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With a playlist this large, you’re going to need a bunch of workouts to enjoy every track. Be sure to like our Facebook page and follow us on Pinterest to be the first to try out new workouts and view our latest fitness resources. So you’ve bought the champagne, lit the candles and sprinkled that bed with bloody red rose petals. But hey, even if you think you’re Casanova or Elvira, the Mistress of the Night, everyone needs a little bit of music to get their mojo flowing. So this Valentine’s Day, we’re bringing you an ultimate playlist of top 40 sexy songs through the years that will put you in the mood for love, and help raise Singapore’s dismal total fertility rate (TFR). Having great sex is often much more being in the right mental and psychological state of mind, than anything actually physical. This song by sexy diva Mariah Carey might just make you hit that eighth octave in the bedroom, and makes for a super sexy invitation to get things started. And after you’ve been invited to make first contact with your lover, the appropriate response is “Your body is a wonderland”.
If you’re still in doubt about the power of John Mayer’s tunes, just check out his line of smoking hot girlfriends which includes Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Cameron Diaz, Jessica Simpson, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry.
Possibly the most iconic movie of the 80s, the Dirty Dancing soundtrack is a love fest all on its own but “Be My Baby” which plays in the opening credits of the movie is probably the best tune from this timeless classic.
Many children of the 80s and 90s grew up watching Beverly Hills 90210, and that’s where you probably heard this song.
This song is for the all night long nookie with someone you don’t know too well but is too hot for you to say “no”.
Silk was just one of the many 90s R & B groups that broke out after Boyz II Men basically brought this genre of music to new heights and audiences around the world.
Bryan Adams’ raspy rock vocals on this dreamy number is sure to send you to seventh heaven. Have you ever met someone who’s too good for you, like an angel from heaven, and you want to get down on your knees to thank a higher power for sending that person into your world? This is another song about heaven, and one of two super iconic 80s numbers by Belinda Carlisle in this list. Belinda Carlisle’s Greatest Hits albums is like chicken soup for a love-starved soul that you can just keep drinking. Anyone who’s ever been to Zouk’s Mambo would know this song, and probably all the cheesy moves that come with it.
If you’ve never kissed someone with the rain pouring down hard, the thunder clapping and the lightning illuminating the sky above, you have honestly not lived life. This is for the virgins out there, who are experiencing and finding out what love is for the first time. Another silky smooth number by Foreigner about finally finding that special someone after a long search.
There’s nothing that gets the sparks flying faster than the friction of a little love-hate relationship.

Continuing with our string of hot slow rock numbers, anyone remember this song by Saigon Kick?
If you’ve never watched Phenomenon, the movie where John Travolta is bestowed with seemingly supernatural powers that helps him not only make life better for the townfolk but also win the woman he’s got his heart set on, go watch it now. Benny and Joon is another sweet love film that is a must watch, and one of the vehicles that launched Johnny Depp’s career as a bonafide superstar actor who’s more than just a pretty face.
This song is about two people just trusting each other and moving in perfect synchrony, and it can really turn on the waterworks. Love is not a race but a marathon, and sometimes it’s best to take things slow so you can savor every beautiful moment together. Another fantastic R & B number to grind it out in the club, or somewhere else more private.
A lot of people born in the 90s and later may only remember the Blue version of this, but this sexy track was originally by 90s R & B group Next. All good things must come to and end, and there’s no better way to end off this list than with another classic from the soundtrack of Dirty Dancing. 12-year-old family-run Buddy Hoagies cafe in Nee Soon South Community Club to make way for KFC? You try and strike a sexy pose without tripping up, and attempt to deliver the most seductive or romantic line you can pull out of your bag of tricks without falling flat. Often just thinking about your significant other can get you hot and bothered, and that’s what this song is about. This is one of those songs that you can put on loop till you literally get breathless grooving to it. That classic scene from the movie Ghost with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore making out while making pottery was forever seared into our consciousness together with this vintage love song. This sexy haunting tune plays almost every time Brandon Walsh (Jason Priestly) or Dylan McKay (Luke Perry) drives some chick up to this cliff overlooking the city lights for some snogging action. No one really knows but we’ll never forget this sweet smooth love track by one of the best R & B acts in music history. The song “Freak Me” is about getting down and dirty and being upfront about what you want, which is important in any relationship. This song is for couples who had their love blossom young, what the Chinese call ????, and have survived all the ups and downs to stay together through the years. This song is about that person that made you feel oh-so-good, that something would die inside you if he or she left your life. Madonna caused a lot of controversy when she mixed religion into this song, which is naughty yet nice. In Singapore, it’s summer all year round, so go out there and catch that summer rain with your special someone.
This beautiful song by Foreigner is about finding that someone who will put an end to all the yearning and questions in your heart.
Good things are worth waiting for, and that’s what this song is about – saving all your love for that special girl.

We’ve all been through this with a lover who is just so wrong but yet so right, probably very crazy but just too darn hot to let slip. The second song in this list from the iconic Dirty Dancing, there’s nothing like that feeling when you find that someone whose eyes can talk, and what you’re both feeling inside just comes across without saying a word. Just look at the number of screaming women in the music video and you know what this Def Leppard number can unleash. This song is just so dark and haunting, and will stoke the passions of any 80s classic metal fan.
It has the sexiest shaving scene in film history, which you will now be able to watch below.
Taken off the soundtrack of “Pretty Woman”, the movie that launched Julia Roberts’ career as an A-list female lead, this song is about that sweet moment when you finally fall in love again unexpectedly after a long time.
Before there was Kylie Minogue and Nicole Kidman, Olivia Newton John was the best female specimen to come out of the land down under, but most of you will probably just remember her as that Aussie chick starring opposite John Travolta in Grease. Some people were actually crazy enough to think this was about eating ice cream on a hot afternoon. After a night of love, one sometimes wonders if itings will last and the question that often comes to mind is the title of this song. There’s no better way to to do it than to the smooth sounds of Marvin Gaye’s Classic Sexual Healing. So just take your time and keep going at it till you think you’ve arrived at the place you want to be. Def Leppard has a whole range of sexy rock hits worth mentioning like “Love Bites” and “Have you ever needed someone so bad”.
That’s the funny thing about love sometimes, it happens just when you aren’t looking for it and the harder you search for it, the more it evades you. But this is about finding love in the club, that connection with somebody on the dance floor. No need for niceties, just get to the point, pick up the tab and get the heck outta the club already because this chicken’s cooked.
But if not, like what Pitbull sings or raps in this song, you are going to need some Hotel Service for some personal private time. I personally like the version with Shaggy rapping in the background to mix things up a bit. When it’s just the two of you in perfect rhythm, your favourite song is playing and no one else matters. Besides, like the song says, why wait till the dark of night when you can see better in the daylight?
This sexy number by the Columbian sex goddess with Jamaican influences will get your body moving in ways you never thought possible in no time, and that ain’t no lie.

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