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How to hook up with a girl Step 2: Fill out your profile and don’t forget to upload a picture.
How to hook up with a girl Step 5: Arrange to meet her at a neutral location, like for coffee or a drink. A good beach is like a night club without dancing, cockblocks, or negative drunk people — and all the girls are half-naked! Of course girls like great bodies too, but women aren’t as focused on the visual as much as men are.
For those of you with a little experience, or the gift of gab, stay in the set for as long as possible and talk, talk, talk.
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If you're into girls wearing bikinis - 1200 of them - you might want to head to Nikki Beach in Miami on April 18.

Though the rules ask woman to show up wearing their own bikinis, the first 1,200 will receive a free bikini from Old Navy and Nivea will offer up a gift bag to one lucky winner.
If any of you ad girls decided to show up at Nikki Beach for the stunt, be sure to send us pictures of yourself and we'll feature them here. She’s not going to want to meet you if she doesn’t know what you look like (you’d be surprised how many guys don’t add a picture… you can imagine why they don’t meet any girls). And think of something more original than “Hi, we should hook up.” That will get you no where. Lonely girl sitting on beach Wallpaper Background is available in many High Quality Resolutions.
The big difference is that almost every girl will be in a chilled out mood, baking in the sun, swimming or playing a sport like frisbee or volleyball. If you can give them good emotions, make them laugh and show them you are fun or witty, then you can meet plenty of women at the beach. Then when the girls are feeling you say something like, “Hey, does anyone want to go for a swim?” If any of the girls are feeling you, they will go swimming with you.
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And if you are a girl, Cosmopolitan is looking for 1200 of you 18-34 who are willing to hang out with 1,200 other women dressed in bikinis for a photos shoot which, Cosmo hopes, will break Guinness World Records for the most people photographed on a beach.
She gets a lot of emails, so a good way to increase your chances is to start off with an original subject line so she actually opens it, followed by a message that shows that you read her profile.

Most people are in such a great state being drunk on sun, a simple hello usually does fine. If you haven’t spent at least a few months working on your verbal game by approaching many, many, women, then you will probably have shit game. Asking a girl for a favor like this isn’t creepy at all, since she’s the one putting lotion on you. You may want Friends with Benefits, a No Strings Attached fling or you’re just looking for some Discreet encounters.
You on the other hand read blogs like mine, so you have a massive advantage, even at the beach.
If the girls are laughing at your jokes, or engaging you by asking questions, stay with them. And if they are boring girls and don’t give you good attention just move ten feet over to the next beach towel.

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