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The Daily Mail reports that when she told the police in March 2008 that she accidentally killed Eliseo by rolling over him, she sobbed and law enforcement understood her tears to be caused by her feeling of guilt. On Wednesday (October 10), TLC aired a documentary titled "Half-Ton killer," which follows Marya Rosales' trial for capital murder and eventual exoneration. Even though she told the authorities she killed Eliseo, her attorney Sergio Valdez said he was skeptical of her story from the beginning because the 1,100-pound 31-year-old woman could hardly move let alone roll over and smother a child.
As investigation of her case proceeded, Rosales' story that she killed her nephew Eliseo failed to convince investigators, especially after doctors determined that the child died from being hit and not smothered under a 1,100-pound human frame. The Daily Mail reports Valdez said: "It would have required her to have to swing her arm to strike the child on the head but she could never move her arm in that manner.
She said: "People may not understand this but I wanted to help my sister and I didn't want the authorities to take the other children. According to Rosales, she and her husband Bernie, an immigrant, were living in her sister's home in Sullivan City after she became too large to take care of herself.
A hole had to be cut in the side of her home to take her to hospital where she was treated for issues related to her chronic obesity. According to Access Hollywood, Marya has now lost 600 pounds, dropping in bodyweight from over 1,000 to 400. According to Access Hollywood, she will undergo gastric bypass surgery when she gets leaner and fitter.
Breaking up is tough, and sometimes all we want more than anything is that person who broke our hearts to be back in our lives. In case you need a reminder of why you and your ex broke up in the first place, well, we’re here for you girl.
Okay, I get this, but also, every breakup IS different, and sometimes getting back with your ex can be a good idea.
We’ve been together for almost 7 years,until 1 day he just texted me that he doesnt love me anymore, at 1st i was in denial and couldnt accept the fact that he was the 1 who broke up with we.
Give us your juiciest, wildest, weirdest and embarrassingest (it’s a word) hook up stories!

When it comes to breaking up, we're usually of the opinion that the person doing the dumping should at least have the decency to do it in person. But the breakup texts in the slides below are so funny, we may have to reconsider our stance. Tell us which breakup text is the best (and by "best" we really mean most awful) in the comments, then click through the slideshow below for 15 hilarious autocorrect fails from Damn You Autocorrects. Despite Cameron claiming that he’s not dating anyone, similar photos have been circulating online of the supposed lovebirds for months. According to Google Images, the photo below appears to have emerged a few months back, but has recently resurfaced amongst fans.
The photographic style and color treatment also appears to resemble something by 26MGMT photographer and Cameron’s friend Bryant Eslava.
While there has been zero official confirmation that the photo is real, it has not been denied by Cameron, Bryant or Rachel. Showing off her very slim figure the Irish star happily posed away with her white jacket sexily draped off her shoulders. Got practice: It's lucky Una feels so at ease in her next to nothing, as she's set to star in Splash! These photos may have been taken four years ago but Una Foden looks as good now as she did then. She told the MailOnline: 'The worldwide attention that that bum got!'My husband went, "No that is not my cup of tea". The 1000-pound woman was charged with murder in 2008 after she falsely claimed she killed her 2-year-old nephew Eliseo Jr., by accidentally rolling over him. I told her if he was crying he wasn't going to eat, but she got mad, got a brush and hit him on his arms, legs and head which left a bump. I told the investigators that I rolled over to the edge of my bed to where Junior was and my hand slipped and I fell on him with my hand.
She said her sister would leave her in the house with the children in spite of the fact that she was bedridden.

She said about her sister who is now in prison: "I did receive a letter and I answered her. No matter what happened with you and your ex, it’s normal to go through a period of time where you miss them and want to get back together with them. Getting back with your ex is (usually) a step in the wrong direction, and we want you to look forward to the future rather than staying stuck in the past. I dated a guy for a few months, and he broke up with me due to some misunderstandings, which I completely understood and forgave him for, now we are back together, as he admitted that breaking up was a mistake. My ex suddenly stopped speaking to me and a few weeks later he made an excuse to my friend about his friends being jealous of the amount of time he spent with me, so that’s why he stopped completely.
Testifying from her bed at home, under oath, she finally admitted that her sister, Jamie, killed the child. So read these quotes for a few reasons you shouldn’t get back with that loser who broke your heart, stop looking at his pictures and start realizing how terrific you are! Until such time that my friend told me he was cheating while were still together,wats worst was i caught him with another girl. Ia€™ve only got a tiny bum and is flat as a pancake.'I did it [a 'belfie'] one time and I wanted to send it to Ben. I’m just saying, because you should keep in mind that it depends on the person and the situation. On that night Junior didn't want to eat and she got frustrated and she hit him on the head with a hairbrush.
I don’t like being judged for getting back together with him, it was a decision we made together.

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