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Times will come, moments, arguments and you will want to look into that box of love bombs and take out a few as reminders of how you and your hubby really feel during times of trial. Both SMS and MMS messages go to your Messages inbox, which is the green icon with a white speech bubble (as shown to the right).
When a new message is in your inbox, a small red circle will appear in the corner of the icon with the number of messages that you have. If more than one message is received from the same person, only the most current message will be shown.

He gets home before me so we start the count down til I’m off work and back home together.
This comprehensive guide will show you how to send SMS, MMS, e-mail and IM messages from your phone. You would need to open the string of messages from that person to view all the messages sent by them.
Some of them are funny, some serious, some apologizing for arguing, and some don’t make any sense and I have to explain them to him!!

It’s a small gesture on my part, but I think he enjoys seeing what I have to say every morning to start his day and he appreciates the effort it took to pull this all together. Being a good spouse takes a lot from both of us, but when you find the right one, must do whatever it takes to hang on to the marriage and keep the spark.

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