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A North Carolina sheriff investigates the near-fatal drug overdose of an underachieving college girl, and uncovers many sordid details of her life before and during her descent into drugs and debauchery. Scary Good: IMDb's Guide to Horror Can't get enough of movies and television shows that scare up a good fright? Hadley (Meredith Monroe), Julianne (Rachel True) and Sydney (Dominique Swain) are three well-off girls in a row house. Three rich coeds--Hadley (Meredith Monroe), Sydney (Dominique Swain), and Julianne (Rachel True)--befriend scholarship student Alicia (Mia Kirshner), dress her up, and throw her into their world of drugs, sex, and alcohol. But, they get more than they bargained for--not only can Alicia swim in this pool, but she proves to be one of the sharks.
By accident she falls to do course work with rich Hadley, who liked the idea of having a girlfriend "from the bottom" and lead her into your brilliant circle burning daylight offspring of wealthy parents.Before the stunned Alicia opens the bright world of cool hangouts, money and power, She recklessly embarks on a voyage on the sea of the unexplored pleasures, not knowing that the friendship with the young masters of life can get her sideways.
At first rejected, Alicia is finally accepted into Hadley's clique where she is introduced to a world of privilege and dangerous thrills. She takes everything--pills, powder, alcohol--dances with their boyfriends, discovers Julianne is bulimic, slips into Hadley's house and wears her clothes and jewelry, and joins the bisexual Sydney in bed.
The more he digs, the more evidence he finds that the overdose may have been attempted murder.
Then, as the college mystery NEW BEST FRIEND opens, Alicia is found in a bathroom, bruised and overdosed on drugs. Black deputy sheriff Artie Bonner (Taye Diggs) investigates. In flashbacks that parallel his investigation, we see Alicia, a scholarship girl worried about her grades, gradually pulled into the social life of three rich and amoral young women, led by the blond Hadley, a femme fatale.
The dean of the exclusive college pressures Artie--he wants the matter settled quickly and quietly. Director Zoe Clarke-Williams and scriptwriter Victoria Strouse put the narrative of their twistingly plotted thriller together like a jigsaw, interweaving flashbacks provoked by Artie's questions, with Hadley's recollections of her souring relationship with Alicia, and Alicia's memory flashes as she moves in and out of consciousness on life support in the hospital.
Priest)Art Department: Peter Battistelli known as construction coordinator (as Pete Battistelli) Matt Fann known as on-set dresser Brian Avery Galligan known as assistant property master Kevin Hardison known as lead set designer Jake Ippolito known as set dresser David H. Jackson known as propmaker gang boss (as David Jackson) Doug Kelejian known as set dresser (as Douglas Kelejian) Stephanie Kern known as stand-by painter (as Stephanie M.
Kojis known as lead man (as Carl Kojis) Joe Magid known as art department coordinator (as Joseph Magid) A.E.

Brad Watson known as set dresser (as Brad Watson) Ralph Woollaston known as construction foreman (as Ralph A. I also enjoyed the use of sound and music as itsnotused to be obnoxious but rather to enhance the mood of the scene. MiaKirsher (Exotica, The Crow:City of Angels) delivers a stellarperformance despite the bad material she was given to work with.
Meridith Monroe, Dominique Swainand Rachel True are all effective in their roles however one badperformance has to come from Taye Diggs as the officer in charge ofinvestigating Alicia’s (Kirsher) overdose which has suspiciouscircumstances. I mean this was released direct to home video, sothat should say something right out of the video store. This movie iswhat it is, a simple mystery movie, a simple click movie about takingin a nobody and making her a somebody and then regretting your decisionwhen it comes back to haunt you. Towards the end I really felt sad forHadley (Meredith Monroe) and could totally see why she did what shedid. She built her lab partner, with good intentions mind you, fromnothing into a resultant someone, and watched basically as she took herlife away from her, all not meaning to do so….Now would this movie have made it in the theaters?
The problem was that she was as bitchy as the othergirls, turning from sweet girl to conniving opportunistic cokehead. Dominique Swain gives a good performance as Sydnee, the bisexualanddeeply troubled and angry teenager. Did her "friends" from an exclusive richgirl sorority have anything to do with her untimely OD? But a chance sociologyassignment throws her in with the rich set, and the less fortunate girlspends much of her time fretting about financial aid to pay for lawschool.The cause of drug overdose is the central mystery. It’s a tadmisdirected, somewhat dragged out and definitely not all-aroundwell-acted, but it is not bad movie.
I won’t claim I watched this forany other reason than the fact that it features some of the hottestyoung actresses in newer times, but I will make a point of whathappened when I sat down to watch it. I didn’t get up for a minute or two, and I never really feltlike I was wasting time by watching it. For a while, the last couple ofweeks, I have had trouble finding a film that really got my attentionand kept it.

I didn’t want to miss a thing watchingthis movie, and that says a lot, considering my almost ADD-like shortattention span. The pacing is mostly good, but around the middle and nearthe end, it seems to slow down, in order to drag out the material inorder to reach the minimum limit for the length of a feature film,something that really hurts the film(it probably should have been ashort… or maybe there should have been written more story or morecharacters). The twists and plot developments are interesting, butthe mystery of who committed the crime is almost impossible to solvefor the viewer until the very end, where it’s revealed. Even worse, itmakes said mystery seem very simple, since it turned out to be the veryperson I suspected from the very beginning. There is a fair amount of sex anddrug use in this film, so it’s not for the easily offended or the faintof heart.
I recommend this to fans of the genre, and Iurge anyone watching it to give it a fair chance to win you over. Very littleattention waspaid, it seems, to anything which might endear any of this film’scharactersto theviewer.
While the four female leads are intended to flutter betweenvictimand villain asthe story progresses, the performances ring hollow, contrived, andultimately fall shortof what I would hope started as a grand study of human sociology.
Again,oneis left withthe feeling of too many tongs in the fire, and not enough hands to mindthem.While great pains are taken to show the villainy of Alicia Campbell (MiaKirschner), thefinal upshot of all her ill deeds struck me as not only rediculous, buttotally unfeasable,unattainable, and illogical. The broad strokes used to bring conclusiontothe film failedto deflty weave together the many loose threads, instead preferring toshelack them tothe table in an effort to prevent their fluttering away. I’mstill not sure why the director felt it was necessary to pepper the filmwith gratuitousbreast shots, increasing in frequency as the film progress. As both a big fan of thismovie and a film student, I feel that critics have been quick to judgethis film as bad trash.
New Best Friendfullfills a fantasy for those girls who secretly desire to livedangerously and party every night, without it actually becoming areality. The acting is far from terrible, and it was greatto see Meredith Monroe in a more sophisticated and darker role than herrole as Andie in Dawson's Creek.

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