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MY LITTLE PONY, the logo and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro and are used with permission. In order to qualify for a pair of tickets, you first must like the ComicsOnline page on facebook. Made of equal parts pudding and fail, Kroze is good at shooting video, being a robbery victim, getting lost in airports, and excuses. Kevin Gaussoin, Mike Lunsford, Eric Kluxen, Brittany Wolfe and maybe Jessica Dillon are live!!!!
The first My Little Pony cartoon was the prime time special Rescue at Midnight Castle in 1984. The Silver Brumby series is a collection of children's books by Australian author Elyne Mitchell. Horace Horsecollar is a funny animal cartoon character created by Ub Iwerks and Walt Disney. Stableexpress, is a leading equestrian portal offering horse lovers & enthuistasts many FREE services including information, news and results on horses & riders from equestrian disciplines including show jumping, dressage, eventing, racing and many others. A big adventure and tons of fun await you in this playful My Little Pony edition of MONOPOLY.
Twilight Sparkle’s destiny is finally being revealed and to mark the special occasion, The Hub has partnered with ComicsOnline to share the magic to everypony! The only requirement for entry is you must be able to make it to Los Angeles for the event!

It was followed by a similar special, Escape from Catrina, in which Tammy Grimes voiced the titular character.
They recount the life and adventures of Thowra, a magnificent pale brumby stallion, and his descendants, and are set in the Snowy Mountains region of Australia. We also allow users to communicate with each other either selling thins in our equestrian classifieds section, chat in our equine portal, share your favioure equine web sites with other users or post your own equestrian news in your own blog.
HD Wallpaper and background images in the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic club tagged: pony my little pony friendship is magic gargoyles gargoyle disney. HD Wallpaper and background images in the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic club tagged: my little pony friendship is magic wallpapers. Favorite locations are up for grabs including Cutie Mark Clubhouse, Everfree Forest, Sweet Apple Acres, Manehattan,  and the Crystal Empire.
Spike or Discord are also acceptable answers despite neither of them being ponies!) along with your Full Name in the email itself. In 1986, the ponies appeared in their first full-length feature film, My Little Pony: The Movie.
The Silver Brumby Bel Bel A wise cream mare, mother of Thowra and good friends with Mirri, Storm's mother. Directed by Michael Joens, it starred the voices of Rhea Perlman, Madeline Kahn, Tony Randall, and Danny DeVito, among others. It had a mediocre box office performance, grossing almost $6 million in the United States, and received mostly negative reviews.It was followed by the more popular My Little Pony TV series.

The series promoted a great many of the toys available in 1986-1987, featuring a large regular cast of Earth, Pegasus, and Unicorn Ponies with guest appearances by new lines such as Flutter Ponies and Princess Ponies. It also used the theme song featured in TV advertisements for the brand (as did other series based on Hasbro properties). They were set in Dream Valley, a land inhabited by witches, goblins and other magical creatures with whom the ponies, their human friend Megan, and their dragon friend Spike would often interact.A later program, My Little Pony Tales, was set in a completely different continuity. This series semi-anthropomorphised the Ponies - they lived in a human-like town where they went to school, ran businesses, went on vacation and exchanged currency for goods.In 2004, the first season of the original My Little Pony television series was released on DVD.
The four-DVD collection features the two prime-time television specials and 50 episodes from the original series.
Some songs from the original airing of the two specials have been cut, leaving the specials as they appeared when syndicated as part of the cartoon series. The show has become notable for its success outside of its target audience and has become a cult phenomenon on the Internet.My Little Pony is a brand of toy ponies marketed primarily to young women and children and produced by the toy manufacturer Hasbro.

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