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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. The introductory guide about the no contact rule after a breakup and how utilizing no contact can actually help you in getting your ex back.
So, over the rest of the existence of this website I am going to be recording videos on YouTube teaching men different parts of my overall strategy to get an ex girlfriend back.
I actually just started releasing these videos last week for my other site (Ex Boyfriend Recovery) but I really see video as the future of the internet so I would be dumb if I didn’t add Ex Girlfriend Recovery to the mix. It’s probably the fact that I cover how to deal with the no contact rule in really difficult situations like if you have kids or if you live with your ex.
Alright, so the no contact rule is actually really easy to understand.Do You Even Have a Chance of Getting Your Ex Back? Now what I want to talk about are the three time frames that you can use for the no contact rule.
So there are three time frames that I really want you to abide by with the no contact rule. And you get to choose the time frames that you want to embark on based on your own situation because after all you know your situation better than I ever could. Alright, so there’s something that I want to teach you about now and it really determines why you don’t go past 45 days when it comes to the no contact rule. There have been studies done and scientists have determined that it takes 66 days for a human being to make or break a habit.
So technically speaking, your ex girlfriend, if she wanted to get over you after the breakup….
So the reason we don’t do the super long no contact rules like the 60 day period or the 90 day period is because it kind of infringes on that 66 day habit rule where she could potentially get out of the habit of thinking about you. So the next thing that I want to talk about here are the common mistakes that men make when embarking on the no contact rule. Alright, so with the no contact rule there is a lot of temptation to contact your ex as you can imagine.
Because again, there are so many temptations, they miss their ex so much and often times the more you want something the more the temptation is there to contact the person. So lets talk about some of the common mistakes that men make when they try the no contact rule.
Now speaking of breaking the no contact rule there are a few select situations where you have no choice but to break the no contact rule. The first reason that’s acceptable for breaking the no contact rule for is exchanging items with an ex. When the… if she, rather, asks you for her items back you have no choice but to break the no contact and give them back.
But if she hasn’t then its really a matter of you trying to figure out if the item is worth breaking the no contact rule for. What’s an example of an item that’s not important enough for you to break the no contact rule for? So lets assume that you get caught in a situation where you have no choice but to break the no contact rule because either you determine that you left something really important at her house or place or she’s contacted you wanting her items back. Alright so the next complicated situation where you are going to be forced to break the no contact rule for is if you work with your ex or if you go to school with your ex. Don’t be overly ambitious with your flirting but be ambitious enough to where they’ll notice and you can work some jealousy into it. Well the advice I am going to give you may sound simple but it’s harder to implement than you would think. Obviously I don’t want you to go outside of your means but if it’s not possible for you to move out then that’s ok but if it’s possible move out.
Make her… you know, often times when it comes to the mind is a womans’ worst enemy.  You have to do something really little and then she’ll fill in the blanks and she’ll go wild and then the next thing you know she’ll be back in your arms.
Meaning… if you have to break the no contact rule, and you will if you have kids, just keep things about the kids. If she tries to steer the conversation elsewhere about the weather or your relationship don’t engage.
A lot of the experts out there don’t really cover this and I have always wondered why… because it seems like such a missed opportunity to me. On one front we have you engaging in the no contact rule to make your ex girlfriend miss you or erase the bad feelings she has about you and then the other front is just as important as the first front. My name is Chris, and I help millions of guys per year improve themselves, and get their ex girlfriends to come running back. Hey, so a day later I looked at whatsapp and saw her profile picture is gone, and I thought she might be blocked my number.
I made the mistake of calling my ex a few times after we broke up now I am day 5 of no contact and I am losing my mind.
I’m still waiting on a reply to my question I have all the books would just like to know what you think? I followed No contact rule for 2 months, Now I feel I can live without her, I feel free now.
So my Gf of just over 2 years has been studying abroad for 3 months now and our relationship had started to dwindle because it so hard to contact each other. So her friend told me that she was really emotional sad im not sure if it over the break up or she might fail her test or some other stuff.
I think you should talk first because going into no contact, but does she know that you know she flirted with your friend? My ex has been contacting me with angry messages about wanting to return stuff to me after our break-up (stuff that I don’t need right now). We didn’t speak too much in the days leading up to the break up, as we had an argument. I have decided to enter NC for a month (until February 21) to give her some space and time, but also to help me make the changes she needs from me. O SlideShare utiliza cookies para otimizar a funcionalidade e o desempenho do site, assim como para apresentar publicidade mais relevante aos nossos usuarios.
If you are entering the no-contact phase, you may have a hard enough time not contacting your spouse, not to mention trying not to respond if they contact you. Not having any communication with your ex during the no-contact phase is important and goes both ways. If you accidentally run into them around town or at a party of a mutual friend, remain friendly but be brief. If your ex keeps calling you or leaving text messages and you can’t seem to shake it, call back but make it very short.
So many people just don't follow or implement it the right way and yet it is one f the most important steps on how to get your ex back.

In fact, I estimate that around 80% of the men who come to Ex Girlfriend Recovery and attempt the no contact rule end up breaking it. Don’t get into talking about your relationship with her, be really nice and cordial, be friendly, smile a lot, be bubbly almost and cut the interaction as short as possible. We met at work and she was a tourist from another country, we had an amazing time and she left back to her country after 4 months of knowing each other and 3 of being together.
Last week we had a closure dinner was suppose to be a 45 min dinner and go home thing ended up being 4-5 hours of talking, laughing, and her crying. Last night she randomly messaged my mom asking about her stay and how sorry she is for the break up etc. So I said sorry told her how I wanted to really be with her and started the no contact rule. A week ago she called and said she wants to take a break and that we will talk when she comes back home in 2 months.
We were officially together for 6 months but had been seeing each other for 8 months prior. She had some difficulty expressing her emotions and I told her I often felt as though she took out her anger on me. I was planning to have her favourite flowers delivered on Valentines Day (21 days NC, not the full month) without a note. She told me she can’t do it anymore because I dont do enough things with her, which to a certain extent I would agree to. It is vital that the first 30 days after a breakup, you have absolutely no contact with them. This means you do not try to get into contact with your ex, and you don’t respond or reply when they attempt to contact you. If you get a message from your ex claiming you left some personal belongings at their house, just ignore the call.
If they are concerned about your wellbeing, call and say you are okay, then leave it at that. She recently blocked me on snap chat again as well after I had posted that I’m going on vacation for the weekend.
After that she delete the post, whatever the reason is im doing my best not to contact her. Two days after the break up, she decided to flirt with my friend and now he does it back with her.
I was going to do 21 days NC, but i was wondering since she hasn’t reached out should I extend the NC to 30 days or 45 days?
Recently we had both become more neglectful of each other’s emotions- her difficulty handling anger caused me to pull away, causing her more stress, which created a cycle. When she came over and brought my things, which she left downstairs at my place and didn’t tell me.
If you are tempted to call or text your ex, or struggling with them trying to reach out, here are some tips to help you handle them during the no-contact phase.
There are many reasons for this no-contact phase, including wanting to reset their feelings for you, being able to handle the breakup on your own, and improving his or her view of you. Aside from that, try to put off answering his or her contacts until after the 30 days is up. But I told my mom to go about it noemally and our relationship shouldn’t affect theirs.
She claims it’s work and I know for sure she is being mobbed and she has little time to spare. She told me that she needs space and time, that she is very wrapped up inside of herself; that she needs to sort things out and put herself first.
I know I should not have to put up with being an emotional punching bag, but I can’t help but wish I handled things differently. I want to respect her choice, and I want her to be happy, but I fear that waiting too long could make things worse. You must handle yourself accordingly if you really want to win your ex back into your life.
If after breaking up, you keep calling or texting your ex, the anger or annoyance remains in their mind. Sometimes, these situations can’t be avoided, but you should try your best to keep it brief. There are some different reasons why they might be trying to contact you, such as if you left things at their house, they are worried about you, or you have their spare key. But when the event was over i was waiting for her friend to go home with we go to the same direction. Unless it is an emergency situation, there is no reason they should be contacting you, or why you should be responding to communications before the 30 days is up.
Thata€™s what most breakup survivors find out the hard way, often after weeks of trying to be friends with their Ex, and suffering through pain and humiliation.But can it also be a weapon to get back the Ex?
Night ended smoothly and fun I could tell she was attracted to me I look totally different from a month ago and she made a lot of eye contact with me.
Not sure what any of it means whether its guilt or trying to use my mom as a connection to relay info to me.
I strongly feel like she is in a rebound thing with this guy, I don’t want to lose her and I know he comforts her. But emotionally, I want to reconcile and want her back.In your opinion, will I give up this hope over time as her radio silence continues, and do you advocate NC as the only possible route to reconciliation?I am having a real rough time accepting the relationship is over. I figured out that I couldn’t see her pic since she deleted my contact number from her phone. She text back saying I just dont know what to say but im sorry if i made you feel bad… and u look a lot better than before. Two of the most hurtful things during a breakup are the feelings of being blindsided and suddenly alone, as well as the crushed plans youa€™ve had together for the future.a€?What the hell just happened?a€?, you ask yourself. Later that night she texted me saying he car has a check engine light( I usually take car of her cars maintainance since I’m somewhat mechanically inclined) I felt like she lost the luxury of my perks since were not together and kindly told her to take it to a mechanic we both knew.
Next day she asked if she should call first or just walk in which seemed like a pointless question to me and then asked if I wanted my clothes back.
I replied with a call first and schedule something as well as I don’t need them go ahead and donate them. So shes studying in geology field i ask her if she is interested to go to the museum with me to meet with expert that in geology field in Antarctica. And better yet, is No-Contact a way to reconciliation?Let me tell you this right away – the hope of getting back together is deeply wired into you. I am trying to distance myself unless she realises that I need to be in touch with her more.

I think this may look an attempt to manipulate her but I am also positive she can’t disregard a relationship needs being in touch. I hope you excel in school because I know you will and I know everything you set your mind to will be accomplished. I know this from my own experience and from coaching so many clients.My advice to you Daniel is to NOT give in to your emotions.
But my goal is to get back together I just don’t know if I should respond or stick to NC. But after when i took her home i said to take care of her body dont stress over it, because even if you study and your body isn’t good you still gonna fail. Just like you flipped a switch.Promise.Do you think that no-contact is a way of getting the Ex back? But when i got to her house it was my first time ever to walk out of my car and open the door. Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.Your friend, Eddie Corbano Make your Ex suffer! Click here to watch my FREE presentation:"How To Make Your Ex Regret They Broke Up With You"Must See Related Posts:The 5 Worst Breakup Mistakes You Must AvoidIs Being Friends With An Ex Possible? Since then, he dedicated his life to helping others getting the best of this existential experience. Eddie Corbano developed some new coaching programs, which focus on evolving inner strength and the power to set and reach any personal goal.
I mean i been volunteering in the children hospital and when i leave i can go pick her up but i dont wanna do it to often she might think im needy?
Love is really blind ReplyEsperanza December 29, 2015 at 6:03 am # My boyfriend of 8 months broke up with me via text saying that I am a wonderful person but he needs time to find a solution to a problem he is having of course both of us met at work.
I called him and he called to make sure that I was okay but the next day he never showed any type of concern and I was bothered by the fact that he was so cold. When I got back home I told him I need to talk him in person so that I could express my feelings about what happened but the next day I got this long text from him about that we should take a break and then it was we are breaking up.
I am heart broken because he told me he loves me but he needs to learn how to be happy so that way he can make who ever his with happy of I called and texted him and asking a lot of questions. I want to be with him but I know he is going through something how do I deal with seeing him at work and avoid calling him or texting him ? Help please Replyjarjar December 30, 2015 at 2:36 pm # My partner of 4 years has sent and deleted texts to someone at work who he didnt really know but who used to rent a room out. He was only gone 4 days but this was the second time he’d left, the first time was 6 months previously, On both occasions, he blamed his depression and that he felt he was burdenning me and dragging me down.
The fact he wasn’t helping around the house etc left me criticising him at times as this was really difficult for me, so he said that made him feel unloved. We’ve just gone through a lovely xmas and I find he’d messaged her and deleted it on xmas eve? I have heard absolutely nothing from him until today, a text asking for some items he’d left and could I leave them outside for him.
I cannot believe he would jeapordise everything we have just to message a woman he barely knows?? I saw him a week ago and we talked it was OK I found out that his store is closing and that he has to relocate so he has a lot going on right now but I am still confused about everything should I give him space for a while ?
I still have really strong feelings for him and I told him that I will always care and love him and he will always be my Friend. The only trust issues you have is HIM blatantly lying to you and therefore you are fully justified in the way you feel.
If he does make contact, explain to him that even though you have feelings for him, you will not accept him lying to you. Tell him you are looking for a transparent, open and trustworthy relationship whether it be platonic or romantic. Although sometime into the relationship we had some altercation that I wasn’t opening up. Oh in between we had decided to be friends, kissing friends we called each other, to know each other better.
After getting back it was at night that I asked her to meet me, she was working on something important. Got wasted, girls threw themselves at me ( they do that even when sober but that night I literally had to run away from all). Replysmarterthanhimnow February 11, 2016 at 4:54 am # My ex and i broke up last week of november.
When something good or bad happens in your daily life,you think if you should tellhim or not – you decided to be friends,right? He was still typing a message back to that message when i said goodbye and that i couldnt be friends. The girl I was with has always wanted to try working and living abroad and she seen this year as a clear chance to try it. Be supportive of her and show her you still wanna be around as a friend and you never know what will happen.I personally hate the no contact rule with this particular relationship.
At face value, it seems to me that you were her crutch and support system while she was going through her divorce. Tell her if she does not want to be with you, then she should allow you to move on and find someone who really and truly loves you and wants to be with you. There are no rules in love try no contact on a mature man or woman who knows how to walk away you’ll find when you want to contact them again they will no be abled to be contacted. Now i totally agree if no contact is for healing and restoration then thats perfectly reasonable and in that case it works you are closing a chapter ReplyMarce March 14, 2016 at 11:43 am # No contact is not childish, and should never be used to reconcile. It is used for one to clear their head, to heal, to distance themselves from the previous relationship, to concentrate on self improvement, to set boundaries for future relationships, etc. However, if you would really like to reconcile, you have more of a chance of getting that result by going no contact than by pursuing someone relentlessly in the hope they will come around. As I sit and thought the last ewwww days I realized she always talked about her ex husband and was always stalking him. I deleted her off Facebook as I was hurting myself going on her page and stalking her and missing her.

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