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Recently, a parent at my children's elementary school told me she would never take her kids to Epcot because there just isn't anything for them to do at that Walt Disney World theme park. Well, for those who don't and who might harbor the same misconception, let me offer a few ideas for some of the family friendly activities that can fill your day at the park. And, yes, Epcot lives up to its premise as a so-called Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow that offers plenty of educational opportunities for young and old alike. So, for those who have not been to Epcot, rest assured that the first and foremost lesson you might learn is that the park is no different than Magic Kingdom when it comes to the amount of fun you can have there. The next post in this blog is Disney expands its Princess brand to include the royals' pets. My girls are 4- and 5-years-old and we spend just as much time at Epcot as we do at Magic Kingdom for all those reasons. That's not just a misconception, It's a misconception that reveals a lot about that parent's character. Epcot does present a case for debate and your article definitely does a great job of pointing out the many positives for families with kids. What does seem to happen, is that guests really do seem to slow down and enjoy the ambiance and spirit of this beautiful theme park. I often find that Epcot is the only place where kids and parents have great conversation, share thoughts and generally appreciate quality time together.
On the 'flip side', we have to admit, that something fun and new would go down a storm in this amazing park. I am always amazed when I hear people say that they have no interest in visiting Epcot, that Epcot would be boring or too educational.
I do believe the best suggestion I can make to someone traveling to Disney with their children for the first time is to go to Epcot on the FIRST day. But what saddens me the most when I hear a parent say their kids won't like Epcot: I I think they're only projecting their own biases, not giving their kids credit for being able to find culture or entertainment interesting, or both.
My daughter is 9 years old and has been to EPCOT 3 years ago and has begged to go back which we are this March. One of her favorite rides continues to be Ellen's Energy Adventure at the Universe of Energy because of the dinosaurs. And we have done the Great Piggy Bank Adventure and the Find the Fire exhibit in Innoventions more times than I can remember.
Sadly, we can no longer ride both Test Track and Soarin' on the same day with the restrictions of the new Fast Pass system, and we will not wait in line for 60 minutes (or more). Spaceship Earth: In the exit area there are interactive games for school-age children and adults.
Journey Into Imagination: In the exit area are activities of interest to children of all ages, though the novelty may not last long. I put people who say "there's nothing for kids" at EPCOT in the same group as those who say, "My kids aren't little anymore so we stopped going to the Magic Kingdom." These people are clearly doing it wrong.

I've loved EPCOT since it first opened, when I was a kid, and my daughter has loved it since she was two. Every Disney Park has something for every age, but it does require a willingness to surrender to the magic and happiness. The fountains outside Journey Into Imagination - spent an hour there trying to catch the water. Sitting in all the sample cars after test track and pretending to drive with all their friends in the backseat. Staring at fish, taking pictures in a sharks mouth (Bruce) and talking to Crush at The Living Seas with Nemo and Friends. Lunch at Le Chefs de France where they get to meet Remy from Ratatouille - they love talking to the "little chef".
Strolling around World Showcase in the evening with their friends doing nothing but hanging out together. I also would love to see Disney do something with the old Wonders of Life Pavillion that is closed.
As an annual passholder who takes her young children to Epcot on a regular basis, I was really surprised to hear another local resident express this viewpoint.
Younger kids may enjoy the Kidcot Spots, which allow them to color a mask in the shape of Perry the Platypus or Duffy the Disney Bear. Epcot features some unique opportunities, the most recent of which is Anna and Elsa from "Frozen." The royal sisters still are drawing hours-long lines in Norway, and this is the only place to have a photo taken with the pair and get their autographs. Even picky eaters may enjoy the opportunity to sample snacks from different countries that they might not ordinarily be exposed to. IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth takes place around World Showcase Lagoon and is a spectacular laser light and fireworks show set to dramatic music. At various times throughout the year, the park also hosts different concerts and seasonal events that you won't find in the other parks.
Since I am local and frequent the parks, I probably have enough Duffy sticks to wall paper a room, but the girls love going to the countries.
That way, they will appreciate it fully without the expectation of finding cartoon characters at every turn. Of course they are right in saying they know their children better than anyone else, but from my standpoint, I just think its sad that these kids are missing out on the perfect opportunity to see that being inquisitive about the world can be fun. I brought my 6-year-old nephew to Epcot and I could not tear him away from all the games in the post-Spaceship Earth room. All Disney artwork, copyrights, trademarks, service marks, and trade names are proprietary to Disney Enterprises, Inc. Sure, first-time visitors sometimes are under the impression that Epcot is designed with adults in mind. Epcot features Phineas and Ferb: Agent P's World Showcase Adventure, which is a great way to explore the nations at your own pace.

Each country has a table for the coloring activity, and cast members will stamp the handle, so guests will have a collection of stamps, as well.
Anna and Elsa are scheduled to remain at Epcot through the end of January, so now is the time to plan your visit. This is especially true during Epcot's two large festivals -- Flower and Garden in the spring and Food and Wine in the fall -- which feature kiosks of appetizer-size portions. But most every tech demonstration or national-heritage lesson is accompanied by a fun activity or attraction, as well. Especially the 360 movies in China and Canada, they spin until they are dizzy and since the theaters are designed for it, I don't stop them. Epcot contains many of our favorite rides, eating our way around the world is always an adventure, seeing the characters in their native countries creates some of the best photo opportunities, and we find it's the park that we have the easiest time slowing down and relaxing in.
She always says the best meal she had was the mussels from Belgium during the food and wine festival.
He especially loved the shuffleboard type game where you have to bring energy to different parts of a city. Kristin writes about Disney news from a parent's perspective, covering Walt Disney World, Disney Cruise Line, Disney Channel, Disney Publishing and Disney Interactive and more. There's often the misconception among new visitors that the park can be a collection of educational exhibits grouped by nations around the world or tech sponsors at the front of the park. But they are quite interesting in showing other parts of the world, and several are even presented in breathtaking surround-screen formats.
As my kids have gotten older and have started exploring different flavors beyond burgers and chicken nuggets, they look forward to our family days of sharing different dishes at Epcot. Their absolutely favorite part of Epcot is the live entertainers in World Showcase, the juggling mime Sergio in the Italy and The Voices of Liberty in the USA pavilion are family favorites!
I will be taking my daughter on the Behind the Seeds tour on our upcoming trip--at her request! My kids, like so many others, always want to stop at the Kidcot Spots, even though they've participated in this activity repeatedly.
There are lots of activities in Innoventions that are small hidden gems like Habit Heroes and "Where's the fire?" My older son also got to talk to Crush, which was fun.
Forget about riding the ride, the ability to climb in and out of new cars and no adult tells you to stop is heaven for him.

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