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Currently the Mayor of London, he previously served as the Member of Parliament for Henley-on-Thames and as editor of The Spectator magazine. Johnson was educated at the European School of Brussels, Ashdown House School, Eton College and Balliol College, Oxford, where he read Literae Humaniores. On his father's side Johnson is a great-grandson of Ali Kemal Bey, a liberal Turkish journalist and the interior minister in the government of Damat Ferid Pasha, Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire, who was murdered during the Turkish War of Independence.[5] During World War I, Boris's grandfather and great aunt were recognised as British subjects and took their grandmother's maiden name of Johnson. Try as I might, I could not look at an overhead projection of a growth profit matrix, and stay conscious. He wrote an autobiographical account of his experience of the 2001 election campaign Friends, Voters, Countrymen: Jottings on the Stump.
Johnson is a popular historian and his first documentary series, The Dream of Rome, comparing the Roman Empire and the modern-day European Union, was broadcast in 2006. After being elected mayor, he announced that he would be resuming his weekly column for The Daily Telegraph. After having been defeated in Clwyd South in the 1997 general election, Johnson was elected MP for Henley, succeeding Michael Heseltine, in the 2001 General Election. He was appointed Shadow Minister for Higher Education on 9 December 2005 by new Conservative Leader David Cameron, and resigned as editor of The Spectator soon afterwards.
A report in The Times[22] stated that Cameron regarded the possible affair as a private matter, and that Johnson would not lose his job over it. The Conservative Party hired Australian election strategist Lynton Crosby to run Johnson's campaign.
Johnson pledged to introduce new Routemaster-derived buses to replace the city's fleet of articulated buses if elected Mayor. I believe Londoners should have a greater say on how their city is run, more information on how decisions are made and details on how City Hall money is spent.
Ken Livingstone presides over a budget of more than ?10billion and demands ?311 per year from the average taxpaying household in London. Under my Mayoralty I am certain that London will be judged as a civilised place; a city that cares for and acknowledges its older citizens.
The Mayor’s biggest area of responsibility is transport, and I intend to put the commuter first by introducing policies that will first and foremost make journeys faster and more reliable. The proliferation in China of social media has meant a surge in the availability of counterfeit items, with hugely popular apps like WeChat offering a growing platform for the sale of fake goods. Joe Simone, director of Simone IP Services, an intellectual property agency serving multinationals in China, says the emerging social media trend represents a huge new challenge for established brands. With 40 percent of the world's population connected to the internet, online counterfeits in China are one of the biggest challenges facing global brands, which often remain tight-lipped about the issue.
IP infringements are as a result not usually reported, making it difficult to find data and quantify the sheer scale of the problem. A spokesman from Tech21, a British company that makes high-end smartphone cases, says online counterfeits are one of the most challenging aspects of entering the Chinese market. Individual British brands have told the China-Britain Business Council that they lose millions of pounds' worth of sales each year because of online counterfeiting in China, though the body doesn't have any accurate statistics on the issue. While the internet is a major facilitator of counterfeit products, the borderless nature of social media for vendors and consumers to exchange fake goods is now serving up an even bigger challenge for brands.
The CBBC says it receives a number of complaints from British brands about WeChat and the increasing use of Moments - a feature that allows you to post updates to other users - on both personal and official accounts.
According to Ryan, WeChat, which says it has almost 700 million monthly active users, has a brand protection platform, as well as a system of WeChat users reporting online postings that may be a scam or IP infringing.
Beside social media, Simone says the sale of fake goods at higher prices is another sign the issue of online counterfeit has infiltrated a lot deeper into the economy. Simone refers to this subset, which attracts consumers who can afford to buy the real thing, as the cloud. He warns it gives rise to problems for online platforms, like Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce giant, which have notice and takedown procedures in place - whereby IP rights holders can file requests to have links to counterfeit products removed.
AliProtect and TaoProtect are two of Alibaba Group's IP protection strategies used to submit complaints about suspected infringing goods across its various platforms.
The e-commerce company, which has a whopping 80 percent share of China's online shopping market, has been criticized by Chinese regulators over the sale of fake goods on its platforms. Last year, the country's top watchdog found that only 37.25 percent of examined goods on Taobao, an online market place operated by Alibaba, were genuine. In the same year, the CBBC, under a strategic agreement with Alibaba, launched an investigation into some of the larger sellers of counterfeit engine oils on behalf of British producers.
According to Simone, despite strategic partnerships, like those between Alibaba and international governments, there's a significant lack of anti-counterfeit lobbying by industry globally.
In 2014, China established three courts that specialize in dealing with intellectual property case in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong province. China's Supreme People's Court is considering establishing additional courts to deal with such disputes. When Rob Bevis launched his import and wholesale business, Roque Fine Wine, three years ago in China, he was told the country's wine market was nearing a tipping point. The government's anti-corruption campaign, which promised long-term benefits for society, had an immediate adverse effect on wine consumption as it curbed officials' extravagant, taxpayer-funded banquets. In the past three years, China's wine market has steadily recovered to a path of healthy and sustainable growth. Sales of expensive imported wines, which were common at lavish banquets, fell in terms of volume and revenue. But in the past three years, China's wine market has steadily recovered to a path of healthy and sustainable growth. Moreover, consumers in China have broadened their knowledge and developed a taste for fine wines. Leading the pack for foreign wines are French varieties, New World wines, like those from Chile and Argentina, are fast grabbing market share. Market researchers say Chinese consumers are also buying more relatively expensive wines imported from New Zealand. Wine trade experts say this trend is natural, as individual consumers prefer more diversified and differentiated products than corporate clients. For their part, traders encourage buyers to try as many varieties as possible through a wide range of events and education programs via online and mobile channels. Pudao Wines, a subsidiary of Australian retail giant Woolworths Liquor Group, has been establishing wine boutiques in China that provide fine wines to private clients and wine-related services.
ASC Fine Wine, one of the largest fine wine importers in China, has also devoted more resources to online retail channels. Enoteca, a specialist wine shop based in Tokyo, often organizes wine tasting and other events at its China stores to share information about growing grapes, including details about the geographical features of the wine regions and the heritage of wineries.
According to a research note by Winechina, a website focused on China's wine market, wines produced in the country account for 70 percent of the national market. Some new Chinese labels, such as Grace Vineyard in the Ningxia Hui autonomous region, are gaining in popularity among wine consumers and are even being exported. But it is the established wine brands like Chang Yu and Great Wall that still dominate the domestic market. Zhou Hongjiang, general manger of Chang Yu, says China's wine market is not a zero-sum game between imported wines and local brands. Zhu Qi, 46, a wine collector in Shanghai, says the coming of age for China's wine market "is actually very good for wine consumers like me because tasting wines is like touring a place: it involves a lot of senses, memories and imagination". He adds, "In the past, when wine varieties and sources were limited, I felt like a person who could not travel far. When President Xi Jinping visited the University of Manchester in October, he was shown the world's first graphene lightbulb. With a long life span and cheap production costs, graphene lightbulbs could become a strong rival to LED lights, and BGT forecasts sales of 300,000 to 500,000 units this year.
Liam Britnell, Marketing VP of Graphene Lighting PLC, the BGT Materials Limited's spin off company, holds the graphene lights. Graphene, a thin layer of pure carbon that is tougher than a diamond yet lightweight and easily conducts electricity and heat, was first isolated from graphite in 2004 by Andre Geim and Kostya Novoselov at Manchester University.
Since Xi's visit to BGT Materials, which is based in the National Graphene Institute at Manchester University, the institute has signed two deals with Chinese companies: one with Huawei, the other with the Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials and Aviation Industry Corp of China.
The project with Huawei is focused on research into graphene's thermal management properties, while with AVIC the Manchester institute is looking into how to incorporate graphene into materials for aviation and other transport sectors. Robert Young, a professor of polymer science and technology, who is leading the National Graphene Institute's project with AVIC, says the use of graphene in the transport industry can lead to significant benefits. China has already made graphene a strategically important new material in its 13th Five-Year Plan, which sets out the country's development objectives between 2016 and 2020.
The country has also set up five industrial parks to accelerate its industrialization, in Changzhou, Wuxi, Ningbo, Qingdao, and Chongqing.
Currently, 70 percent of graphite is found in China, giving Chinese manufacturers a big advantage, while according to Britain's National Physical Laboratory, China has applied for 47 percent of the world's graphene patents. China has also placed a big emphasis on the implementation of high-quality graphene standards domestically, with the help of British expertise. In March last year, the National Physical Laboratory signed an agreement with Beijing's Zhongguancun Fengtai Science Park and Beijing Fengtai New Materials Inspection Institute to help Chinese organizations adapt global graphene standards to specific needs.
Hao Ling, the lab's principal research scientist, says enforcing standards internationally is vital for the industry's growth. Currently, two bodies develop the global standards: the International Organization for Standardization and the International Electrotechnical Commission. COSCO Pacific Ltd, a subsidiary of China COSCO Shipping Corp, has signed a share sale and purchase agreement to buy 35 percent of Euromax Terminal in Rotterdam from a subsidiary of Hutchison Holdings Ltd.
Containers are unloaded at ECT's newly-built Euromax Container Terminal in the Europort in Rotterdam.
COSCO Pacific's agreement is with ECT Participations BV, a subsidiary of Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-shing's Hutchison Port Holdings Ltd, which is a private holding company incorporated in the British Virgin Islands that manages port assets in 25 countries and regions. Euromax is principally engaged in the operation of Euromax Terminal Rotterdam, which is located at the Port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands.
Xu Lirong, chairman of COSCO Shipping, says Rotterdam is situated at the end point in Europe of the Silk Road Economic Belt and the new Asia-Europe economic corridor. The Port of Rotterdam has been the base port of COSCO Shipping in northwestern Europe for more than a decade. The company sealed a deal in April to purchase a majority stake in Greece's biggest harbor, Piraeus Port, a move that will give the shipper control over one of the country's key thoroughfares into Europe. After being asked about his work over the past six years, Aaron Hsin, president of Teradata Greater China, thinks for a moment. Aaron Hsin expects his company will announce its advanced cloud computing technology this year.
During our interview in Beijing, he says he is leading a 1,000-plus team at the China unit of the international software company, which provides big data and analytic data platforms, marketing applications and related services. Hsin received two master's degrees, one in computer sciences from Stanford University and another in information management from the State University of New York. Working with Microsoft as a senior manager and now at Teradata has given him opportunities to use his knowledge for China's economic development, he says. He is now a member of the China Big Data Expert Committee and the Chinese Academy of Sciences' China Cloud Computing Technology and Industry Alliance. Owing to downward pressure exerted by a feeble global economic recovery, Teradata's full-year global revenue for 2015 fell 7 percent to $2.53 billion yuan. But Teradata's business in China has seen unprecedented growth, Hsin says, although he declined to disclose the China unit's financials. He says he sees increasing business opportunities in China for analytical products of cross-industrial sectors. The company is studying its customers' plans in order to develop such products as soon as possible so that the enterprises can use them to innovate. Tony Baer, a senior analyst with Ovum, a market-leading research and consulting business focused on convergence of IT, telecom and media markets, says the value of Teradata's products comes from 40 years of experimental experience. Teradata's analytical products have helped its enterprise customers greatly improve their business, Hsin says. For example, a leading Chinese telecom operator that is a client of Teradata's analytical products is providing a processed data service for a local banking institute to decide where and when it needs to set up new branches in China, explains Geoffrey Jiang, Greater China Area regional solutions director at Teradata Information Systems (Beijing) Ltd. Many Chinese banks used to hire consulting businesses for feasibility studies before opening branches in remote areas. Before he joined the company, Teradata's customers were mainly from three sectors: communications, financial services and the internet. Along with China's fast-growing e-commerce sector, Teradata is cooperating with many business-to-customer and business-to-business websites, including eBay Shanghai and a local leading e-commerce company.
According to a recent Teradata report, the US contributes 60 percent of the company's annual revenue.
Hsin has about 30 years of work experience and is now a key member of the China Big Data Expert Committee and the China Cloud Computing Technology and Industry Alliance.
Tim Cook, CEO of the US tech giant, said in Beijing on May 16 that about half of the earnings came in the past 12 months alone, indicating strong momentum in the industry. He made the remark during his latest trip to Beijing, as the company tries to boost its contracting smartphone sales in China, its second-largest market after the United States.
Apple CEO Tim Cook takes a Didi taxi with Jean Liu Qing, president of Didi, to an Apple store in Wangfujing in downtown Beijing on May 16.
Apple announced it has pumped $1 billion into Didi Chuxing, China's largest ride-hailing platform. Neil Shah, research director at Counterpoint Technology Market Research, says Cook's visit to China, coupled with the recent investment in Didi and Cook's promise to help Chinese developers, add up to the fact that "China is, and will remain, the most important market for Apple". The car-hailing app handles more than 11 million rides a day and serves about 300 million users in China. Apple opened seven stores in China during the quarter ending in March and will open five more to take the tally to 40 by the end of June, signifying the importance of the Chinese market for the company.

After two years of decline in Bordeaux's export volume to China due to the unavailability of wines, its exports have recovered after the region adjusted its supply structure. Exports rose to 61 million bottles, 24 percent of its combined volume, worth a combined 280 million euros ($318 million), 15 percent of the region's global export turnover. A woman tastes a 2013 vintage red wine at the Palais de la Bourse in Bordeaux, southeastern France. China's drinking habits are changing, with focus shifting to individual consumption from drinking at banquets.
Dong Li, a wine importer with Shanghai Junjue Foreign Wines Ltd, says he received a booklet from a Bordeaux wine trader full of ideas on how to pair the region's wine with Chinese food.
One tip suggests matching well-structured dry red wine from Saint-emilion, Pomerol or Fronsac with fresh pork mooncakes.
Other tips include having the fruity Bordeaux Superier rose with chili bullfrog, and braised pork with Medoc or Graves dry red wine. CIVB has been researching global consumers' preferences and tolerance to various tastes that Bordeaux wines offer.
Faced with competition from emerging brands in China, the Bordeaux wine professionals are focusing on their own products to forge ahead, says Thomas Jullien, a representative of CIVB in the Asia-Pacific. The company says this year it will focus on four areas - connected mobility, connected industry, smart home and smart city - to enhance its earning ability from China's Internet Plus initiative.
Peter Tyroller, the member of Bosch's management board responsible for the Asia-Pacific region, says the sales record was achieved despite a less dynamic market environment. New normal refers to China now moving up the value chain amid a developing economic model of slower but quality growth. Bosch says its mobility solutions unit continued positive growth in line with the development of the Chinese automotive market in 2015.
With the acquisition of a 50 percent stake in BSH Hausgerate GmbH, previously owned by Siemens AG, Bosch says it further extended its position in the Chinese home appliance market.
It says industrial technology, as well as energy and building technology business sectors, were impacted last year by the slowdown of domestic infrastructure investment.
The company has invested 18 billion yuan in China over the past five years, with investments totaling 5.2 billion yuan in 2015 alone.
Bosch employs 55,000 people in China, its biggest single workforce outside its home market. It now has a number of pilot projects in Industry 4.0, the high-tech strategy initiative that promotes the computerization of manufacturing. They are in its plants in Suzhou, Shanghai, Wuxi, Changsha, Nanjing, Beijing, Changzhou and Xi'an. Bosch plans to recruit some 14,000 university graduates worldwide this year - 2,500 of them in China, among which over 500 will be for software expertise.
Zhao Ying, a researcher at the Beijing-based Institute of Industrial Economics of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, says the trend toward internet-connected industrial operations will consume less energy, as companies are organized to optimize machine usage, labor, and product and service delivery.
The European Commission should follow World Trade Organization rules in its anti-subsidy investigation into Chinese steel exports, a Ministry of Commerce official said. China General Nuclear Power Corp on May 14 said it has no plans to build reactors at the Hinkley Point C site in Britain, denying reports it would be willing to take over from EDF should the French firm pull out.
ICBC Standard Bank, a subsidiary of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Ltd, has agreed to buy Barclays' precious metals vault storage business in London. Guangzhou Pearl River Piano Co Ltd completed the purchase of Germany's largest and most famous piano maker, Schimmel, on May 18. Saudi Aramco has entered its first annual liquefied petroleum gas supply contract with a Chinese chemical producer, boosting its sales to the world's top LPG consuming nation as output of the fuel climbs at home. Swiss pesticides maker Syngenta said on May 17 that the offer period for ChemChina's takeover bid was extended because some regulatory approvals were still outstanding. China Merchants Group announced it will invest $500 million to build a trade and logistics park in the China-Belarus industrial park and establish a logistics passage from South China to Central Asia and Europe through the cargo trains from China to Europe. Huawei Technologies Co Ltd on May 16 signed a three-year deal with UK Trade and Investment to enhance the two sides' cooperation on business development. E-commerce giant Alibaba has pledged to stop fake goods from appearing on its online platforms after being suspended as a member of a global anti-piracy group.
The suspension by the nonprofit International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition on May 13 came only about a month after Alibaba Group Holding became the first e-commerce member of the organization.
The coalition announced the suspension after questions were raised about conflicts of interest involving the organization's president as well as complaints from members who view Alibaba as a haven for cheap knockoffs. The Chinese company said on May 15 that the suspension would not affect its relations with the coalition.
The suspension comes as Alibaba attempts to transition from a platform attracting buyers with cheap goods to providing good-quality, genuine brands. Tian Hou, an analyst at TH Capital in Beijing, says Alibaba is keen to seek global recognition in line with its status as the world's largest online retailer.
The coalition memberships of two US e-commerce sites, Wish and The RealReal, have also been put on hold.
China's booming cross-border e-commerce space is creating an exciting new market for logistics providers to transport goods from foreign retailers to Chinese consumers. The scale and novelty of this logistics market are harbingers of fat profits, pushing logistics providers to constantly innovate, invest heavily in warehousing, and develop advanced IT systems to improve speed and reliability while cutting costs.
This trend came about thanks to measures by the government in 2014 to provide incentives for cross-border e-commerce.
Growing economies of scale are seen as the key driver to keeping costs low by companies such as Hangzhou-based Dolphin Supply Chain, founded in 2003. Dolphin has warehouses in the United States, Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany and Poland - strategically chosen to be close to food suppliers, the firm's focus industry.
Hangzhou-based Beibei, one of China's largest e-commerce suppliers of baby products, has also built overseas warehouses in Asia and Europe, and in Hangzhou, Ningbo, Guangzhou and Tianjin. Ke Zunyao, its chief operating officer, says with products stored in its Chinese warehouses, the company can dispatch them on the same day if orders come in before 4 pm. Beibei checks goods three times between entering and leaving its warehouses, and food products are packaged according to strict guidelines.
Alibaba has built its own logistics network, Cainiao, which links Alibaba with a consortium of logistics providers, including 49 cross-border delivery partners including 4PX, Royal Mail and SingPost.
Daniel Johnson, global products manager at IAG Cargo, says the volume of goods flown to Shanghai, mainly from Milan, Frankfurt and Madrid, more than doubled compared with 2014. Before 2014, getting foreign goods to China was expensive and complex, relying on postal service providers or express parcel delivery firms such as DHL and UPS, which have set up their own service points in China. Big names such as 4PX Worldwide Express and XLobo, logistics arm of the Chinese e-commerce platform Ymatou, collect and bundle individual parcels at overseas locations and ship them to China as a single consignment. The 2014 e-commerce reforms included setting up bonded warehouses in seven pilot locations.
The benefits of the system, including tax advantages, encouraged logistics firms and e-commerce platforms to set up their own bounded warehouses within the designated zones. Jim Tompkins, CEO of US-based Tompkins International Supply Chain Consulting, says another popular strategy is to establish a hub in the country of origin where individual orders can be packed in a single container for shipment to China.
New investments by logistics firms and e-commerce platforms are now squeezing the market share of firms that do not have their own logistics infrastructure. Fox Chu, managing director of Accenture's freight and logistics operation, says a key trend is the growth of the one-stop-shop approach, whereby a service provider not only handles end-to-end logistics on behalf of retailers, but also helps them with digital marketing and financial and other services. Chu says such flexible service providers go "beyond being merely a logistics service provider, they position themselves as an e-commerce trade expert". One such firm is London-based Avenue 51, an e-commerce consulting firm with its roots in logistics.
Eric Wang, co-founder of Avenue 51, says the new cross-border e-commerce tax changes effectively place more demand for logistics providers to understand the best logistics route to suggest to customers.
On a sunny Thursday in mid-April, Jevgenils Suscinskis sprang a surprise on wine fans in Shanghai with several bottles of Argentina's world-famous Achaval Ferrer.
Suscinskis, the regional director for Bodega Achaval Ferrer in the Asia-Pacific, says he is confident the wine, which can sell for more than more than $150 a bottle, will be welcomed by Chinese consumers. Supplies of Achaval Ferrer in China are limited, so only higher-end consumers may get to savor it. The company and other vineyards have been trying to change the notion that Argentina is a source of inexpensive wines with a "jammy taste". For vineyards, stony, sandy and relatively infertile soil, like that of Argentina's Mendoza region, is considered better because such conditions encourage vines to grow stronger. Bodega Achaval Ferrer is not the only Argentine vineyard seeking to reach out to Chinese consumers. Last year, Argentina exported almost $20 million worth of wine to China, up from $9 million in 2010. In recent years, New World wine regions have been increasingly popular among Chinese consumers as they get to know more about the culture and heritage of the countries concerned, including Chile and Argentina.
If you go around explaining to an average person over 40 what it means to be casually "seeing" someone, you might see their eyes dart open with the implicit implication that you are downright promiscuous. Three dates in without labeling your partner as "boyfriend" or "girlfriend" is considered, by many, to be kind of odd. The Chinese phrase for "date" is ?? (yue hui), with the character ? having a less than casual original meaning. With ?, things often have a binding effect, from more serious international affairs such as international conventions (????guo ji gong yue), treaties (??tiao yue), and legal contracts (??he yue) - to personal, quasi-religious contracts like an engagement, or marriage contract as in ?? (hun yue) .
Today, we often use this term to mean "lay some ground rules", for instance, ??????,???????????(Ta men yue fa sanzhang, hunhou jiawu yilu gongtong fendan. Unwritten rules are ???? (yue ding su cheng), meaning "drawn from popular usage or common practice". Because agreements involve previous arrangements, ? also took on the meaning of "to arrange, to make an appointment", as in ?? (yu yue).
Failing to show up for a previous engagement is ?? (shi yue) or ?? (shuang yue), famously seen in an 11th-century poem describing unrequited love. Keen linguists might have noticed that? also has an alternative meaning that seems totally unrelated to the above: "approximately, by estimation", such as in ?? (da yue) and ?? (yuemo).
Colin Mackerras was pursuing his master's degree at Cambridge University in the 1960s when he learned that foreign-language teachers were needed in China. His visits over half a century have resulted in hundreds of academic papers and dozens of books, with views from China and the West. Early on, he pursued Asian studies with a focus on China, and Mackerras today is an established Sinologist. Despite the challenges of living in a foreign country, they were able to make friends, and many remain so to this day.
The couple taught until 1966 and left before the start of the "cultural revolution" (1966-76). Fluent in Chinese, Mackerras usually rides an old bike to class and spends a lot of time with his students. In all these years, he has also followed his passion for Chinese opera, which he describes as "music of the people".
Mackerras, who has written books that explore the relationship between Chinese opera and society, says he is happy to see the art form being revived through government support. His knowledge of China comes from extensive travels within the country, including in remote ethnic regions, and interviews with citizens and local officials.
Last year, he received the Special Book Award of China, which is given to foreign authors, translators and publishers who make significant contributions to China's literary and cultural exchanges with other countries.
Mackerras, who continues to work on papers about China's ethnic groups and general social changes, says: "People are living a richer life, not only materially but also spiritually.
While he tries to bring different perspectives to his writing, he says the process isn't easy. In many ways, Mackerras, who has been involved in academic and cultural exchanges between China and his homeland, is a pioneer in bringing people together.
He established the Chinese Studies Association of Australia to boost such exchanges, and in 2007, he received one of Australia's highest awards for helping education and Sino-Australian ties. Mackerras says there has been significant improvement in relations between the two countries.
In 2014, he received the Friendship Award, the highest honor given by the Chinese government to foreigners who make a significant contribution to the country's social and economic development.
President Xi Jinping remarked on Mackerras' life experience when he visited Australia that year. The inventor of the Drinkable Book received the grand prize in this year's Design Intelligence Award, held in the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou. Theresa Dankovich's creation is made of advanced filter paper that can kill germs that cause deadly diseases like cholera and typhoid. The annual design awards are organized by the government of Zhejiang province and the China Academy of Art, which is based in Hangzhou. For Dankovich, the needs of local communities were more important than looks when she was developing the book. In response to an award judge who said her book was too delicate for use in impoverished areas, she says future versions will have a plastic casing instead of the current hard cover, and the filters will be renewable. Her product is now part of a pilot project at schools in Kenya and South Africa, and there are plans for it to be marketed there later this year at an affordable price, she says. Other entries this year also attracted much attention, including one called Second Skin, which was developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
The product was described as breathable apparel; it can spontaneously expand and shrink in accordance with changes in the humidity and temperature of human skin.
Second Skin is still in development, but several sports brands in the United States have shown interest, says Wang Wen, a postdoctoral fellow at MIT, who has led development of the project. Wang, who was born in Zhejiang, believes the mass manufacturing capacity of clothes in her home province can help turn her dream project into reality.

Song Jianming, a professor at the China Academy of Art and head of the award jury, says market potential was a crucial factor when it came to picking this year's winners, while protecting intellectual property rights was a priority.
Another judge, Zhao Jian, says while not every design can turn the world upside-down, attempting to enrich lives is a worthwhile effort. Chinese designer Zhu Xiaojie also entered a chair that uses a wooden cover to mask a thin metal frame. Looking at the future of the contest, Hang Jian, deputy director of the China Academy of Art, says: "We expect more ideas suitable for the future.
As micro enterprises continue to grow, Hang believes designers will have the opportunity to turn their ideas into reality via multiple channels like crowdfunding.
Perhaps, with such efforts, it will not take too long to find the award-winning products on the market.
In reference to his cosmopolitan ancestry, Johnson has described himself as a "one-man melting pot" — with a combination of Muslims, Jews and Christians comprising his great-grandparentage.[6] His father's maternal grandmother, Marie Louise de Pfeffel, was a descendant of Prince Paul of Wurttemberg through his relationship with a German actress.
They have two sons—Milo Arthur (born 1995) and Theodore Apollo (born 1999)—and two daughters—Lara Lettice (born 1993) and Cassia Peaches (born 1997).[13] Boris Johnson and his family currently live in Holloway, North London.
In 1999 he became editor of The Spectator, where he stayed until December 2005 upon being appointed Shadow Minister for Higher Education.
He is also author of three collections of journalism, Johnson's Column, Lend Me Your Ears and Have I Got Views For You. On 2 April 2006 it was alleged in the News of the World that Johnson had had another extramarital affair, this time with Times Higher Education Supplement journalist Anna Fazackerley.
Yet Londoners have little confidence in the Mayor spending their money with care and prudence. It was here that David Cameron and all his supporters gathered to congratulate him on becoming Mayor of London. Traders lost a lot of corporate and government clients, and this pushed vintners to shift their focus to individual consumers. This created a strange situation, in which ignorant consumers would buy high-cost wines assuming they must be good varieties.
Increasing numbers of consumers buy wine for their own consumption or to share with family and friends.
Sales of imported bottled wines last year rebounded to a three-year high of 395 million liters, up 37 percent year-on-year. Varieties such as sauvignon blanc from Marlborough are gaining in popularity, despite their average price being among the highest in imported wines, according to a research note by Rabobank, a Dutch company that provides food and agriculture financing and research services.
Their price points and product portfolios are regularly adjusted to stay competitive in a market that is marked by a growing affinity for imported wines.
They are performing better in lower-tier cities where the distribution system and consumer groups are less affected by imports than in first-tier cities and coastal cities, Winechina reports. As the market expands, all players that offer high-quality products can hope to attract more buyers. Manufactured by China's BGT Materials, the bulb will be launched globally this month in Britain, carrying with it the potential to change the lighting industry.
It is already used by Austrian sports equipment maker Head to strengthen tennis rackets, while Italian company Vittoria uses it to strengthen bicycle tires. We've received so many enquiries," says James Baker, graphene business director at the National Graphene Institute. Based on medium- to long-term development trends, the Port of Rotterdam will continue to be Europe's main hub.
It is located at the junction of the land-based Silk Road Economic Belt and ocean-going 21st Century Maritime Silk Road. The company signed an agreement on May 16 with the government in Wuhu, Anhui province, to jointly build China's first trial operation zone for fully autonomous driving vehicles. He credits that partly to the university education he received in the United States about 30 years ago. Both helped him to serve two US software companies - Microsoft and Teradata - well in Beijing for 14 years, he says.
For example, Teradata's market research found a need for products that can monitor both manufacturing and marketing at the same time. The products help customers deal with data management and see business values in these data, set in different environments. Now, it has built a customer base involving about 12 industrial sectors nationwide, with new clients coming from manufacturing, automotive, retail and insurance. Through cooperation with our software development partners, we're expecting to have a formal announcement in this development this year," he adds. Data analytical products make up 42 percent, while consulting and other services account for 58 percent of revenue. For example, it has been helping a growing number of utilities analyze the vast amount of data produced by their "smart" meters and power grids, which can help increase company efficiency and reduce customer costs, officials say. He served as general manager of Microsoft Greater China before joining Teradata as president of its China unit in 2010. It declined to comment on whether he would meet with high-level Chinese officials to talk about regulatory issues. The famous wine region's exports to China have rebounded after the region adjusted its supply structure. The wine and food share many things in common, including saltiness, complexity and structure of tastes.
The research includes a study of Chinese consumers' preference for levels of tannin, acid, sweetness, bitterness, flavor and the age of wine. China's share in Bosch's global sales climbed to 16 percent last year - making it the group's largest market outside Germany.
This development has reshaped many international companies' business policies and investment strategies in the country. Meanwhile, the consumer goods business recorded healthy growth, according to the company's 2015 financial report on its Chinese operations. Chen says the group plans to invest on a similar level this year as it aims to drive internet connectivity forward and promote industry upgrades in China. The commission started to investigate steel imports last week and imposed anti-dumping and countervailing duties on hot-rolled flat steel products originating from China. EDF has delayed its investment decision on the construction of two "third-generation" European Pressurized Reactors at Hinkley Point until September, amid escalating costs.
Upon completion of the acquisition, ICBC, China's largest commercial lender by assets, would become the first Chinese bank to have a vault in London, which is one of the largest precious metals vaults in Europe, the bank said on May 16. The deal with Wanhua Chemical Group Ltd for supply worth about $200 million starting in May underscores Aramco's goal to secure market share in Asia.
The China-Belarus industrial park is located 25 kilometers from Minsk, the capital of Belarus.
Membership in the coalition is the type of endorsement the company is looking for to back this shift. The e-commerce giant has vowed to stop fake goods from appearing on its online platforms, such as Tmall.
The e-commerce company has set up an overseas purchasing arm, JD Worldwide, to buy products it identifies as being in high demand among Chinese customers. The global cross-border e-commerce market stood at $230 billion in 2014, and is projected to grow to $1 trillion by 2020, according to joint research by Accenture and AliResearch, Alibaba Group's research arm. That is particularly so since higher cross-border e-commerce retail taxes were introduced in April, increasing sellers' costs. This is how it works: Dolphin's contract truck drivers collect goods from retailers and deposit them at Dolphin's overseas warehouses from which they are flown to warehouses in China.
According to Alibaba's estimates, these delivery partners together have 74 cross-border warehouses globally that can support the delivery of 4 million packages per day, covering 224 countries and regions. International Airlines Group's cargo division saw 40 percent growth in the amount of goods it handled last year, mainly driven by large volumes of high-end fashion items shipped from the UK.
Although they still rely on postal and express delivery services, their profits come from the economy of scale in handling high volumes. Products can be transported to these warehouses in bulk and clear customs when they are dispatched to customers.
It has developed an IT system that helps British retailers find the best delivery route to Chinese customers by using a product's size, weight, price and type, and matching these with other factors such as volume and time requirements. Some products save costs using the cross-border e-commerce route, and others the traditional postal route.
They have been growing malbec, a premium purple grape used to make red wine, taking advantage of the country's geographical features, such as high altitude, its soil and the ready availability of high-quality water from the Andes mountain range. Others, too, are targeting China, which has become one of Argentina's top 10 wine export destinations. In this context, he says Argentina's wines will likely stand a good chance to gain market share because they are considered affordable quality products.
A famous story in history gave rise to the term ???? (yue fa san zhang), or "agree on a three-point decree". It may seem obvious today, but at the time and amidst the chaos, this simple decree won him enough public support to be the new emperor. It starts with the memory of a happy scene from the previous year's Lantern Festival, when the couple went to the night market together: ?????,??????(Yue shang liushao tou, ren yue huanghun hou.
Because it's an estimation, ?can also mean "unclear, unobvious", such as in ?? (yin yue, dim, vague). As to the dating scene in China, though the power of tradition remains, the younger generation are actively redefining customs so that the concept of ?? (yue hui) is a lot more ?? (yin yue).
Mackerras, who wrote his PhD thesis on Peking Opera, still has gramophones of the ancient art form.
In Western Images of China Since 1949, he chronicles the background and reasons behind that change, placing them in context of the realities he experienced on the ground. He is also a founding member of the School of Modern Asian Studies at Griffith University on the Australian east coast, where he has worked since mid-1970s. While exchanges in culture and education have been growing fast, China has also become Australia's top trading partner. During a speech at the Australian Parliament, Xi thanked Mackerras for his contribution to the mutual friendship and also mentioned the scholar's 51-year-old son, Stephen, who has the unique distinction of being the first Australian to be born in New China. The Japanese designer's "poster lamp" failed to make the final shortlist, but received much praise at the event. It can help reduce lumber consumption, improve a chair's capacity to bear weight and retain the original flavor of traditional Chinese furniture.
Through Prince Paul, Johnson is a descendant of King George II, and through George's great-great-great grandfather King James I a descendant of all of the previous British royal houses. His comic first novel Seventy-Two Virgins was published in 2004,[16] and his next book will be The New British Revolution, though he has put publication on hold until after the London Mayoral election.[17] He was nominated in 2004 for a British Academy Television Award, and has attracted several unofficial fan clubs and sites. In 2004 he was appointed to the front bench as Shadow Minister for the Arts in a small reshuffle resulting from the resignation of the Shadow Home Affairs Spokesman, Nick Hawkins. For another, they were not very knowledgeable or informed about wine, so were easily confused by the many brands that entered the market. Conversely, even if good-quality wines carried lower price tags, consumers would not buy them as they presumed they must be of poor quality, Bevis says. The company says it adjusts its prices and products to keep them in a range that is attractive to an increasing number of consumers. Now, with analytical data, the institute needs only two to three weeks before it gets the solution.
The official said this hurts the sustainable development of the international steel industry. The vault can store 2,000 metric tons of gold and other precious metals such as silver, platinum and palladium. Li Jianning, Pearl River Piano's vice-chairman and general manager, said the purchase will ensure Schimmel can continue to be independent, and continue to manufacture some of the world's highest-quality pianos. Syngenta earlier said the first extension period of the public tender offer to buy Syngenta would commence on May 24 and end on July 18. The agreement, signed at Huawei's UK and Ireland Partner Convention held in London, focuses on identifying the best UK technology partners for Huawei's global supply chain and supporting its investment and business development in the UK. Dolphin's IT system monitors product collection times to ensure purchases are delivered to its overseas warehouses within hours. Like many other characters, ? is connected to "silk", or ?, which you can see from the "silk" radical, ?, on the left. For instance, a common sign in an environmental campaign is ???? (jie yue yong shui), or "save water". It was the great founder of the Han Dynasty (206 BC- 220 BC), Liu Bang (??) who coined this term when he overthrew the previous ruler and became the conqueror of the old capital. The phrase ?? (yue hui) began as a universal phrase for any appointment to meet, but in our modern society it just means the romantic kind - a date. He returned to China, first in 1977 and then time and again, mainly to teach or for research.
The design mixes 2-D and 3-D spaces, and allows a poster to be turned into a lampshade that can be pasted onto a wall. In 1995 a recording of a telephone conversation was made public revealing a plot by a friend to physically assault a News of the World journalist.
Around one additional day is required to fly the goods to China, with a further day needed to reach the customer.
Its right radical, ?, was supposed to represent the character's pronunciation, but the sound changed over time.

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