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Er you a dumb fool, why don’t you look at the time stamps before putting your foot in your mouth. They’re all verizon and on the old ios because he snapped a pic from his phone, not theirs. Let’s all bust out our cellphones and text our exes non sequitur lyrics off of Drake’s new album and see how they react! The musically inclined pigeons and planes over at Pigeons & Planes, however, actually played this game. All lyrics provided on this site are for educational purpose only and are property of their owners.

We saw people crying and calling their exes, but in these modern times, calling your ex is old-fashioned. People like to talk mad shit about blog authors (I plea guilty) but post like this really prove that P&P is an outstanding blog.
The battery level is also identical in all of them, along with several repeats of the same time. In recent lyrics news, John Mayer revealed that he was hurt and upset by ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift's "Dear John" lyrics: which also happened to essentially be her Dear John letter to him! I really thought you wanted my hot love and emotion endlessly…but I am a good girl and I do know it.

The responses that followed read like the tired words of weary ex-lovers who have been on the receiving end of one too many cryptic texts from these individuals of their pasts. Personally, we think John Mayer should get over it (it was two years ago!), but this news makes for an excellent Lyric Battle between the two ex-lovers. We're putting Taylor's "Dear John" lyrics up against John Mayer's own duet with Taylor herself: "Half Of My Heart"!

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