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To the untrained eye, women can appear to be very strange in the way that they behave, think and take action in life; especially when it comes to sex, dating and relationships.
Even if a woman really likes you, she will usually avoid asking you out, showing too much interest or making the first move.
Some guys see that type of behavior from women as being strange and will ask me, “Why do women give mixed signals? She wants to feel attracted to his confidence and masculinity as he leads the way from a conversation, to flirting, kissing, sex and a relationship.
Have you ever seen women standing around in a bar or nightclub who have gone to a LOT of effort to look beautiful and attract attention, yet they are behaving as though they don’t want ANY attention. This can seem very strange to a lot of guys, who will look at these women and think, “Why are they so stuck up? However, to screen out the nervous, self-doubting, insecure guys, women will often make themselves appear uninterested and unapproachable.
These type of women are looking for a man who will not be afraid to approach them and say hi, no matter what vibe they are giving off. If he doesn’t buckle under the pressure and become nervous, the women will slowly open themselves up to him. Then, when they realize that he is truly confident and masculine, they will become desperate to be with him because they know that it’s next to impossible to find a guy with that level of confidence around women. Our attraction is mostly based on a woman’s looks, so we know almost instantly which women we want to have sex with when we look around a bar, nightclub, party, etc. You may have also heard that nice guys finish last and that women don’t like nice guys, so what is going on? If you pay attention to what the media says, you may come to believe that a woman’s attraction for a man is all about his looks, height and money. A woman’s core, primal attraction for a man is based on his ability to protect her and help her (and any offspring they may have) survive.
It’s only in the last 70 years that attitudes have begun to change towards women in terms of social equality, the ability to work and earn money, voting rights and a fair justice system.
Although today’s world is much safer for a woman and she can now earn her own money, she will has an instinctive attraction to a man who seems like he would do a better job at keeping her safe and helping her to survive. What women really mean though is a guy who is confident, masculine, socially intelligent as well as being a nice (or good) guy. How that relates to women hooking up with bad boys and jerks is that those men are usually very confident and masculine. She would rather be with a very confident, masculine GOOD guy, but those guys are usually already taken. His eyes are very close together, which means scientific research about physical attraction would suggest he isn’t good looking.
For a guy who doesn’t understand women, this behavior will seem very strange and weird.
If the guy buckles under pressure, becomes nervous or apologizes for being so confident, then the women know that it was just an act and he’s really not that confident. Additionally, if a woman is able to dominate a guy like that during a simple interaction, it is a huge turn off for her sexually. Prior to seeing the results of the Dove study, I already knew that women were insecure and was using that knowledge (that I had gained from approaching and having sex with so many women) to feel even more confident about myself when interacting with women.
The more confident I became, the more that women liked me and the easier it became to sleep with very beautiful women.
When you’re out there meeting women, you will notice that many women will act as though they are too beautiful for a guy like you, but guess what?
Yet, if you met any of these women out on the town, they would behave as though they are so damn beautiful and way too hard to get for a guy like you. What a lot of guys don’t realize is that most women need you to show your sexual interest in them, in order to feel turned on and to open themselves up to being sexually seduced by you. So, when a man comes along and shows sexual interest in her (in the right way), she gets excited. However, to test a guy’s confidence, she will usually pretend to be offended at his sexual interest in her. In the movies, you will see a man getting slapped, having a drink tipped over his head or humiliated for showing sexual interest in a woman he likes. Making a woman feel girly in your presence is one of the keys to getting her to feel sexual attraction for you. However, when you know what to say and do around women, you will find that all of your nights out on the town end up back in bed with a new woman (if you want to) or at least with plenty of kisses and phone numbers to follow up on. When you start out approaching women, the success rate is a little hit and miss, but when you begin to master the skills that are required to successfully pick up women (we teach that here at The Modern Man), it becomes too easy. Most guys simply accept whatever they can get with women, which is one of the reasons why the divorce rate is so high out there.

I always have to laugh when I see comments from you, because you’re at such a high level of skill with women. Hey I was wondering since you are at such a high level of mastery with women , do you still get tests from women(in particular your current girlfriend). If your answer is yes, then you still have the mindset of a boy who looks at women like a boy looks at his mother.
I was thinking, perhaps this is the reason why women don’t really like to initiate sex in relationships or marriages, even though they want it? Yes, you need to laugh at her for being so serious about it and make light of the situation between you.
Keep it more casual and flirtatious and just let things happen without the pressure of what a hook up might mean. I would recommend that you stop talking about your relationship history together and just flirt, joke around, have a laugh, chit chat and generally try to feel good and smile around each other.
When I created the controversial attraction techniques that I now teach here at The Modern Man, beautiful women began flooding into my life and I've enjoyed my choice of women ever since. I've already helped 1,000s of guys to get instant results with women (100s of success stories here) and I would love to help you too. Even the famous psychologist, Sigmund Freud went to his grave still not knowing what women want. She has likely been giving that guy obvious signals for months and he is probably wondering whether or not she likes him. Most guys they meet will not have the type of confidence and masculinity that they are looking for. The traits that make women attracted to you are things like your confidence, masculinity, ability to make her feel girly, your social intelligence and overall personality.
If it was based on those superficial things, then 99% of guys wouldn’t have a girlfriend or wife because most guys are not a tall, rich, male model.
The guy then treats her in the nicest, most polite, innocent, friendly way that he can, only to find that she isn’t interested.
The truth is that women feel attracted to guys who are confident, masculine and who can make them feel girly and feminine. Women are saying that they want a confident guy, women are attracted to confident men, but when a man behaves too confidently and has a lot of self-belief around women, they will often tease him and put him down.
A guy like that is not going to be able to be the man that she wants and needs in the bedroom and in a relationship. If the guy gets nervous, apologizes or appears rejected, then she knows that he isn’t a strong enough man (mentally and emotionally) for a woman like her.
However, in the real world where most women are insecure about their looks, they actually need it and welcome it. When you meet a woman and are talking to her, smile, be honest and say, “You know what? Being bold and brave enough to go after what I want even though there is a chance I won’t get it.
Most guys will never know this stuff, so almost every guy a woman meets prior to you will ruin his opportunity with her.
If a woman feels as though she’d be very lucky to be with you, then she will usually get nervous and insecure around you. Have that mindset rather than being annoyed by it and feeling as though she doesn’t need to test a guy like you. Now I kind of see it as a confirmation of their attraction to me and an opportunity for me to further deepen the attraction. Would you like her to “be the man” and approach you, pick you up and then take care of you?
A guy who doesn’t understand the behavior of women will usually look to blame women for his lack of success with them. If you have set up the relationship correctly, the woman will happily cook and clean for you. Women test to determine a man’s level of confidence, masculinity and social intelligence.
We don’t need women to be confident, masculine or intelligent in anyway to want to have sex with them.
I choose women based on looks to begin with and then assess their personality and character to see if it meets my standards.
It is because they would rather prefer the man to do it so they can feel more attraction to his ability to take action and lead??? However, not all women think and behave in the exact same way, so it’s not a hard and fast rule. Case in point: My ex girlfriend who used to get naked and bend over the couch and wait for me to walk into the lounge room.

Tell her that you’re both mature enough to be able to handle a bit of fun and for her not to worry so much and just enjoy life and the moment.
Try to get her to see (via your body language, vibe, attitude, conversation style) that you respect her, find her sexy and enjoy being around her, but you’re not expecting that you and her need to make a decision and get into a relationship.
A woman wants to be able to fully surrender her body and mind and open herself up to a more masculine force. For most of human history, a woman needed a man to protect her from being raped or killed and she also needed a man who could provide food and shelter.
You’d most-likely want your girlfriend or wife to be a beautiful, intelligent, down to Earth, trustworthy, loyal woman with good morals and values, right? You would most-likely want a nice girl for a girlfriend, but you can’t help but feel attracted to strippers and pornstars.
It’s a huge moment for her and she suddenly starts thinking sexual thoughts and feeling turned on. I've already helped thousands of guys to achieve instant success with women and I would love to help you too. However, when you have your choice with women and choose the perfect woman for you, the relationship works with hardly any effort from both of you. I observe things like shortness of breath, speech impairment, uncoordinated movement, having a dazed look on their faces, once I actually saw a girl’s hands literally shaking, you could see nervousness all over her.
The attraction you’d be making women feel is exactly what I talk about here at The Modern Man. Reason I ask is because I still get tests from women, even when their attraction to me is not in doubt.
He will see women as selfish, stupid and confused when they are simply just playing their natural role in the human mating dance. She will be your biggest cheerleader and supporter when it comes to achieving your purpose as a man. The higher his levels of confidence, masculinity and social intelligence are, the more than women will feel attracted to him. If you are testing women in that way, they try to impress you and be accepted by you…that is, as long as you are making them feel attraction at the same time. Since she was so sexy, I wouldn’t be able to ignore it and would just give it to her, even if I was too tired.
I have a long-time friend – also in her 50’s – who I became more interested in last year. She doesn’t want a scared, fearful guy who will not be able to give her that feeling in the bedroom. View customer success stories, browse my products or watch this mind-blowing video about success with women. I’d rather meet a nice girl in a coffee shop or bookstore with all my mental faculties. Just last week I was spending time with this one girl, just having a regular relaxed conversation while eating and she was so nervous she was eating so fast it literally freaked me out, even in bed she was such a nervous wreak I had to shut things down and call it a night lol. She will challenge your masculinity just when you think you have it all worked out and will force you to grow and become even stronger as a man. PLUS I’ve also found I no longer need to be drunk to attract women and neither do they.
I have tried telling them to relax, or compliment them on something about them sometimes, not sure if it works. When you realize that you have that type of power over women, the world looks like a completely different place. Testing your confidence and masculinity and seeing it come back as strong and powerful allows her to continue feeling respect and attraction for you.
Things changed at lunch one day where we had ‘a moment’ that was pretty exposing of her innermost feelings. Being more introverted, she was resistant and I made the error of telling her my intentions rather than just acting on them. Kind of reminds me of how I was when I was hopeless with women, and how they could smell the nerves all over me.
If you have set up the relationship dynamic correctly, she will do whatever it takes to make you happy and keep the relationship together for life. Since then, she has tried to keep me at arms length, knowing any interaction could escalate so she’s been distant.
Any insight on how to flip her attraction switch to get her to a one-on-one setting without coming across as chasing her?

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