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If you truly love someone, saying your sorry is part of knowing that you love enough to admit your mistakes and own up to them. Someone who truly loves you won't have to say a word when you are down, they just know wrapping their arms around you and allowing you to cry on their shoulder is everything. Sheri (F): "Love surely has a different meaning for each of us, and we have a unique kind of love for the different people in our lives. Shelly (F): "Love has never been about the big, elaborate shows of affection but is found more in the little, everyday things. If your seeing your significant other showing signs of changes since the day they swept you off your feet, they may be cheating. Essentially a more inclusive take on location-based hook up apps like Grindr, the app promised the holy grail of quick and easy dates in your local area - but would women really use it?

The way your heart felt like it was going to jump from your chest, the way they smelled, and excitement to hear their voice on the phone? Love is celebrating each other, being excited to see each other when one comes home from work or receiving a phone call or two when not together as well as consciously making time to spend together.
Either by gestures, actions or words, it is the little things that we do spontaneously every day that expresses best what is in our hearts.
Often overshadowed by hate and greed it has been fought with adversity with each passing generation.
You are staring at divorce papers and ideas are going through your mind to save what you have left. Still it is the foundation of all that is right and keeps us believing in something bigger than ourselves.

Love is not just saying your sorry, but getting past those moments and being able to move on and let the past be the past. To me, love has always been synonymous with happiness and my happiness does not come from the result of an occasional grand gesture but from a steady daily dose of simple pleasures. That man missed me, he said the right things, did the right things and held me just because.
I didn't realize until recently that by giving up so much of myself for him, I forgot who I was and what love was.

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