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The ActiveXperts SMS Component is a software development kit (SDK) to enhance an application or script with SMS or Pager functionality.
In this example we are going to create a Delphi console application project named 'httpsend.dpr' to send SMS messages. This demo project will ask the user to give a phone number and a message body on the command prompt. Download the ActiveXperts SMS Component from the ActiveXperts Download Site and start the installation.
Now that a new project has been created, you must add a reference to the ActiveXperts SMS Component in the project to be able to use the ActiveXperts SMS Component objects. Following you can find the full source code which is also included in the ActiveXperts SMS Component package. The primary enhancements in this release are performance improvements and a new web user interface. While NowSMS performs well for bulk message processing, we realized that there were a number of areas that we could improve, especially in the case of an idle system waking up to process a new message. These delays have been removed, so that NowSMS begins immediately processing these messages. Performance improvements have also been implemented for multiserver configurations where NowSMS is using network storage. The NowSMS web interface has been updated to a modern style that works well on desktop, tablet, and mobile browsers.
The admin interface provides access to statistics, message queues, logs, and user account provisioning.
By default, the web interface does not display advanced messaging options that are typically used only by developers. The performance enhancements in this release are significant for MMSC configurations, but not as significant as for SMS-based configurations.
For multiserver configurations where NowSMS is using network storage, the performance enhancements may be more significant. We observed one site that experienced sporadic 2-3 second delays with the server accepting some messages from clients. The 3GPP-User-Location-Info AVP is supported for systems that require this value to detect roaming (RedKnee). Response AVP values checking now also checks for response status embedded inside a Multiple Services Credit Control AVP group to support more complex billing scenarios. Improvements have been implemented for configurations where the MMSC routes MMS notifications via an existing Push Proxy Gateway instead of using SMS including a compatibility fix and implementation of support for retrying MMS notifications. The Android app has been updated to address an issue observed in Android 6.0 and some HTC devices, where the modem app does not automatically reload at startup. By default, NowSMS now polls Android modem devices every 3 minutes (a configurable setting)  to verify that they are still active.
A setting has been added to prevent NowSMS from keeping the screen on when an Android device is plugged in. We have been testing NowSMS and NowSMS Lite with preview editions of Windows 10 for months. However, today’s release version of Windows 10 presents two issues that we did not encounter with the preview releases.
For a new installation, NowSMS and NowSMS Lite 2014 and 2015 versions will both function correctly under Windows 10. Existing NowSMS installations upgrading from earlier versions of Windows to Windows 10 may encounter two issues. Issue #1 – For trial versions only, upgrading an existing NowSMS trial installation to Windows 10 may cause the trial to expire early.
New trial installations on Windows 10 will encounter no problems, it is only trials running on a system that is being upgraded which may be affected. Issue #2 – After upgrading to the official release version of Windows 10, the NowSMS services may appear stuck.
This appears to be caused by a problem in the services registry caused by the Windows 10 upgrade, which prevents the NowSMS services from loading correctly.
The process differs slightly depending on whether you are running NowSMS Lite or one of the other full featured NowSMS Editions.
To avoid excessive confirmation prompts, we recommend launching NowSMS with administrator rights.
To avoid excessive confirmation prompts, we recommend launching NowSMS Lite with administrator rights. The advantage of VBScript is that there are numerous examples available for interfacing with Microsoft Office, especially Excel, and no extra programming tools or environments are required. If you want to return an SMS reply when processing a received SMS, from within your VBScript, use WScript.Echo to output your SMS reply.
The above script loops through all of its command line parameters and stores them as a combined string of text, then uses Wscript.Echo to deliver the reply.
We recommend testing the script from a command prompt window before attempting to deploy as a 2-way command. This script parses the command line, expecting received SMS messages, and appends them to an Excel spreadsheet.
Unfortunately, you may encounter errors trying to interface with Microsoft Office applications from VBScript using a NowSMS 2-way command. Once the missing folder is created, the script should be able to access the Office application. As a further example, it is also possible to extract a range from the spreadsheet to return as an SMS reply. The industry has deprecated the use of SHA-1 signed server certificates, in favor of a more secure algorithm known as SHA-256. SHA is a popular hashing algorithm used by the majority of SSL certificates.
Unfortunately, the change to 2048 bit key requirements will cause problems for renewals for customers that already have an SSL certificate signed by a certificate authority (CA). When your renewal time comes up, many CAs will not renew your certificate until you switch to a SHA-256 signed CSR. However, if you generate a new server certificate request with NowSMS, this forces the existing certificate to be immediately invalidated, which may cause problems for existing clients during the certificate renewal process. Put the old backup copies of these files, including SSL.CA, back in the appropriate NowSMS directory. Copy the new version of these files, including SSL.CA to the appropriate NowSMS directory and restart the NowSMS services. When implementing an MMSC for a mobile operator network, one of the most confusing concepts is how user authentication is usually performed in conjunction with a WAP Gateway. MMS uses the MM1 Protocol (OMA MMS Encapsulation) for transactions between a mobile device and the MMSC. The MMSC is expected to interface with other operator network components to identify and authenticate the subscriber. As mobile networks have evolved more toward providing direct internet access, there has been increased interest in deploying MMSC services without a WAP Gateway. The NowSMS MMSC Edition includes an ICAP client interface. This interface allows the MMSC to request HTTP header enrichment from an ICAP-based service. The NowSMS MMSC Edition also includes a special license for the NowWAP Proxy to provide the ICAP server interface.
Details on configuring ICAP settings for user identification can be found in the following link: Operator MMSC Considerations – User Authentication. 2.) For MMS only device APN settings which include a gateway IP address, it is possible at the network level to route that IP address and port directly to the MMSC.

We have recently encountered 2 different scenarios where SMS and MMS messages could be sent, but not received for 2-way command processing. If NowSMS was not able to discover the modem automatically, because the modem is on a network, it is possible to manually configure the modem by providing its IP address. When the Android device receives an SMS or MMS message, the Android device needs to be able to connect back to port 8990 on the NowSMS server.
The second type of configuration issue can occur even if NowSMS was able to discover the Android modem automatically. In the Windows Control Panel, look for the Windows Firewall and select “Allow a program through the Windows Firewall. By default, firewall exceptions for these entries might not be enabled for all network types. NowSMS MMSC Edition: This edition is designed for use as an operator MMSC, and supports full SMS and MMS functionality, including support for automatic provisioning of MMS subscribers.
NowSMS Gateway Edition: This edition is designed for service providers, corporate customers, developers and testing services.
NowSMS Modem Edition: This edition is designed for sending and receiving SMS and MMS messages via multiple GSM modems or Android phones only.
NowSMS Lite (Single Modem Edition):  This edition is designed for simplified installation and setup. For the Gateway and MMSC Editions: Licenses are based upon message throughput expressed in either messages per minute (MPM) or messages per second (MPS). We have restructured the pricing for all of the above versions, excluding NowSMS Lite, and now offer multiple purchase options, including monthly payment options. Configuration program: Fix for crash that would occur when adding an Android modem when running on Windows XP. Android app updated to request the display to remain on (but allowed to dim) while the app is active, only if the device is connected to power. Android modem updated to support sending binary message types when sending via HTC Android phones supporting HTC Sense (includes most HTC phones, excludes CDMA versions, Google Play edition, or custom ROMs). Android modem support updated to support binary message types using the Xposed framework on rooted phones. One of the major benefits of supporting Android modems is compatibility with CDMA and LTE based networks. Of course, NowSMS also supports service provider connections for higher volume messing throughput.
The 2-Way command feature in NowSMS can be used to build automated SMS and MMS applications. For the NowSMS 2014 release, we have made it easier for 2-Way commands to process both SMS and MMS messages. The 2-way command processor also looks at the phone number to which the message is addressed, or in other words, the receiving (or recipient) phone number. When a command is executed based upon the receipt of an inbound message, the command line for the program or HTTP request can include replaceable parameters from the contents of the SMS message.
If available, the phone number that is intended to receive (or did receive, if the message was received via a GSM modem connection) this message. If this message is a delivery receipt, this is the message id of the originally sent message. If this message was received via SMPP, this will contain the service_type value associated with the message. NowSMS will issue an HTTP GET request using the variable names specified in the command definition. MMS messages are more difficult to process with 2-way commands, because they can contain image, video, or other additional content types.
NowSMS supports using an HTTP file upload format, where the entire MMS message content is posted to an application using HTTP POST.
If multiple files are attached, additional URL parameters will be added using the sequence AttachFile2, AttachFile3, etc. PHP scripts are often used for 2-way SMS or MMS processing, providing a convenient mechanism for processing the received message content in an application, and optionally replying back to the received message, updating or querying a database, or taking other action upon the message which could involve sending one or more messages to other parties. NowSMS interfaces with PHP scripts via an HTTP interface, which usually requires a separate HTTP web server with PHP installed.
E-Mail users can send an SMS or MMS message by sending an e-mail message to the NowSMS Gateway. If the mobile phone subscriber replies back with an SMS or MMS, NowSMS can deliver the reply back via e-mail to the original e-mail sender.
Shared Mailbox Configuration: E-mail users send to a special e-mail address, and specify the recipient phone number at the start of the subject line. The Shared Mailbox Configuration is the easiest to configure, as it only requires a normal POP3 or IMAP mailbox. The SMS Domain Name Configuration is more complex, because in this configuration, the NowSMS server functions as an SMTP mail server.
For the Shared Mailbox Configuration: A POP3 or IMAP4 e-mail account must be created exclusively for use by NowSMS.
An internet DNS hostname (A or CNAME) record must exist and resolve to an IP address that allows external connections to the SMTP Port (TCP Port 25) on the NowSMS server.
If the NowSMS server is behind a router or firewall, a port forward entry may need to be defined in the router or firewall to allow external connections. An internet DNS MX (Mail eXchange) record must exist for the domain name portion of the SMS e-mail address, pointing to the A or CNAME record that points to the NowSMS server. On the “E-Mail” page of the NowSMS configuration, select “Use External IMAP or POP3 Mailbox”.
Full Name is a descriptive name to be included in the “From” field when e-mail messages are sent by NowSMS. When the OK button is pressed, NowSMS will verify that it can connect to the mailbox, and if successful, return to the E-Mail settings configuration screen.
If an error is reported, the error message should provide more details on the cause of the problem. NowSMS will only accept email to SMS or MMS messages if they are configured for the domain name specified for “Domain Name for SMS E-Mail”. With these settings, NowSMS is now configured as an SMTP server, waiting for other SMTP mail servers to connect on TCP port number 25 when there are messages to be delivered.
In order for this to happen, other SMTP servers need to know how to connect to your server when they have a message to deliver to your domain.
Within an enterprise mail system, another SMTP server may be configured to relay messages for your SMS domain name.
DNS considerations such as the above are not specific to NowSMS, they are basic considerations for any SMTP server. When NowSMS receives an SMS or MMS to route back to e-mail, NowSMS can either function as an “SMTP Smart Mailer” or relay all outbound mail through another SMTP server that acts as an “SMTP Relay Host”. From an e-mail client, try sending a message to the e-mail account we configured in the previous step.
The subject line of your e-mail address should start with the phone number that should receive the SMS. It may take several minutes for the message to be routed, depending on the polling interval setting and whether or not the mail server supports IMAP IDLE push e-mail.
If the SMS message is not received, it may be necessary to enable the MMSCDBUG.LOG for further troubleshooting.

If the recipient of the text message replies back, NowSMS can automatically route the reply back to the original e-mail sender if “Automatically Route SMS Replies to E-Mail” is enabled. Note that when, “Automatically Route SMS Replies to E-Mail” is enabled, if an SMS or MMS message is received from a phone number that has previously been sent to via the E-Mail gateway, any 2-way commands will not be processed, and the content of the message will be sent back as a reply to the last e-mail address that sent a message to that phone number. There are also numerous enhancements based on customer feedback, especially from MMSC Customers. End users expect SMS and MMS message delivery to be instantaneous, but MMS messages have a  lag due to data connection establishment and data transmission, which generally take at least a few seconds. Performance enhancements were implemented to resolve the situation that caused the sporadic delays. This is important, as some Android phones have been  known to occasionally restart to recover from error conditions. This setting should be used with caution, as keeping the screen on improves performance and reliability of many Android devices. NowSMS configuration will report that the services are active, however web access is not available.
The problem is easily resolved by removing and reinstalling the NowSMS services. However, some extra steps must be followed to remove the stuck services. This protocol does not define how the MMSC identifies and authenticates the subscriber when the MMS client on a mobile device sends or receives a message.
For many customers, the WAP Gateway configuration is essential as it provides user identification and authentication for other services.
A new ICAP client and server removes the need for purchasing a separate WAP Gateway when customers want to deploy a proxy-less configuration.
This edition supports sending and receiving SMS and MMS messages via a single GSM modem or Android phone only. NowSMS can be configured to submit messages requiring PDU mode support in text format with a special prefix, allowing an Xposed framework module to intercept the message and send it out in PDU format. For years, US based customers have asked us about modems that can support Verizon and Sprint. GSM modems are specialized devices that accept a SIM card, and connect to a GSM-based mobile network, but are designed to be used by applications and other devices that require mobile network access. But, modems are good for prototyping or applications with lower volume messaging requirements. One of the major benefits of Android phones is compatibility with CDMA and LTE based networks. We have identified some quirks with how MMS is implemented on the Sprint network, and an update is required to support Sprint or Sprint-based MVNOs including Virgin Mobile USA and Boost. This will force the response to be sent out as an MMS message instead of as an SMS message. An executable program returns a simple text response to the gateway by printing results to the screen, where the gateway captures the screen output, and generates an SMS response to send the screen output text back to the sender via SMS. NowSMS also features the ability to interface locally with PHP without requiring a separate web server. From an internet e-mail architecture perspective, the NowSMS server functions as a POP3 or IMAP client. From a novice perspective, this means that the NowSMS server must be able to accept SMTP connections from the open internet, and an MX record must be defined for the domain name part of the e-mail address (e.g.
The SMS Domain Name Configuration is powerful, but unless your organization manages its own dedicated e-mail servers, you will likely not have the experience or resources to deploy it. NowSMS will automatically delete all e-mail messages from the mailbox as they are processed, so this account should be used only for NowSMS. The mail server should support IMAP or POP3 for inbound e-mail, and SMTP for outbound e-mail. The IMAP IDLE command is automatically used if available, allowing NowSMS to maintain an “always active” connection to the mail server and receive “push” e-mail.
When acting as a smart mailer, NowSMS performs DNS MX record lookups and connects directly to destination SMTP servers to deliver e-mail messages. If you are unfamiliar with these DNS terms and considerations, we strongly recommend the Shared Mailbox Configuration for the NowSMS E-Mail Gateway. Or, for the SMS Domain Name Configuration, use tools such as mxlookup to verify DNS is configured correctly, and telnet to verify that SMTP port 25 is externally accessible. If the new version of the Android app does not see activity within that period, it asssumes there is a problem and begins to take corrective action to recover from problems that have been observed at various installations. If you are planning to upgrade a NowSMS trial installation to Windows 10, this extension may be requested in advance as early as 48 hours in advance.
MMS functionality does not support automatic provisioning of MMS subscribers as required in a mobile operator environment.
The power button can be used to turn off the screen, but depending on the device, it may take NowSMS several seconds or longer to wake the device when there is a message to be sent.
NowSMS can send and receive SMS + MMS messages over a GSM modem connection to allow for the development of interactive applications or services, and facilitate store-and-forward M2M (machine-to-machine) communications over a mobile network. In most of the world, GSM is the major mobile phone network technology, and LTE is essentially an upgrade for GSM. The program or script can perform actions based upon the message content, and optionally return a reply. Or if connected to an SMS service provider, this may be a short code number associated with your service. In other words, if your existing e-mail account is with Gmail or another cloud based provider, we strongly recommend the Shared Mailbox Configuration. The same User Account and Password will be used for both inbound and outbound e-mail connections. For POP3 connections, or if IMAP IDLE is not supported, NowSMS will check the mail server for new messages periodically based upon the number of seconds configured for the Poll Interval. In some environments, a network firewall may need to be reconfigured to allow the connection. Some SMTP servers may consider your e-mail messages to be SPAM if you are connected to an ISP with a consumer (not business) account.
This 1 second delay has been removed, which offers a small but notable improvement in MMS  delivery time, as data connection establishment and transmission is a more significant time factor. However with recent announcements from Microsoft and Google about depreciating support for SHA-1 in browsers this transition has been accelerated. Applications can use HTTP, SMPP, MM7, PHP, Java or other interfaces to send and receive these messages via NowSMS.
However, in the US, Verizon and Sprint use CDMA network technology (and are adding LTE for high speed data).
Some SMTP servers will also reject your e-mail if there is no reverse DNS record (in-addr.arpa PTR record) associated with the IP address of your NowSMS server.
When NowSMS has a binary message to be sent, it will submit the message in text format, starting with this prefix, followed by the PDU.

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