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With all that business owners have to deal with in today’s fast-paced environment, one thing that sometimes gets overlooked is their company’s online reputation.
While it seems like it should be a top priority for businesses large and small, some company heads try and tune out its importance, focusing more on sales, advertising and generating leads. That being said, what is your company’s take on the importance of online reputation? Is online reputation a top priority, falls in the category of important but not near the top of the list, or is looked upon as we’ll worry about it when the time comes? The bottom line that many business owners fail to incorporate into their daily work lives is that building a great brand online can take weeks, months and years to foster.
Be a traffic hall monitor online– Remember your days in school when an adolescent would monitor your school’s halls looking for kids running instead of walking, talking too loudly or using abusive language, and trying their best to skip class? Be a leader, not a follower – One of the great ways for your company to build up its online footprints is by becoming relevant in online discussions within your industry. Be factual with your online comments – Whether it is posting information regarding your business or industry or responding to negative consumer comments, be sure to present the facts and just the facts. Be sure to hit search engines with positive and worthwhile content – Along with your company’s blog, be sure to reach out to online services to run company content in the form of press releases, infographics and more. As we delve into the first few weeks of 2012, take the time now if you haven’t already to see how your company can better its online reputation over the next 12 months. Suggestion for you Warren – write a Tips post with advice on how to give an interview, that might be a good partner for this well written post. With-out the full buy-in of the management or c-suite executives in any organisation, neither social business nor collaboration would get to pass go…I fully agree with you Elaine.
Hi Kathryn, I agree, consistency is one of the bigger reasons why people don’t develop an audience when blogging. For me the #10 is the most common reason why no one is reading your blog.If you’re offering a product or a service, obvious self-promotion through your blog is another big turn-off. Tweak Your Biz is a business community - a place where business professionals like you can stand out. Up until now, online education has continuously been rising up the ladder when it comes to offering quality education to potential and interested students. Basically, online education or e-learning is meant for students who want to finish a degree or be equipped with required skills for a specific job but with limited time, access or money. When you take an online course, the university or college you enrolled in will surely try to use the latest online applications to communicate with you and provide up-to-date news and info related to the course you’re taking.
For those who are already working but want to continue their studies, they can choose the best time for them to get educated online. Depending on what college or university offering an online course that you want to enter in, school fees might be the same or lower than those enrolled in traditional schools. With online education, you don’t have to rush in getting out of the bed and dressing up just to arrive in school on time.
Those of you who already finished a degree but want to take a step forward in their career, you can move up a notch by taking another course or a master’s degree. Some students who want to take up summer classes but live far from their university won’t have to travel everyday because there are accredited colleges where you can take classes online and they allow the transferring of credits for subjects you take online. There is no doubt that it is truly an advantage to take an online course from a highly reputable university or college offering quality online education.
Students pursuing this route can expect to quickly become familiar with taking online classes. Tech savvy individuals and those that are naturally comfortable working online will enjoy taking online courses because of the ability to utilize the latest, up-to-date features when it comes to distance learning. A geographic information system (GIS) allows us to view, understand, question, interpret, and visualize data in many ways that reveal relationships, patterns, and trends in the form of maps, reports, and charts. You can use Canterbury Maps to find property, geographical, recreational, locational information and more. If you run an online interior decorating business, one great way to be more relevant within your line of work is by discussing the latest trends in your industry. Your company’s online reputation will be called into question if you make up statements or take the low road with individuals online. Folks will walk past with possibly a negative perception of what lies behind the crusting paint, dirty windows or rude signs taped to the door. What you are saying above is a continuation of this, honesty with yourself and play to your strengths. While writing the soon to be published white paper on MDEC I came across a Ted Talk by Daniel Rose on Intrinsic Motivation, it is excellent viewing. I don’t think companies who are guilty of these really stop to look at their blogs with an unbiased eye.

Read the specialists, share your opinions and sign up to become recognized for sharing your expertise by writing on this site! Some universities are even threatened by the number of students that are getting interested in taking online courses.
Online learning gives students different benefits, the main benefits are low cost and flexible time. If you’d like to take up online nursing, you will be among the first to know the newest equipment or technology applied when it comes to treating illnesses and what modern health procedure works.
Flexible class hours can give you convenience and freedom to manage your time between work and school.
But then, you won’t need to commute going to school and you don’t have to buy school supplies or other requirements. This works best to give students a chance to focus on their major subjects and earn their degree faster. If you’re having difficulty mastering a particular topic, you can study it again and again so you will eventually master it. But of course, hard work, determination and patience are important for students like you to succeed and graduate with flying colors. Regardless of the degree or certificate program, there are numerous advantages to completing college courses on the Internet compared to the traditional classroom setting. While forums and chat rooms have been around for quite some time, each year online schools develop and produce more advanced ways to connect students, their peers and instructors in a virtual setting. New business owners should start by taking advantage a number of different online mediums before even trying to find an SEO company.
You need to monitor what is said about your business, when it was said, and who is saying it.
If someone goes to your site or a related forum to take issue with your company, listen to what their complaint is and just don’t brush it aside. People who possess these traits are out there, but most companies can not identify them or, do not know how to tap in to their IM, or worse their bureaucratic management style suppresses it. That said, websites like Tweak Your Biz and others allow you to blog less frequently and still tap a large audience. On the other hand, there are brick and mortar universities that are confident that they’d still get the same or even more number of enrollees each year. You only need to open you PC or laptop to attend class or study the lessons posted by your professor. With regards assignments, most courses allow you to complete your assignments at your own pace and even next lessons can be taken anytime you feel you’re ready.
The worst thing a business owner can do is let negative comments about the company go unchallenged. In many cases, customers will give you and your company a second chance to correct a wrong if you show you’re caring about their needs.
You aren’t giving yourself opportunities to find people in other areas who would actually be interested in your blog.
By submitting your business to Google Places your business will be capable of been displayed to an unlimited range of potential customers all across your targeted areas. While you may still get the letter or phone call from time to time, you are more likely to see someone talking about you online. Simply fill out the registration form to the best of your knowledge and always use the same business details across all online directory platforms. Once you've received the code, insert the pin code to verify your listing and you're done.Maximising WorthTo make the most out of your Google Places listing, ensure there is a consistent flow of incoming reviews about your business. Encourage past customers to write reviews about your products or services. Receiving a healthy amount of reviews will gradually contribute to the building of a long-term online business asset. While there will be certainly good reviews you should also good to be open to the idea that there may be the possibilities of negative reviews as well. If this is the case, don't panic, simply respond to the user and work to rectify the situation in a professional and kind manner - your willingness to resolve the matter will demonstrate to potential customers that you care about each and every one of your customers.2.
FacebookGetting StartedActing as the world's largest social media platform, Facebook has more to offer your business then you might originally think.
Start by creating a Facebook business page and have all the fields completed as accurately as possible.
In the "about" session ensure a live link to your website homepage is included for increased convenience for users wanting to navigate to the main site.Maximising WorthHaving set up your official Facebook business page, invite your friends, family and acquaintances to like your Facebook page. Additionally, place a Facebook Like Button or Like Box on your website's pages to encourage visitors to like and follow your page.

For more ways to engage with potential customers you may also want to consider Facebook's advertising network as an additional marketing channel for Pay Per Click advertising. Industries greatly vary and Facebook's Pay Per Click system just might be what you need to flourish online.3. TwitterGetting StartedSecond to Facebook, Twitter is the second largest online social network. This is an account which will be primarily used for business related tweets and updates so it's vitally important you're using your business name as your Twitter account name. If you're a frequent reader of industry-leading websites, why not share the article with a tweet and add a simple mention to your brand name.4. Google+ has evidently grown to become a huge part of social during the past few years and now it's transformed into another must use online medium. Start things off by first signing into your primary Google+ account and navigate your way towards creating your business page.
Much like the first 3, fill in all the fields in the "about" section and ensure all relevant business profiles are included in the "Links - Other Profiles" section. One of the many reasons why it's suggested you link up all relevant profiles is to show Google all your pages are interconnected with the same business. One small step certainly goes a long way in reinforcing the legitimacy of a small business online.Maximising WorthYour Google+ page is now live, and it's time to place another social button next to your already existing Facebook and Twitter buttons. Add a Google+ button or a Google+ badge in the most appropriate places on your website to gain some Google+ traction. Keeping in mind your customers could be using any of these social platforms, it's important to expose as much sharing options as possible to maximise your social outreach.5. You'll first need to login to your original profile account and you must have at least 25 connections before they allow you to create a business page. If your industry isn't too heavily involved in professional services and you can't justify making 25 connections all for the purpose of creating a LinkedIn business page then simply skip this step.For those that have already made 25 connections, browse onto the "Companies" page on the primary navigation bar and proceed to locate the "Add a Company" link on the top right hand side of the page. LinkedIn only allows for company representatives to create business pages so you'll need an email address which is affiliated with your business eg. PinterestGetting StartedPinterest is a unique online image collection board but also acts a vital social media marketing platform. Registration will require you to create a Pinterest business account instead of a personal account.
For new business owners this might be somewhat of a challenge, if that's the case you should consult with your web developer.Maximising WorthAfter having registered and completed the verification process, start by making a few repins and uploading a few images of your own business which you'd like to showcase. For best exposure and sharability I'd advise to only upload high quality images that provide some type of wow-effect. Make a couple of repins and uploads every so often to keep your account active and healthy.7. Getting listed on a well-known authority website such as TrueLocal will not only help with building co-citations (help in local rankings) but may also assist in helping customers find your business. Always try to aim for 100% completion as most directories websites will prioritise your listing higher in comparison to a listing which hasn't received a 100% completion score.Maximising WorthLarge authority directories such as TrueLocal will most likely be ranking very highly for your business brand name in the search engine result pages.
Taking this idea into consideration it'll heavily work in your favour if your listing is filled with positive reviews and enlightening comments about your product or services. Potential customers wanting to find reviews about your business will most likely find websites similar to TrueLocal in order to discover what past customers have had to say. Invest some time and resources into encouraging loyal customers to take a bit of their time into writing you a review.8.
Yellow Pages Getting StartedMost older business owners will probably have had dealt with Yellow Pages at least once in their business life.
The phone book giant have taken their presence online and ever since have become quite good at dominating the online directory space. In most cases, Yellow Pages will also create a duplicate business listing for White Pages as well - at no cost whatsoever.Maximising WorthAn interesting thing about Yellow Pages is that they've integrated their reviews system with Yelp. If you've already got a listing on Yelp, all your reviews will also be displayed on your Yellow Pages business page.
His Big Vision is to shape how small-medium size businesses market themselves online - one client at a time.

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