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I had small issues with him over some women he said he was having contracts with but we resolved that one out but what happened yesterday broke my heart. Today i got news that he wants his friend to use the money he saved up for my bride price to pay as bail. Help him out first and resolve because going into marreige encounter a lot of challenges.Dear kindly pray over it to invite the hands of the most high God. This is a time u need to prove to him that u luvs him, by standing on him and make sure that he out from this problem .That will increase the luv he ve on u more.
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He needs u most nw despite anytin bsyd, he wil still save more money 4 ur bride price wen he’s out. Money is meant to solve problems ,and he is more important than that money,so save ur guy first ok.
Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. This guy was shouting and pushing him and before we know it he poured alomo on his face and they started fighting. Are you crying that he’s cheating on you or that he spent ur bride price to save himself? In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois).

Instead he just kind of stood there, he wasted so much time kissing that poster in his wall, talking to his friend, using that weird device to make that apple.
It was a big scene and when the police arrived and arrested them they had to sleep in jail. Cos you have failed to discover those things he sees in other women and do them, anyway, even if I know it’s inate in men but it can be controlled in men by love. Then about the money he spent, don’t you think that he has thought of it over before making that discision?

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