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With all the technological progress we’re making in this day and age, it’s inevitable that we get at least some products that are completely off the rails. One of the most recent products of the type comes from Spain, and it’s a mattress that tells you if your partner is cheating on you. The Smarttress can tell you the duration of how long it was in use, the intensity and location of the session, and even the impact per minute, which I’m sure everybody is willing to find out about their cheating partner. With the commercial proclaiming that “If your partner isn’t faithful, at least your mattress is,” the developers of the Smarttress did offer some pretty interesting answers. Very much expectedly, the internet tore into the mattress as soon as the commercial became viral.
Meanwhile, others were simply offering better ways of dealing with potentially cheating partners – from simply talking to them in order to maintain a normal relationship to hiring a private investigator or even setting up cameras in your bedroom, all more effective and cheaper than a $1750 mattress.
About the AuthorAbout June HarrisJune was born and raised in Ligonier, a small historic town in Pennsylvania.

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Sure, there are those products that despite sounding ridiculous actually have their uses, but there are also those that are marketed to make them sound as crazy as possible. According to them, the $1750 mattress aimed at regular people with huge trust issues was approached as such thanks to the advertising agency they’re using, Gray Spain.
She befriended TV cameras at an early age when she was selected to feature in a local TV series for children.
No, the commercial for the mattress markets this angle in the most dramatic and serious way possible. You will get a great amount of information on the smartphone app which you need, and the mattress itself will let you know when it’s in use. It’s a high-tier mattress used for sleeping and letting you know if it’s in use when you’re not at home.

Plus, they said that they already have some requests for the tell-tale mattress, although they provided no more details about the number of orders or anything else.
Her passion for entertainment grew bigger after June was named Miss Pennsylvania at 16 years old. She was co-opted in various projects ever since and is now a strong promoter of fitness and health activities.

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