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To view the content please help us by clicking on one of the social icons, thanks for everything. FullonSMS is a website that allows you to send full 160 character, free SMS to mobile phones in India. Users in India benefit from free SMS messages which would otherwise be charged per SMS or on an offer of bulk SMS for which you have to pay a fixed rate up front.
You can add contacts to the site for ease of use, and you can also create groups of contacts to be messaged at once. I have sent message to my frnds on dussera but they d’nt deliverd, so tell me how we have to send mgs to frnds? What distinguishes Full On SMS is that it does not insert any advertisements or links into messages that you send.
It will be highly appreciated if you can put it on the page so that people can easily register for the free sms.
Due to recent restrictions by TRAI, that the user can send only 100 SMS per day is a shock to many. This is one of the online service to send free SMS all over India which allows users to send 160 characters long SMS and that too without any ads in the message body. Indyarocks, not only lets you send free SMS all over India, but also works as a social network where users can stay connected with their friends and followers.
Youmint is another great service where upon signing up users can send free SMS all over India (no ads included in the message body).

Fullonsms also allows you to send free SMS all over India with no ads included in the message. Along with sending free SMS all over India, users can forward jokes and other messages provided by SMSnow.
MyCantos allows users to send public, private SMS all over India, providing 300 characters per SMS is one of the highest message body length. Smswala is also a premium bulk SMS provider, along with that users can send free SMS all over India. Another simple to use SMS sending service, which allows users to send 148 characters long SMS to others.
Another well versed online service, apart from sending free SMS all over India, provides community access, allows you to create your own blog, users can also enjoy online chatting and instant messaging too. There are many services a user can enjoy apart from sending and receiving SMS all over the world.
About The Author+Namit Gupta is a web enthusiast and blogger who loves all things technology. And moreover mobile network getting expensive these days, one has to search for alternatives.
Therea€™s a Google Chrome application too, which allows you to send free SMS right from your Google Chrome Web Browser. You can also avoid filling long form via signing up with your Facebook account (if you are comfortable sharing your information stored over Facebook).

Unfortunately, such sites restrict your message to 140 characters and insert an ad at the end of each message, in addition to ads-only messages at other times. Send SMS to India is Android application by which you can send SMS to anybody all over India without spending single penny.
But there are online services using which users can send free SMS all over India and some of them allows you to converse with your friends and followers all over the world. Not only that, users can connect their Gmail, Yahoo mail accounts to get mail alerts on mobile phones. With MyCantos, there are lots of settings to tweak in, users can customize their SMS sending list or can categorized them too. You cannot really blame such sites since that is their only possible way of monetizing effectively. Indyarocks users can schedule their SMS, can even send group SMS to any mobile network in India.
There are communities and groups, interested users can join and share their views with others having similar interests.

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