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By clicking on the button above, I confirm that I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. In some ways break-ups are more complicated than they used to be because social networks make it possible for someone to still be a ‘friend’ even though you are no longer dating. One of the problems with staying friends on social media is that it can give mixed messages to your ex – you like them enough to not want to lose contact completely but you don’t feel strongly enough to make a commitment to being with them. When the break-up has been painful staying in contact with your ex can stop the healing process from progressing for both of you.
Give yourself time to consider ‘unfriending’ an ex on Facebook – be sure that the relationship is over rather than doing it as a knee jerk reaction to a row – 3 days cooling off period is recommended to clear your head and consider what is best for you in the long run – you might hurt their feelings initially but you could save yourself a lot of heartache in the long run. When you are considering the question of whether to keep a person as a friend it is useful to think of it as allowing them to snoop around your house – look at your personal photographs and keep tabs on where you go and who you see – do you really want an ex to have this level of access to your personal life? Part of the reason social media sites like Facebook have become so popular is that they provide a safe forum from which people can share their interests, activities, thoughts and opinions with the people who are important to them and who they want to continue and develop their friendship with – is your ex one of those people? Sometimes people end a relationship but don’t really have the courage of their own convictions. When the wind is howling and the rain is lashing against the window pane, the last thing you want to do is get dressed up for a night out.
All the best health articles say you should have a workout buddy, so what’s wrong with that being your boyfriend? This may be fine if the relationship ended amicably but with anything deeper than casual dating there can be all sorts of potential problems.
While you may think you have been perfectly clear, your ex may take your continuing friendship as a sign that there is still hope that you will get back together at some point in the future. Knowing what they are doing, seeing photos of them hanging out with their friends and enjoying life without you can become torturous.

It may be better to have a small group of ‘real’ friends that you want to really communicate with than hundreds of ‘virtual’ friends who you don’t really know or care about.
They don’t really want the relationship but they don’t want their ex finding someone else either! Share out some ingredients that you can find in the kitchen and see who can come up with the best dish for dinner for each other. There are loads to choose from: if you want to tax your brain, try trivial pursuit or scrabble.
You’ll need to get some of the equipment first: a shot measure, a shaker, some ice and some essential ingredients, then buy a cocktail recipe book and give it a whirl.
Get the right wine, the right food, put on a movie set in your chosen country and away you go. Bring back those happy childhood memories and have an evening in with Walt Disney or your favorite Kids’ TV shows. Switching off and letting the world go by outside is a great way to chill out and get close. You’ll be surprised, when you spend more time looking into it, how many different things that there are to do and many places there are to go. This is particularly likely if you have said something like you don’t feel ready for a relationship yet – they may be happy to wait in the wings until you are ready. Many people end up obsessively checking their ex’s statuses and updates despite the pain and anguish it causes them – they become stuck in the pain of the ending rather than moving on and creating a new beginning for themselves. Keeping your ex as one of those virtual people may also make you feel inhibited when sharing news about a new relationship – they don’t need to know how happy you are with someone else. In case they change their mind they keep them close, often in the form of a virtual friend.

Think of the places that you could visit: China, Italy, France, Mexico and you won’t even need a passport!
Black tie for him and best frock for her, candles on the table and some gentle background music on the stereo, and you can have a romantic dinner for two and the bedroom’s just next door! Make the night complete with a bowl full of kids’ candy and you can reminisce how they all used to be bigger and taste better, when you were young. If you plan and organize your trip yourselves, without using an agent, you can choose exactly where you want to go and where you want to stay, and it will probably be less expensive too. I suggest circulating proposed meeting minutes prior to your next meeting so council members may review them in advance. If you then go on to form a relationship with someone else they may be just as hurt and upset as if you had just broken up or cheated on them. The TDC asked Commissioner Dailey to convey its specific concerns about the way the BCC has directed spending of the 4th cent as well as its expenditures of TDC reserves.  Concerns about the BCC spending funds for COCA, $300,000 for Goodwood and depleting reserves was mentioned on by multiple members of the Council. Either end it properly and accept the fact that they could be hurt and angry or work at the relationship in a more honest and committed way.
There is no reserves bench when it comes to relationships and you must accept that in ending it you are effectively cutting that person from your life,  including on Facebook – if you can’t delete them as a friend on Facebook you probably aren’t ready to end the relationship. He emphasized to fellow BCC’s the need to evaluate “all” spending on a regular basis.  As shown by comments of the Council, it has very specific concerns about the 4th cent, COCA and Goodwood type expenditures that do not regenerate bed taxes.

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