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If you have been in a relationship for a while, chances are that you share a decent level of intimacy and comfort. Text messages and emails are a great way to express your love but nothing beats the old-school form of handwritten notes when it comes to expressing your love for someone. The mundane routine of our lives and the added stress starts taking toil on our relationships too.
As luck would have it, Valentine’s day is falling on a Sunday this year, so one of the best ways to make your girl feel pampered and loved is to plan a weekend getaway for the two of you. While women do love it when their men get possessive and protective for them, it is important to give each other the space that both partners deserve. Every woman loves a man that is romantic and soft, that’s why you must read these interesting tips on how to win your woman’s heart using these 4 romantic tips.
Personally, in my own experience no matter how bad the situation turned out, he would make sure that I would get wherever I am going before he also goes his own way. I have caught my mother and auntie so many times swearing how her man does not do anything for her.
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Roast some marshmallows and make some s’mores and maybe throw in some non-essential papers that you don’t need for the portfolio as an act of victory! For those of us who keep portfolios of the homeschool year, we often write a short report that outlines the accomplishments of the year. Bring some friends, go to one of those places where you’ve been meaning to go but just never get around to it. When you create an event or capture memories, it turns the completion of a homeschool year into a WIN. Vicki TillmanBlogger, Curriculum Developer at 7 Sisters Homeschool Vicki loves homeschooling and has shown it by educating her own 5 kids for 20+ years and helping hundreds of local homeschool teens graduate and head off to college and careers.
Deliberately executed or not, Chyna shut Tyga down and silenced the Kardashians with one fatal baby blow, simultaneously putting on for scorned women everywhere while accepting her rightful position and making history as the first Blac Kardashian (hehe). Evidently, you can’t lose with the shade gods and sock king Rob Kardashian on your side. A woman doesn’t always need the guy lighting a hundred candles in the shape of a heart or be held tight on the dance floor amongst a hundred strangers.

You’ve probably heard the age-old saying that one should never stop dating in a long-term relationship and it can’t be more true!
To make her feel all mushy, tap the creative side of you and leave her small, thoughtful messages in your handwriting at all the random places for her to find, throughout the day. If the two of you have been struggling to spend quality time together, then indulging in a long session of a couple spa is something you can do to make the woman of your life feel special. A girl doesn’t desire a man who pays her bills but someone who pays all the attention in the world to her. You can obviously make your queen feel special with all the above-mentioned ways, but don’t forget that trusting someone and giving them the freedom of being on their own is also a sweet way of letting the person know that you value their time and even when you are apart, they still rule your heart!
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She will grumble how she does everything on her own and swear that she has educated the kids all on her own. If he does, it is because you asked him at some point but what I know for a fact is that Kenyan men do love gift giving.
The idea to run a 5K popped into her head not long before the day of the event, so she had little time to train. You just get it done one day and then nothing schoolish happens the next…I mean, praise God you finished! Unfortunately, if you wait to do something memorable until you have the energy, you’ll spend 12 years wondering when and if. Rob was in a horrible place, and for some reason, it was only Blac Chyna who could pull him out of his funk.
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Instead of spending on a classy dress or that killer pair of shoes which your girl has been eyeing for a while, gift her lingerie instead. Your girl needs to know that you are sexually, physically, and mentally attracted to her and the fire between the two of you can never extinguish. You could leave a note in her lunchbox, stick a note to her pair of heels while she is getting ready for work, or you might as well leave a love note in the shower for her to find!

Binge together and do a romantic movie marathon in bed, perhaps give her a massage, or just lend her a listening ear.
So if yours is willing to accompany you most times when you ask, especially on your errands or some event or shopping-appreciate. At the same time she will send you to go ask for the money or you will be the one delivering the money to her for some necessity. At times you are even shopping and a guy will come stand next to you and bargain for something with you, for his significant other. How about you get your cell phone out and film each child explaining the highlights of each year (all the fun and cool stuff), as well as major academic successes or bits of trivia. How about surprising her with a bacon egg-and-cheese and coffee on Sunday morning after she’s been working hard all week.
Floor her with over-the-top gestures, and show your affection physically, such as hugging, kissing, or simply holding her hand while grocery shopping.
Be supportive of her, encourage her once in a while, make her understand that you value and respect the choices she has made in life. If you have been with the woman for a long time and you are certain of spending your life with her, then make this day count, and well, just pop the question! Try some new moves, worship her body and make her feel wanted, and see her reward you well! Most couples get too engrossed with their trysts at work and, sometimes, the frustration gets directed at their partner. The guy was kind enough to actually get me back to wherever I was going even though we did not have a conversation the whole way.
Thing is, you do not argue with a Kenyan mother but just nod your head even if the bill you are staring at says otherwise. At some point I actually thought he was doing it to make sure he would not have the police come after him asking if he knew a certain lady that was killed or met some worse fate. If you are always getting shoes, and bags and what nots yet you did not buy them, appreciate.

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