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If you happen to be 25, or 35, or any age below your mid-fifties, really, it’s almost impossible to walk by a picture of Lindsay Lohan and not feel smugly superior. Cocaine Use Is Going to Be Bad, Too: The Scottish Government wants you to know that it will make you ugly.
I’m glad to see it’s not just ME who realizes how old and haggy she looks in pictures lately! Lindsay Lohan, 25-year old actress, looked much older at the amfAR New York Gala - all because of her heavy makeup.
Lets be honest with ourselves, the girl is washed up, lets push her aside and let some real talent come to the stage.
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According to Skinaging the fact that she’s always seen out in the sun is especially bad as she has really fair skin to begin with. Andrew Jacono told Stylist that “Lindsay Lohan’s upper lip has likely been filled.” You know who does that?
Because, according to Wikipedia “alcohol activates the HPA axis, causing glucocorticoidsecretion and thus elevating levels of stress hormones in the body. Hundreds of thousands of college students binge drink every other day for four or more years and don’t graduate looking like the Crypt Keeper. Use of the web site constitues acceptance of the Defy Media Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
Originally a news site, Mizozo is now becoming the first truly transparent corporate entity. In fact, according to the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse, over 70% of American people drink heavily for 3-4 years of their lives during their youth.
But seriously, this is sad NOT because she looks older (older woman are sexy as hell) but because she is so unhealthy and messed up.

Not only will everything be laid out, but everyone will have a say in how things are run and get a cut of the revenue. It seems like since we’ve gotten so used to seeing say, Melanie Griffith and Madonna and all the other aging celebrities with their lips pumped fully of restylane that it’s something that immediately makes you look older.
Apparently being an alcoholic also prematurely ages your brain, so that’s probably not good. After all, her personal stylist was a known Meth dealer and user that also looked much older and ravaged than her years.

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