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Treat Her Like You Are Still Trying To Win Her Pinterest Pictures, Treat Her Like You Are Still Trying To Win Her Facebook Images, Treat Her Like You Are Still Trying To Win Her Photos for Tumblr. Even though it was unrequited love, it still made our hearts melt when Mark (Andrew Lincoln) confessed his love for Juliet (Keira Knightly) in Love Actually. It is basically against the law to talk romantic movie quotes and not include at least one from The Notebook — I think this one is our absolute favourite!

Paige (Rachel McAdams) is involved a car crash and the memory of her fiancé Leo (Channing Tatum) vanishes, we love all the ways he tries to win her back.
We have a bit of a soft spot for this movie and can’t believe it is already over 20 years old! If you are an old romantic at heart then you could consider including some romantic quotes in your wedding — you could include some in your wedding invitations, on your reception tables or in the speeches.

Take a look at some of our favourite romantic movie quotes right here and then don’t forget to visit our wedding quotes section for even more words of wisdom.

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