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I woke up still feeling so grateful that I have accountability partners who care about me, even on my darkest days.
The beauty of Theophostic Prayer is that it always ends on a peaceful note.  My session ended with Jesus responding to the two lies. What a difference a day makes!  I now realize how self-absorbed I was yesterday.  I hate when I do that. Editorial Note: Just a reminder for my newer readers, I wrote this in my Trauma Journal nearly four months ago, not long after I had quit CR. I decided at some point that if this was my truth, at least I would control who they would be and became promiscuous. Now that the Spirit has entered me and spoken to me through Theophostic prayer, I’m starting to embrace this idea.  He has changed me.  I AM CHANGED!
I think that I’m finally starting to understand how conscious and sub-conscious messages impact our behavior and relationship with God. Now that I’m identifying both the lies and the sources of them through Theophostic prayer, I’m learning to let God “override” Satan’s lies. I’ve been reading everything that I can put my hands on to help make sense out of how all the lies and negative experiences have impacted my life. Abuse victims often feel nebular…meaning that we feel like other people are allowed to take up space in life and we aren’t. As children, if we did not receive the repeat messages of our own worthiness (knowing we are loved, secure and belong just for being ourselves), we had no ability to self-generate worthiness. Our brains are designed to completely shut out an experience when it is too traumatic and stores it in the sub-conscious.
Until we make the sub-conscious conscious, we stay stuck in the dark and will continue to indulge in our negative coping mechanism.

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Why do friends make me freak out and behave so badly?  Well, duh, I’m so pathetically insecure. I mean, why waste my time if she is just going to run away in the end?  I would rather know now, than to be abandoned later.  If we begin to build a relationship, I find something even more rotten, whether it is about my past or my character as I see it.  Next step? However, the negative emotion doesn’t go away.  Thus, we often react to things in our daily lives that are really responses to situations or events we are completely unaware of on the conscious level. The better optimized your prayer is the more likely your prayer will be seen and indexed by your deity. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
Refer to above…if the additional information does scare her, I can justify that I’m unlovable and not worthy of friendship…then hate myself because I don’t have friends and sad because I am lonely.  If she still isn’t scared, I cling further and solidify a co-dependent relationship. One of the things I love the most about children’s ministry is having the opportunity to pray with children. Say to children, “May I hold your hand when we pray?” Asking permission calms the child and helps them know you are there with them.

Teaching kids to pray isn’t tough; however, I find many teachers and volunteers find leading prayer challenging, even intimidating. Why me?  Where to even begin?  Why don’t I have any models in my life to help me figure this out?  Why do I always have to be so weighed down by my past?  I’m so sick of my life being defined by my problems! If you find yourself in this category, you can build your self-confidence by remembering these guidelines.
You want to pray for Grandma because her foot hurts and your puppy ran away?” This helps children focus their requests and faith.
Satan shook my brain up and fueled the sub-conscious lies like a siren in my ear…but nothing made sense. I was spending my time combing through what I knew on the conscious level and was coming up blank, then beating myself up because I couldn’t get to the source of my fears.
Nothing dashes a child’s confidence more than correcting them in public, especially concerning spiritual matters. He currently serves as the Second Counselor in the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and is the eleventh most senior apostle in the ranks of the Church. Related Authors Mathias Rust Dieter Friedrich Uchtdorf Antoine de Saint-Exupery Amelia Earhart Wiley Post Manfred Von Richthofen Charles Conrad Jr.
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