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Summer is a great time to start volunteering – the weather is great, the days are longer and organizations always have summer projects! Can’t find an event that fits your schedule or interests? You can host an event of your own and invite your neighborhood and friends to help. If you’re thinking about hosting your own event, be sure to contact the organization that you want to drop items off at. We are grateful for Mia’s sharing because it not only illustrates how by empowering women we strengthen our community. My mom has a sheet of paper that she got from BWSS that says “model of a healthy relationship”.
Last year, Battered Women’s Support Services responded to over 10,000 crisis calls from women and girls to get help and end violence. That it was non-profit and all donations and contributions were being directly put into the project. The project itself is an entirely non-profit initiative – every cent and every penny donated goes directly towards the communities it strives to help. As soon as I read into the project and Skyped the organiser, Alena, I knew that Bookfeeding was the opportunity I had been searching for. But once I had adjusted myself to village-life my first few days in Ambohitrakely became an exciting personal trial and in the days that followed it became a relaxing retreat from my regular restless lifestyle. I found myself drawn to the older students and adults and would spend my library hours teaching English to the more mature library visitors. But other than contributing knowledge there is so much more that you can give to this small village through volunteering – you have the ability to reveal a part of the outside world to those who have never had the opportunity to experience it for themselves. The people of Ambohitrakely are incredible and they taught me so much more than I taught them.
The Bookfeeding Project is without a doubt one of the most challenging and wonderful things I have ever been a part of and having the opportunity to be a part of such an inspiring concept will remain as a very remarkable chapter in my own life. Check out the Bookfeeding Project’s website to discover how you can contribute and participate.
Most volunteering experiences are great and lots of fun but sometimes they’re not what you were expecting and it can be a bit of a downer. She taped it to our storage room wall and I remember as a child reading it curiously, not knowing where it came from, but still storing what I read in my mind. I decided to come to My Sister’s Closet because I knew what it stands for and supports, having shopped there before, and wanted to give back to community the best way I could.

I develop my skills as a team player rather than an individual worker as I would usually do.
As a native English speaker I believe that even without formal training it is possible to assist in English teaching in some small way. There are no paid administrators, no church backing the project and collecting a share and no financial support from local authorities – it is raw volunteering.
From then on it was only a matter of making my way to Madagascar with an open mind and heart. After an intimidating first journey on Madagascan public transport and either a long walk, or daunting taxi-journey to little Ambohitrakely I was immediately greeted by a crowd of children. Some of the other volunteers preferred the younger crowd and the children are always eager to have someone to draw with them – and sometimes even practise their vocabulary through the power of doodles.
Being able to share grammatical explanations and help expand on the vocabulary of my keen students whilst improving my own French, and occasionally Malagasy, always made me feel warm and fuzzy by four o’clock. Being able to post at a map and describe the cultural differences from your corner of the earth is a gift that I honestly believe the village can value. They exposed me to a whole new world and shared their lifestyle and happiness with me every day during my time in the village. The two of you can work together to find fun projects to participate in and you can make a pact to volunteer someplace on a regular basis (once a month works for my friend and I) and help each other to stick with it. If she is a mother, violence against her will affect her child(ren) and her relationship with them.
Thus, in our work with women who are mothers, we explore the impact of violence on her, her children, and on her relationship as a parent. Violence against women is a horrid experience done by another often a loved one that negatively impacts the whole being, true. Every time I walked into the storage room I saw that paper, and eventually it became ingrained in me. We each play our strengths and cover for each other’s weaknesses and this is what makes a team work well. And hearing the locals use the expressions and phrases you had spoken about when you met them out of library hours made me feel that on some small level I had contributed to the pool of knowledge within the community. While I was volunteering with the Project I was living side-by-side people from America, France and China – in the space of a month the village was exposed to the cultures of four continents outside of Africa.
These are my quick tips to ensure that you have a great volunteering experience that will make you want to do it again and again!

Think about what you want to support: animals, children, learning, disease research, fitness, reducing hunger, social awareness, there’s so many choices!
In Canada there are estimated 3,000 women with their 2,900 children who flee their homes from violence and stay at transition houses each year. This exploration often provides insight, information, resources, and tools that empower who she is as a woman, as a mother. However, it does not have to define and dictate who and how you are, there are ways to overcome the impact and reclaim the power to be your own person and to be the one in control of your life.
I distinctly remember when my mom went to a BWSS parenting workshop and I played and ate noodles while I waited for her.
Today, having realized how I and those around me deserve to be treated, I make sure all my relationships abide by that model. I do not only work with great clothes, but also work with many wonderful people with different skills and personalities. Coming to volunteer at the store feels like a breath of fresh air amidst the constant flood of schoolwork.
The transformation from disempowerment to empowerment gets modelled and seeps into her connection and parenting with her child(ren), feeding their sense of self and ways of being, feeling, and acting. After that workshop, my mom changed the way we did things at home and thanks to that parenting workshop, I grew up with the mentality that if we live together we must help each other out and not just force one person to do all the work. In the past, I had trouble fitting in, particularly in high school, but My Sister’s Closet feels just like a community.
I always feel like I am doing something useful when I am able to come in and leave my frustrations behind to be surrounded by everyone’s good energy, whether that be on shift, just coming into shop, or at a volunteer network meeting. I also began to develop independent life skills that are preparing me for life as an adult. Everyone has something different to bring to the table; everyone has a different way to solve a problem.
Thanks to My Sister’s Closet, I feel such emotional fulfillment that material things could not give me; the fact that. The volunteers at My Sister’s Closet are a diverse group and it is a joy every time I meet a different volunteer.

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