Edge Transport servers lately so I thought I would put the answers all in one place, as they all basically relate to the same underlying point about how EdgeSync works. A: The version number displayed is the one that was written to Active Directory at the time the Edge subscription was created. Q: Why can’t I manage Exchange Certificates for my Edge Transport server in the management console? A: Certificates for the Edge Transport server can only be managed using the management tools on the Edge Transport server. Q: What, do you mean I have to recreate the Edge subscription just for little things like product keys and version numbers? Just remember that EdgeSync is a one-way process in which data is synchronized to the Edge Transport server. To demonstrate, the screenshot above was taken when my Edge Transport server already had a product key applied and had already been updated to Exchange Server 2010 SP3, as you can see here when viewed using the Exchange management console on the Edge Transport server itself. After recreating the Edge subscription, the view of the Edge Transport server reflects the current version number and license status.
But, when i go logging to EDGE server and go to properties of EDGE server i see i have product ID and its not trial version ? So what you’re saying is, when you look at the Exchange Management Console on the Edge Transport server, you see no little blue icon because the server has had a product key applied to it. But when you look at the Exchange Management Console on one of the other servers, the Edge Transport server is showing the little blue icon?
It isn’t so much that CAS is not supported in a DMZ, rather that firewalling the CAS from the rest of the Exchange servers and DCs it needs to talk to is not supported. It seems as though there is no way in EMC to manage certs on the edge servers and trying to import new certs via EMS fails with access denied. Paul is a Microsoft MVP for Office Servers and Services, specializing in Exchange Server and Office 365, and is the publisher of Exchange Server Pro.

December 14, 2009 by Paul Cunningham 58 Comments TweetI encountered this problem shortly after installing a second Exchange Server 2010 server into my organization.  Initially I thought that this second server had caused the problem but on further investigation I found out the real culprit. As we know a time sync problem will cause Kerberos authentication issues.  I checked and sure enough the clocks on the Exchange servers were out by more than 5 minutes from the domain controllers.
The reason for this was that my Exchange servers were hosted on a Hyper-V server that is not synced to the same time source as the domain controllers which are hosted on a separate VMware ESX server.  Normally the Exchange servers would still sync their time with the PDC-E for their domain but the Hyper-V integration settings were overriding this. Restarting the servers then allowed all of the Exchange services to come online properly again, and the intialization error no longer occurred when launching the Exchange Management Console.
TweetSolutions Exchange 2010, Hyper-VAbout Paul CunninghamPaul is a Microsoft MVP for Office Servers and Services, specializing in Exchange Server and Office 365, and is the publisher of Exchange Server Pro. Please help with the path as this looks like the closest fix to the exact same issue I’m having. This is what i get when trying to connect emc 2010 to a 2003 server to try to add a new forest to start the mailbox migration process. OMG thank you so much, I was using a test lab with Hyper-V and didnt think to check the time.
I’ve checked the active directory site and found the domain controller right there.
Connecting to remote server failed with the following error message : The WinRM client sent a request to an HTTP server and got a response saying the requested HTTP URL was not available. Connecting to remote server failed with the following error message : The WS-Management service cannot process this request. I had the error after adding another w2k12r2 DC to our site (although I think this could well have been a coincidence!) as we already have 2 w2k12r2 DC and I added another the day before without any issues. I kept on getting this error for past two weeks and I am very happy to say that issue was due to TimeSync on one of my BackupDC’s. If you have Exchange Server 2010 Standard Edition and then require to have Exchange Server 2010 Enterprise Edition, then don't panic. Exchange Server 2010 Standard Edition support only having a maximum of five databases per server. In my test lab, I already have an Exchange Server 2010 Standard edition, and will upgrade it to Exchange Server 2010 Enterprise Edition.
To upgrade the the Server from Standard to Enterprise Edition, you will need to have the Enterprise Edition Product Key and run it along a command in the Exchange Management Shell. WARNING: The product key has been validated and the product ID has been successfully created. Upgrading Exchange Server from Standard to Enterprise Edition does not need to reinstall the server, it is easily done by running a command in the Exchange Command Shell and restarting the Information Store service. Click on the first option Quota Information and you will see that it switches to the "On" mode.
You can now see the amount of free space left and the number of items you have in each folder, in the bottom left hand corner of the Outlook bar. Right-click on your account name within your mail folder listing and select Folder > Properties from the sub-menu. Depending on the number of objects (mail folders, calendar items, contacts, and tasks) you have in your account, it can take minutes for your quota usage information to be retrieved.

TMG is essentially the next generation of ISA server (we’ve all come to know and love ISA 2006 since it’s release in late 2006) but with a few fantastic changes. It is now possible to install Exchange Edge, Forefront Protection for Exchange Server (FPES) and TMG 2010 on the same server.
There are many areas (especially when configuring Exchange Server) where making use of the Powershell or Exchange Management Shell (EMS) may be quicker, but I have opted to use the MMC throughout. There are many schools of thought here, but regardless of which one you follow, it is important to note that DNS entries are not NIC specific so make sure you assign a DNS server to either the internal OR external NIC. I suspect it would be possible, however, I would not load balance SMTP (the Edge transport role) and use MX records with different preferences instead. Looking forward to speaking at the Philadelphia Unified Communications Users Group tonight about 3 days ago#fail!
To fix it, use the Exchange management tools on the Edge Transport server to apply your product key, then recreate the Edge subscription. Because EdgeSync is a one way process, the version number does not update as you update the Edge Transport server to newer versions.
If the blue icon and incorrect version number aren’t bothering you or causing you any administrative pain then you can just leave it alone. The Edge Transport server typically sits in a secure perimeter network where it is exposed to the internet to some degree. The problem might be that the Microsoft Exchange System Attendant does not have permission to read the membership of the group. I believe you will need to run the mailbox move requests via the Exchange Management Shell instead. Click Sign In to add the tip, solution, correction or comment that will help other users.Report inappropriate content using these instructions. You will neither need to uninstall Exchange and reinstall it, nor you will need to insert the Exchange Server DVD and run Setup again.
Both of these products were eagerly awaited and while the new features and great benefits of Exchange Server 2010 have already been (and will continue to be!) discussed, I am excited to talk about how TMG 2010 now allows administrators to consolidate their perimeter infrastructure into a single, secure point of entry for email and other messaging related services. Management of the Exchange Server Edge, FPES  and TMG 2010 services are all integrated into the TMG Management console greatly reducing management complexity and overhead. If you want the version number to reflect the current value, recreate the Edge subscription.
Allowing such a server to write changes back into the Active Directory would be a security risk. Upgrading from Standard to Enterprise Edition is simply done by running a single command in Exchange Management Shell. Unsure when it happened, but can’t authenticate to EMC or EMS due to the following error. If you do not have access to your exchange server, I recommend contacting your system administrator.

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