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If you want to have more friends, evocate more sexual attraction energy and spreading the people with love and positive vibes around you, then, this article will help you achieved it with a simple, very easy to do spell, with ingredients which you usually buy and have in your house already, so, keep Reading and may the love vibe invades your life. Do a profound and thorough bathroom cleaning with antibacterial products and specialized cleansers, also, you have to cover your mirrors with white or pink sheets or towels.
If you have a bathtub, get the salt (can be sea salt but it doesn’t matter really) draw a bath and take a piece of salt in your hands, throw it to your bath and say in the meantime negativity has been washed away. Later, light 3 white candles or place them in the bathtub, relax and take a bath or a shower, but feeling the water getting into your body, also, feeling and thinking yourself as someone sensual and sexual.

After you finished, repeat the words you have said previously but adding at the end I am very blessed, I feel very loving, I feel loved and I love myself very much, I am and feel love. Esta entrada se publico en Sin categoria y esta etiquetada con Love Spell en 15 enero, 2014 por zodiac. I feel renewed as of today, many heads will go in another way, the ones I desire will stay. If you don’t possessed a bathtub, compress the salt in a wash cloth, the words remains the same and throw them in the shower.

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