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Very early (7am) on Thursday morning I met the Louren’s family at Zoo Lake in Parktown. Thank you so much Elisabeth – your family was an absolute joy to work with We had so much fun! The blog Earthly Mission put together some powerful photos that everyone should take time out to look at.
This is an attempt to grasp the absurdity of these two interlinked ideologies without showing dead bodies or fighting armies. It says it was included to show that the symbol itself was used long before Hitler turned it into such a negative symbol. That symbol you refer to points to the left and is basically the mirror image of the nazi swastika. The Swastika (which is, itself, a Sanskrit word) predates the Nazi symbol, no matter WHICH way it points, by millenia. It should be noted the Swastika was a very commonly used symbol prior to the Nazis adopting it and originally had no racist implications. You need to remember that the panthers didn’t have the power to change anything in america. Even though it was incredibly early everybody was full of excitement and this made for fun morning. A device that was probably meant to prevent slaves from escaping through small openings, such as windows, 1863.

A Canadian soldier searching Jakob Nacken, the tallest soldier in Hitler’s army, 1944. A girl who grew up in a concentration camp draws a picture of “Home” while living in a residence for disturbed children, Poland, 1948.
Nelson Mandela keeps his fists raised after he was sentenced to life imprisonment, June 1964.
Demonstrator at the Harlem Peace March to end racial oppression carries an anti-war sign, 1967.
I know it seems as though we’ve made great strides but mostly the hate has gone underground. It’s included here to demonstrate how much the context has changed regarding that symbol thanks to (wait for it) RACISM. This picture shows how the swastika symbol was at one time somewhat universal and not associated with racism, being in use long before Hitler utilized it. Racism is demonstrated when one race of people have the means to impact and thereby control the lives of another race of people. While they were out in South Africa they wanted photographs to capture their special family. The Black Panthers did not control the American system of government, nor any other system for that matter. At the time of the photo of the ice hockey team, there was no racist meaning to the Swastika.

The swastika also means different things to different people, and I doubt the hockey team was using it as a symbol of hate in 1916. Gone are the days when a bunch of women could innocently select a swastika as their team symbol.
The little girl, Katherine is  very inquisitive 1 year old – she was full of energy and wanted to explore every aspect of Zoo Lake. It is unfair to call people who used it before his time any sort of racist because of their association with it. She is a beautiful little girl and is bound to be a heart breaker when shes older with those breath taking blue eyes.We had a lovely morning walking around Zoo Lake feeding the very hungry geese, playing on the jungle gym and sitting on benches looking at the view. It has just been burned into our minds as a symbol of hate and of the Nazis, that we cannot fathom that it might have been used for more innocuous purposes.
Johannesburg is a huge city filled with concrete and glass but every now and then there are little oases in the City that allow you to relax (even just a little).

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