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Victoria's Secret Love Spell Fragrance Mist will leave you mesmerized by the beautiful floral and fruity scents! This wonderful vibrant scent of sweet cherry blossom and juicy peach gives an irresistible combination that allows you to feel the romance that brings out your most flirtatious side. Reviews about Victoria's Secret Love Spell Fragrance MistWrite a reviewYou have to be logged in to write a review.
Victoria's Secret is an high-end American fashion house for lingerie, accessories and cosmetic products.
I have never used any Victoria’s Secret product other than this body scrub which I received as a gift. The ultimate sexy sensation: This dual-action sugar-based scrub exfoliates the skin while immersing it in your favorite flirty scent. The consistency of this scrub is quite thick and yet, it spreads quickly and easily on the skin. They have the fragrance available in a body mist already and of course, an EDT but I can’t say that the EDT has ever had a stronger staying power than the mist itself with my body chemistry. It feels like I’ve been waiting my entire life for Love Spell to be introduced in a perfume formula. I had come across many good reviews on Victoria’s Secret products and that they are known specially for their fragrances, so I was pretty excited to use this lovely product.
For longer lasting fragrance, follow with Love Spell Fragrance Mist or Love Spell Hydrating Body Lotion. The scrub comes in a plastic, violet coloured tube with golden plastic flip open cap which is golden in colour. The scrub is light bluish in colour which you cannot make out with little product as it looks whitish due to the sugar granules in it. This is one reason I was excited about an EDP because maybe, just maybe it would have longevity.
I have the little bottle of EDT and I’ve been in love with this scent since high school (aka 10 years ago).

The scented scrub polishes the skin while enveloping it in a vibrant blend of cherry blossom and peach. The product can easily be squeezed out of the tube by gentle squeezing, and the amount of product coming out of the tube can easily be controlled. Other Love Spell products like body lotion and mist can be layered to increase the sillage and lasting power of the fragrance.
It’s just one of those fragrances that you can never really pick any one note from it.
I died a little bit when I saw this sitting on a display at my local store and was just about ready to stock up on ten bottles less it disappear suddenly.
It’s one of thee ultimate sweet fruity floral blends around and has such a gorgeous little twang to it. I apply this scrub with gentle movements and I can feel the granules rubbing by skin so it can be bit abrasive to use this product every day; this also makes the tube last longer as you only need to use it every 3-4 days at the most. We tend to provide accurate information, yet certain information may vary as actual information on the product may differ from the content available on our website. Every Christmas my mom gets me a Love Spell gift package with all the Love Spell products from Victoria's Secret and I absolutely love it to death!
So when you are doubtful, we advise you to read the details mentioned on the product before using or consuming the product. If you require further information on the product we recommend you to directly contact the manufacturer. It has sparkles in it and they stick to your skin and give you a nice shimmer and they do rub off on your clothes or couch or anything you come in contact with and leave a little sparkly but its not a huge problem and is easy to wash off. All the content provided at Zabiva is for informational purpose only and is not intended to diagnose or treat problems. The regular lotion is perfection and yet again Victoria's Secret has done a great job making a beautiful scent.
The skin care products are not to cure, and while buying skin care products, customers are advised to check the suitability of the product with their skin type before using the product.

Conditions and softens with ultra moisturizing natural ingredients like Avacado, Sweet Almond and Calendula Oils. Hair care treatment products are not intended to entirely diagnose, treat or prevent hair related problems. So i decided to use it one day in its regimen (shower gel, lotion, body spray) and boy did i make a mistake doing that! This bottle last so long i have had it for 5 years and it still smell exactly the same when i first used it. I have turned many people on to it, and I always get asked what I'm wearing when I use love spell.
For use after you shower or when going out with friends you cant go wrong with this lovely spray. I ran out of my regular perfume and sprayed a little Love Spell on and it smells wonderful.
My daughters and friends are also avid users of Victorias Secret Love Spell.Not to mention my hysband loves the smell,a little spritz on your comforters and pillows will leave your room smelling great.
Forget all the cheap knockoffs that only last for a few minutes Love Spell will leave you smelling good for hours. Ive tried several othet Victoria's Secret sprays but Love Spell has a unique scent that makes it one of my favorites. My husband, who is very picky when it comes to evaluating women's fragrances, says this is his favorite scent as well.

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