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In-Person Phone Therapy and CoachingIn-Person Phone Therapy and Coaching available with Dr. You can't take charge and be the Connection Guardian if you don't know how to problem solve.
Are you sick and tired of complaining about the same marriage problems day after day?   Same old conversation, same results. Since only a limited amount of love stories will be chosen each week because of the high volume of requests, do your best to make it fun and interesting to the reader. What kind of relationship advice is it that leaves you feeling frustrated by trying so called “solutions” for a better relationship to have them fail?

I recently received a question submitted a question from our community asking if SEX was the SOLUTION to resolving problems in a marriage. Some people never learn this skill and others put it off until they're knee-deep in a relationship crisis. I bet you could almost guess what your spouse will say next as you “talk” with one another. I often hear from spouses that they want and expect “100%” honesty in their relationship.   Is that a fair request?
Depends on what criteria you use.   Are you okay with your partner saying something negative about something you take “pride” in?

The list of “reasons” or “justifications” can be quite long.   The best marriage advice in the world will not snap you out of your relationship “funk” without some dedication and motivation!

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