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We have a volunteer photographer who will be taking high quality DSLR photos for people in our group, all photographers are welcome to join us to take photos for you at this beautiful park.
We're going to walk inside the park following a circular path for one hour and then come back to the starting point when we are done.
On the day of the competition (which looks like a hybrid of the Consumer Electronics Show and Techcrunch Disrupt), Hiro, with showmanship that would put both P.T. Barnum and Steve Jobs to shame, mesmerizes the audience with his swarm of micro-bots, controlled by thought, that can take on any form and function.

After a lengthy period of mourning and depression in his room, Hiro, one day, accidentally activates Baymax. On the night of the school’s explosion, Callaghan had used the micro-bots to protect himself when Tadashi entered. At his lab in the garage, Hiro attempts to open Baymax’s memory card bay, but is refused.
As Krei gives a speech christening his new building, Callaghan launches an attack using one of the teleporters — Callaghan wants to destroy and send everything Krei worked for into another dimension.

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