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More than half of all young women we surveyed have experienced abusive behavior in a relationship.
If she says her boyfriend isn't abusive, or if she defends him: Hard as it is, try to listen.
If you feel she's in immediate danger: If he's physically hurt her or threatened to kill her, experts urge you to call the police -- yes, even if she objects. If she's ready to get out: Call a hotline (like 800-799-SAFE) and tell a trained advocate that you have a friend who's being abused. How you can help: Text TELLNOW to 85944 to make a $10 donation that will go toward keeping a domestic violence hotline open. First, I want to tell you there is great news for you.You are not alone and solving this problem is very possible! Just by hearing that there is a solution should bring immediate relief to you. However, if you and your husband are fighting so much that you cannot even imagine this is true, rest assured, it is. I have helped couples for over fifteen years find their way back from a very destructive place to a loving relationship.
First, I start by helping you understand the real reason you are so angry with your husband. Second, I walk you through a healing and letting go process to free you of these negative and toxic emotions that affect you physically, mentally and spiritually.
Finally, I teach you how to properly identify and then express your feelings so your husband can hear and understand what you are telling him.
You see, most of the time the husband wants to understand but is not able because his wife is telling him in a way he cannot comprehend. In other words, when a woman learns the secrets to talking with her husband, she has the keys to a successful marriage in the palm of her hand! If you would like to learn how to stop fighting with your husband and transform your marriage into a healthy and loving one, I will help you!
The fact is that all relationships, even the healthiest one when exposed to harmful fighting can fall apart.
Simply stated, relationships are susceptible to breaking down when they are not nurtured and tended to on a regular basis. When a couple has a knock down drag out fight or continual small arguments that are not resolved, it leaves a residue of hurt and resentments making the relationship vulnerable. It is the ability a person has to work through a difference rather than allowing the quarrel to accelerate and implode. It is unrealistic to think two human beings in a relationship will never disagree on things; however, it is very realistic to expect they can move through it to a mutually satisfying resolution.
When I work with an individual or couple having difficulty in this area, I teach them how to understand what they are feeling and then how communicate it to their partner in a non-threatening and defense- disarming manor. I have helped couples who were feeling nothing but hatred feelings toward one another and fighting constantly transform their relationship to a loving one. If you are in this situation and would like to learn how to fight fairly and make your relationship the best it can be, contact me here, I would love to help you! Finally, you may be missing critical behaviors women look for in men they will seriously date.
Over the last fifteen years, with every man I have worked with in this area, not one intentionally did any of these things!
Does it seem impossible to please the woman in your life?  Do you try to “make her happy” but always feel you are falling short?
To begin, women are much more complicated and multi-layered than most men would prefer.  The way in which a woman feels satisfied in a relationship differs greatly from a man. During the conversation she tells you all the ways you are not showing up for her and the relationship. After working with couples for over fifteen years, I saw consistent patterns in every couple that caused the relationships to fall apart.
To help couples learn this vital information I put it all together in a simple to read and apply self-help relationship book.  These books are so unique as they provide men and women with a step-by-step process in understanding themselves and their partner in a way that transforms their relationship for the better.
Simply click below to get your copy and learn how to make your relationship incredibly successful!
Relationship problems arise for a variety of reasons, however, they generally all stem from the same place…unresolved issues. These culprits are usually triggered by an innocent event yet create major hiccups in even the best of relationships. In addition, if a man has been burned before with a backstabbing boss, he will be more guarded with his new superior. For those on the receiving end of this situation, the best thing they can do is recognize it has nothing to do with them personally but is purely fear being played out.  With understanding, compassion, love and good communication these issues can be positively worked through in the relationship.
For those dealing with this issue, the only way to not let your past affect your relationship is to address and heal it completely.  According to the experience, this may take a few months or years to accomplish. The clients I work with in this area generally have all experienced one thing, being hurt by someone they loved and trusted.  If this has happened with you and you see it affecting your relationship, you can reach out to me for help. You will learn how to heal and move on with healthy relationship and communication skills that really work!
Even though men do not think, feel, or communicate the same way women do, they do want to have a happy relationship with the woman they fell in love with and married.
Over the course of my career while working with men, women, and couples, one major grievance has remained constant amongst married men.
This disrespect appears in various forms in each relationship but the overall theme is the same.
The bottom line is that when a woman acts this way towards the man in her life, it is because many things have taken place along the way in their relationship to get her to this point. Unfortunately, this turns into a negative vicious cycle creating nothing by hurt and damage in the relationship. I help them by teaching them what the real issues are in their relationship and then how to fix and move past them. Once the communication breaks down in the relationship, usually the physical intimacy is next in line.  Generally, it is the woman in the relationship that shuts this down first. If there are financial stressors, children, family issues, or health concerns these can all add to the relationship breaking down as well. The third step is to create a plan of action to resolve whatever issues have developed in their relationship.
Many couples have a hard time with these steps on their own and reach out to me to assist them.  When this happens, I talk with them about what is going on in their relationship and then I share with them how I can teach them to fix it.

If you are in this boat and would like some help with your relationship please feel free to contact me here, I would love to help you!
In most of these cases the women never felt this way in the beginning of their relationship. In all of these circumstances there is never a successful solution only temporary band-aids over the emotional pain. The work I do with a woman entails joining with her as I walk and guide her through a healing journey.
This journey initially focuses on healing the damage that had been done to her self worth so she can feel empowered and good about herself.  If she so desires, I teach her how to transform her marriage to a healthy and happy one. If your husband makes you feel inadequate, I want you to know there is hope and a way to makes things better! That means someone you know is probably a victim -- and "simply saying, 'I just want to be there for you; how can I help?' can get the conversation started," suggests Esta Soler, president of Futures Without Violence. Trying to force her to break up with him for good means you're taking control -- and that's what her boyfriend is doing. Or, if there's one in your area, take her to a Family Justice Center for counseling, legal and other help.
Do you need me to drive you anywhere?" Offer to keep things she'll need when she leaves: money, keys, phone numbers, clothes. Enlisted 14th October 1914.Australian Imperial Force – Attestation Paper of Persons Enlisted for Service Abroad – Edward Dudley Milbourne Marsh - 14th October 1914. What I mean is that I work with you to uncover the deeper place where the anger started that has created the pattern of fighting in your marriage. When a woman allows these types of harmful emotions to course through her body and be present in her life, she is not living at her highest self. She and her boyfriend had a fight and she confessed saying things that were incredibly damaging. When a couple attacks one another and focuses on inserting their point of view damage occurs to their relationship. Most people do not naturally have this ability but must learn how to apply this in their relationship. Instead the couple is able to respectfully and peacefully move past any upset back to a loving place of understanding.
However, if this happens more than once or twice in your relationships, it is generally due to three main areas. That bears repeating because it is so important….not one did any of these three things on purpose. They needed to understand how women think and feel along with a little guidance on how to win a woman’s heart so he can keep her and have a happy relationship. If so, you are not alone as this is one of the major complaints I hear from men about their relationships.
Hence, the foundation we must always start with is the recognition and understanding that men and women are different. Then why are so many women constantly complaining that their man is not giving them what they need? The irony is that once the man and woman understood what the other wanted to how to deliver it, their relationship was not only fixed it was better than it had ever been.
He likely will automatically not trust his new manager and stay overly attentive for any signs of such traits.
There exists an attitude of disregard and contempt towards them from the very woman whom is supposed to love and honor them. It is merely an opportunity to gain some pertinent information to help relationships and marriages thrive.
Usually, the woman feels unheard, taken for granted, frustrated, and hurt by her perception of her husband’s lack of care and effort towards her and their relationship. They do not want to walk away from their partner but find themselves stuck as how to get their relationship back to a good place.
It is a step-by-step healing process the takes the relationship to an even better, stronger, healthier, and happier place than they have ever been at before. This may sound like a total cliche but the fact is that when men and women stop talking the relationship problems ensue. This requires working together with set goals and time frames in order to successfully attain them.
They report feeling very angry and frustrated with their husband along with feeling badly about themselves.
However, if she is ready to get out of her marriage, I walk her through a plan of action to ensure that is it done with ease. Also, write down any abusive episodes you witness or hear about, and tell your friend to keep any texts or emails her abuser has sent as evidence, advises the Safety Net Project's Cindy Southworth. Instead, she is living in a suffering mode just trying to make it through each day…this is not a way to live nor how marriage is suppose to be. However, when she learns how to present what she is thinking and how she is feeling in a way he understands, amazing healing occurs in their relationship. She called him names, used curse words, and questioned his character all in a fit of anger.  It had been two days since the argument and they had not spoken since.
On the other hand, when a disagreement arises but is handled with healthy conflict resolution tools and skills, the relationship actually becomes stronger. Usually when this happens, the woman is the first to figure it out only to bail on you and the relationship without much explanation at all. If she hears more than a few of these warning signs she will leave the relationship convinced you are not the right one or will hurt her in the end. In other words, each gender desires varied things from their partner and their relationship. Simply because both men and women do not understand how to deliver what their partner is looking for. Depending on the individual and how much work they have or have not done to heal their past directly correlates to the problems they will have in their current relationships. Often times she feels as if she has tried everything and nothing works, therefore, she loses respect for him and treats him accordingly.
In other words, one or both partners are experiencing some unhappiness or discontent within their relationship.

It generally negatively affects all areas of their life such as being able to perform well at work, being a good mother, and having energy to enjoy life.
They finally get to a place where they realize what was going on and how their self-esteem has been taken a beating.
It's natural to crave a movie-finale scene in which she declares, "I'm outta here!" -- but real life can be far more complicated.
Even though she was still feeling angry with her boyfriend, she was incredibly worried that she had ruined her relationship once and for all by losing her temper. The bottom line is that most women want to find the right man to eventually settle down with.
If you are communicating that you are unstable, non-committal, or just looking for a good time she will be out of there as fast as possible. A little irritation here and a little unspoken aggravation there and before you know it the lines of communication shut down. This means that they put themselves on the same team with the goal of transforming their relationship into a happy and healthy one.
I recommend just fifteen minutes in the beginning because it is a palatable amount of time to most couples and they are more likely to commit to doing it each day.
If they feel a man is not going to fit that mold or that they are wasting their time, they quickly end the relationship and move on. The problem for many good men who want relationships is that they end us saying things that are interpreted by women in this way. This can lead her to open herself up to other men interested in her or leaving you all together. The key here is to learn how to pick the right woman for you from the start so this no longer happens. The key with this is making sure she feels you want a real relationship with her and are willing to do what it takes to make that happen. In most cases I have worked with, it is the man’s intention to have a great relationship but because he falls short in showing her this, she ends up leaving him.
Milbourne MarshTaken and subscribed at Liverpool in the State of New South Wales, this fourteenth October of 1914, before me D.J. Squadron Sergeant Majors will obtain the sizes from each Squadron and furnish the Adjutant with same immediately. The following Signallers reported for duty, having returned from Signal School, Broadmeadows. Gallipoli – 15th May 1915 20th May 1915Gallipoli6th Light Horse acting as infantry without their horses landed at Gallipoli. Left the peninsular 20th December 1915     Edward Dudley Marsh in his 6th Light Horse uniform.
Photo says 4 troopers of the 7th Light Horse  mounted.1914-1918 4 Troopers of the 7th Light Horse dismounted. Am keeping communication (per telephone) between the firing line and Head Quarters until the last moment when we finally evacuate this position. The uncertainty and suspense is somewhat trying as we do not know exactly how much the enemy know of our movements. But it shall not be long now before we make tracks for the beach and incidentally the boats. When the last of all firing line parties, “C” 1, 2, and 3 had passed “X” depot and there was not a man between the enemy and ourselves on Gun Ridge, then we the Rear Guard Party retired for the beach. Ten minutes later we were crossing the beach in two’s and walking along a pier made of bags of sand etc and boarding Navy Cutters.
Two or three minutes after arrival at beach the steam pinnace left with the last men to evacuate the position from Gaba Tepe on Gallipoli. That I was one of the very last party, 20 men altogether, to turn our backs upon the Turks and make for the boats, I am very proud. At the same time there is nothing to brag about still the fact remains that had the enemy known anything then we would have had a lively and exciting time. We had left set rifles in the trenches so that after leaving the firing line these kept going off and so the Turks believed we were still there. Truly this evacuation without loss is almost as great as the landing.   Photograph labelled as 4 horse carriage with Australian troopers. He has been in the trenches at Gallipoli  but I do not know what position he held, and as I want to write an important letter would you let me know as soon as possible if you could furnish any particulars.
A P4812 28th February 19166th Light Horse Regiment joined with 2nd Light Horse in defence of the Suez Canal.
Milbourne Marsh 6th Light Horse  Regiment was in Hospital and I beg to thank you for sending me the information . Colmar Storey?)The first and last entries will be signed, and transfers from one Medical Officer to another, attested by their  signatures. LH 4850 30th June 1917 – Casualty Form – Active Service.Received from Isolation Camp – Marched in and attached to instructional staff.
R. 21st July 1917 – Casualty Form – Active ServiceReceived from 2nd Light Horse (Troop) Regiment. LH 5880 2nd February 1918 – Casualty Form – Active Service6th Light Horse – Rejoined Regiment x Dump Belah. Regiment – Rejoined x Central Gas School 17th August 1918 - Casualty Form – Active Service2nd Light Horse T. LH12107 24th August 1918 - Casualty Form – Active Service6th Light Horse – Rejoined x cadre 2nd Light Horse Regiment. Marsh, Sixth Light Horse returned ex “Port Douglas.” Paybook shows promotion Corporal, 28th March 1915. Marsh, Sixth Light Horse returned ex Port Darwin paybook shows promotion corporal twenty eighth three fifteen please verify and advise.
According to Australian War Memorial - after Gallipoli he went on with the 6th Light Horse to Palestine and was shot while making a special survey at Beersheba and died at Rafa the next day. 1917 This photo of Dudley's is described as "Inside a Hospital." Could be Jack Marsh (George Milbourne Marsh) on the right.

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