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In this case, Ed Piskor’s 2012 graphic novel WIZZYWIG with the AMC channel show Halt and Catch Fire.
WIZZYWIG¬†(phonetic pronunciation of WYSIWYG: What You See Is What You Get) follows the hacks and run-ins with the law of Kevin J. If you want a very linear story with clear plot points, the patchwork story structure might annoy you, I guess?! The show is set in Dallas in 1983, and the 80s aesthetic is captured perfectly in the sets and costuming. And in every age of music videos, there are videos that are controversial, that cause generations of adults gasp in horror and shield their children’s eyes. To be subversive, a video must present symbols in a way that challenges existing power structures. One thing to note: all of these videos involve personas, as in the singers acting out a role to tell a story in the video. The video opens with a flurry of images: Madonna running with sirens in the background, white men assaulting her in an alley, a burning cross, a black man being arrested, a church. Then Madonna dances around with a black gospel choir and makes out with Black Jesus, inter-cut with scenes of her singing while crosses burn in the background.
The drive away in the Pussy Wagon from Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill films, and go to a diner where Beyonce poisons one guy (who she presumably has a bad history with) and Lady Gaga poisons everyone else in the diner including the dog. Finally, Lady Gaga and Beyonce escape with law enforcement in pursuit and drive off into the sunset. Ironically, the most subversive part of the video was the All-American Dance Scene at the end.
The turn of the video happens at 4:50, when Rihanna and company return to the house of the rich woman. The final scene of the video goes back to the opening image: the trunk with the bloody legs.
I think this video does very clever things to subvert the following power structures: race, gender, rap video tropes, and the male gaze. A powerful black woman who is willing to act in a violent, monstrous capacity in order to ensure her own survival is a subversive image in the USA in 2015.
All Star Batman & Robin, the Boy Wonder is set in an alternate storyline to any of the main, canonical DC universes. But what this book is really about is Frank Miller imagining himself as the goddamn Batman. In the imagination of Frank Miller, the goddamn Batman is an unrepentant asshole who revels in the most toxic masculinity possible: he hates grief and loves beating the crap out of people. But the goddamn Batman is not the only character that Miller boldly ventures to explore: we get internal monologue from Dick Grayson, Vicky Vale, Wonder Woman, Jimmy Olsen, Superman, Batgirl, Black Canary, and more. Goddess help him, I think Frank Miller thinks that feminists are constantly angry and only think about men and how awful men are. This is Frank Miller trying his best to write a character who’s really different than he is. The wilderness is very simple: much of your day is involved with meeting your basic needs and getting from one point on a topo map to another point on a topo map. I was invited to a traditionally American BBQ party with lawn games and copious quantities of food and alcohol, but I didn’t go. So I suppose the essence of patriotism, or at least of my support for my country, comes when I see Americans doing great things to support and represent other Americans. I will get things done for America – to make our people safer, smarter, and healthier. While characters based on both models are presented as having a vested interest in achieving an ultrafeminine appearance, they differ in their abilities to pull it off. Each class we touch on an essential concept of improv, and a couple of weeks ago we did a whole class on failure.
SFF is a great local reading series dedicated to fiction: there are four featured readers, plus an open mic. Halt and Catch Fire revolves around an independent computer company in the dawn of the PC era (1983), trying to make a portable computer that can compete with IBM.
Perhaps ironically, I would pick up the hardcover a hundred times before going digital on this book in particular. Lee Pace plays Joe Macmillan, a highly ambitious salesman who swoops into a small Texas computer company and recruits Gordon Clark (Scoot McNairy), a sad, alcoholic visionary whose last computer project failed.
All of the characters are struggling with the balance between being creators and consumers–of computers and of each other. Donna is a working mother who ends up shouldering a disproportionate amount of the house and parent duties.
To undermine without necessarily bringing down (an established authority, system, or institution); to attempt to achieve, esp.

The heyday of the music video began in the 80s, with MTV as the primary distributor of these little nuggets of film. Ironically, the figure played by Leon Robinson was supposed to be Saint Thomas, but hey, authorial intent often times means less than popular interpretation.
I chose this video because like the Rihanna video I’ll be discussing next, it features violent women. Mostly, it recreates the women-in-prison tropes of 70s exploitation films, just with an updated look: butch female wardens punishing Lady Gaga, catfights between prisoners, makeouts between prisoners, and a dance number in leather thongs. In Kill Bill, the Pussy Wagon was driven by a rapist man, then stolen and co-opted by Uma Thurman’s character Beatrix Kiddo to wreak bloody vengeance on those what done her wrong.
Juxaposed with the brutal poisoning, its use of the American flag and an enthusiastic dance routine make it an ironic end to the story. Then we see a white woman in sheer lingerie getting ready, kissing her husband, and leaving her house with an ornamental dog.
The camera turns and we see that the legs are not those of the wife, but of Rihanna, who is naked, covered in blood, lighting a cigar with money, and lying on the trunk full of cash. Rihanna doing things that many men have done in many movies, music videos, and video games is subversive to begin with: why do we decry her but not other artists with similar content in their videos? The stripped white woman is not there to be sexy, she’s there to be meat, an object with which to earn money.
Because then you are just as dumb as the cop, and as powerless as the woman under the water.
Successes include books like Trees by Warren Ellis, and Bitch Planet by Kelly Sue Deconnick. It’s written by Frank Miller, who was in the process of going from a creator of respected, if pulpy comics to a person who writes white supremacist America propaganda and other fringe, ridiculous projects. Unfortunately, he has only managed to write a weird shadow-self, a woman who rants about men and how incompetent men are and men and awful awful men, but then later makes out with Superman and shuts up for a while. Women like Vicky Vale and Black Canary become his admirers; Wonder Woman becomes a foil that only serves to reinforce the role of dominant masculinity in the story. And if we start out by looking and the goddamn Batman as an example of the limits of one person’s imagination when trying to write a variety of characters, then we can slowly expand our critical lens. Showing your work to a wide variety of people and listening humbly and honestly to criticism is one way to expand your brain-horizons. A corporate buzzword, is it a quantitative measure of the amount of work you do, or is it a qualitative matter of how much work you think you’ve done? Age twenty-two, the AmeriCorps launch ceremony at Fischer Pavilion, reciting the AmeriCorps pledge*.
Bree Newsome enacted this century’s iconic civil disobedience by climbing the flagpole at the South Carolina courthouse and taking down the Confederate Battle Flag. The USA won the World Cup of women’s soccer, with a frigging incredible hat trick (three goals in sixteen minutes) performed by Carli Lloyd and a couple of very solid saves by goalie Hope Solo.
In particular, trans women tend to get the short straw in the real world and in media, so today I’ll focus on some works with positive portrayals of trans women.
In this way, the structure of the book mirrors a biopic or a documentary more than a feature film.
The most significant female character is Kevin’s grandma, and she never actually appears in the panels, but rather exists as a disembodied, floating voice. Joe convinces Gordon to help him to make a new machine with an OS designed by whiz kid college dropout Cameron Howe (Makenzie Davis). All of the characters could be shoved into single-story stereotype boxes, and yet they all somehow manage to evade cookie-cutter roles and are instead nuanced, interesting people.
Donna and Gordon have a tumultuous relationship, but at the same time believe really strongly in each other. I will refer to the artists by name, but know that in context of the videos I mean their persona for that video. In the church, she frees a Black Jesus statue from his special Catholic saint cage; he comes to life. The video is chock full of signs rich with cultural meaning: Jesus, the stigmata, weeping blood, burning crosses, the police. There’s enough spikes, near-nudity, death, and nifty outfits to sink a very fabulous ship. While I find Lady Gaga’s overall commentary on fame, appearance, spectacle, and monstrosity intriguing and oftentimes subverting of its own celebrity structures, this video spends more time recreating structures than breaking them down. It features art from Seattle artist Siolo Thomson’s Linestrider Tarot, and contains 78 poems inspired by the Tarot.
There are plenty of scenes with lots of first person internal monologue from a wide variety of characters.
Working with creators other than yourself, including those outside of your demographic, is another.

I love the Internet, I love connection between people and the communities that can be built when the Internet’s not too busy being horrible to itself. From Seattle on a good clear night, you can make out major constellations; everything else is blocked out by light pollution. It’s the sort of thing that I use and enjoy, but it becomes a way of mentally treading water. The stars go quiet and the buzz of to-do lists, projects, work, and social media start up again.
National Service in general gave me more faith in this country than anything else I’ve seen or experienced. It was an incredible game, and for once I could be surrounded by people chanting U-S-A, U-S-A and not be creeped out.
I’m setting it in a fantasy version of 1500s Transylvania, and it should be a wild ride. I find it refreshing; it reads like a zine, but has more plot and character arc than a zine. The power structures that all of this imagery is working towards dismantling could be the Catholic Church (the Vatican officially condemned the video, so…), or the police, or the systems of institutional racism and injustice in America. Two: To some extent, this reads as a white justice fantasy, by which I meant that this is a story by and for white folks that features Madonna being accepted with open arms by the black community and then heroically saving a young black man with her whiteness. Much of what Lady Gaga makes is about the constructed nature of her own fame as well as celebrity culture. Mads Mikkelsen, who plays Hannibal the cannibal on the NBC show Hannibal, is an interesting choice for the accountant. Did you just write a woman who has no thoughts or desires outside of the male main character?
In back country, in the North Cascades, the major constellations are almost drowned out by the volume of other stars.
My tendency is to always feel like I’ve done little, even when I have accomplished much. A colonial entity that split itself from its colonizer, only to go forth and terrorize, and I quote from the Declaration of Independence here, “the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian Savages”?
I wish those who work tirelessly to improve the basic welfare of some of the most vulnerable populations in this country received the kind of recognition and attention that those who do military service get. Kate is an unapologetic badass who has some great conversations with her fellow teammates, including a particularly salient conversation about what gender is with a male-identified robot. And particularly during its release, the imagery was provocative, especially since like most pop artists, Madonna had a following that included children and teens.
Tragically, Pollack’s run on Doom Patrol has not been collected into trades, but issues are decently easy to find. Phenicle is an ever-shifting character: contrary to the title, what you see is never what you get with him in this story.
Three: the theater curtains and curtain call at the end of the video are important, drawing out the constructed, artificial nature of power structures represented in the video. Micheline points out on Women Write About Comics, the book fails because it falls back on tired, racist tropes. Thankfully, the same organizational tools that keep me doing anything are the ones that keep me honest–remind met that I have, in fact, been productive. Is patriotism more about supporting and loving your country or threatening your government if you don’t like their choices? Micheline notes that when white characters¬† say something racist, there is always someone there to contradict them or chide them for their racism, making it a magical fairy tale for white people. Both nights I saw a satellite moving in its measured way across the sky, a reminder of the connection to the rest of the world.
The brutality is unexpected and subverts the structure of women as automatically sweet, kind, and servile. There is also a mute superman character, who is an alien, but looks like a black man, strong, silent, and animalistic.
I could look down the knife edge of the galaxy and think about what I was seeing, a giant cross section of the unimaginably enormous place that is in turn an unimaginably small place in the whole of the universe.
At this point I use two systems to keep track of myself: a to-do list in the form of project management software called Asana (free!

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