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Starting school contains lots of anxiety-ridden unknowns for your child including a new teacher, harder lessons, different clothes and where they'll sit in class. Let your child know that if another child doesn’t want to play with them, they still have friends and people who care about them. Encourage your child’s interests and get them involved in clubs or groups that have similar interests. Offer to carpool – this will provide opportunities for your child to mix with others and helps you to get to know the other parents. Through your behaviour and the time and effort you put into your own friendships, your child will learn how to be a friend and have friends.

Essential Kids Children and friendships – Take steps to help your child learn appropriate social and coping skills. Raising Children Network’s Imaginary Friends – Make-believe friends grow out of healthy active imaginations.
Print PDF] Use this worksheet to have students identify their pyramid of friends from the most important to those that support from time to time. Often it is the parents who make the first connections when it comes to developing friendships and this takes some of the pressure off the children. They give children a great way to express their feelings and a playmate to practise their social skills with.

As long as they are happy and content you can be assured that they’ll do fine.Conflicts between children are a normal part of growing up and are to be expected.
These conflicts are not considered bullying, even though they may be upsetting and need to be resolved.

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