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Mac ID is a two-part tool you get both from the iOS App Store and from the developer's website.
After you've downloaded the iOS app, visit the developer's web site to get Mac ID for the Mac. At its simplest, Mac ID lets you unlock your Mac using the Touch ID sensor on your iOS device. You can even unlock your Mac using a tap pattern on the trackpad to activate Mac ID on the iOS device. From the iOS app, slide the connected Mac to the left and you gain access to three options: Wake, Lock and Unlock. If you have more than one Mac, you can install Mac ID on any Mac that supports it — Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth LE) is required for Mac ID to work properly. This also means that it's possible for other people to install Mac ID on their Macs and allow connections to your iOS devices. There's more to the app than mere unlocking and locking, though: The Mac ID app also lets you remotely control audio playback. Notifications coming into the Mac ID app on your phone or iPad are interactive — you don't have to unlock your device at all.
If you tap and hold on the icon of a connected device within the Mac ID iOS app, you'll see a bunch of additional options including disconnect and unpair, wake, lock, and unlock.
Clipboard text can contain up to 4000 characters, so you can send yourself phone numbers, addresses, URLs, and other important text between your iOS device and Mac using Mac ID. When you change your OS X system password, you'll need to change the password saved in Mac ID as well. Judging from feedback on social media, I know some of you have been using Mac ID for a while.
New images of what reportedly are parts of Apple's upcoming iPhone 7 seem to show a dual-lens camera, along with a 256GB storage option.
Here’s how to enable the Text Message forwarding feature, so you can send and receive SMS and MMS messages on your Mac or iPad. The Text Message forwarding feature only works on a Mac running OS X Yosemite, using an iPhone running iOS 8.1 or later. Tap on Send & Receive and add an email address where you can be reached by iMessage in addition to the phone number.

You can now turn on the toggle for Text Message forwarding for devices such as your Mac, so they can send and receive text messages from these devices using your iPhone. It will prompt you to enter the code shown on your Mac to allow iPhone text messages to also be sent and received on your Mac. Enter the 6-digit code that is displayed on your Mac, in the popup message on your iPhone, and tap on Allow to complete the setup process.
Let me know how it goes, and feel free to drop in a line in the comments if you’ve any questions or run into any issues. I think it should be worth noting that this only works when you have a cell connection on your phone.
I can’t get the text message forwarding icon to come up on phone, did the send and receive email address thing and signed in and out of iCloud, any suggestions? DisclaimerThis website is not owned by, is not licensed by nor is a subsidiary of Apple Inc.
Notifications include receiving text messages and incoming calls, which is where Moaxis gets really interesting. The Moaxis app is available now for Android, and is in development for iOS and Windows Phone. This saves you from having to enter your system password each time you wake your Mac from sleep.
Select Auto-lock when away from Mac from the Mac ID menu and choose a level of sensitivity to activate this feature.
If you're not sure if you have Bluetooth LE built into your Mac, go to the Mac ID website for more details. So if your entire family uses Macs and you're responsible for taking care of them, you can use Mac ID to easily lock and unlock their Macs without needing to keep track of their passwords, since the passwords stay local to each Mac.
If you have iTunes fired up on your Mac and you want to fast-forward, rewind, play, or pause, just tap the appropriate button.
This makes Mac ID a really handy security tool, because you can tell if someone in your home or office is trying to snoop on your Mac when you're away from it. I had this happen on both my MBP with its mouse and on my phone with my Headphones, I eventually had to uninstall the app.
You should now be able to send and receive your iPhone text messages from your phone number on your Mac.

I really don’t expect people to be putting their iPhone in AirPlane mode, and then trying to send text messages from their Mac. All are using the gmail account I use for my Apple ID and I still do not have the text forwarding menu on my phone. As of now, you can reply to text messages using any one of the platforms listed above – basically, you can text from a keyboard, which is so much nicer than typing on a mobile device. The supporting host software is up and running for Windows 8.1 and Mac, with support for Chrome OS, PlayStation 4, Android tablets, iPad, and Samsung Smart TVs coming soon. Just double-click to launch the app, and it will put a menu bar on your screen that enables you to access different features. And your password isn't transmitted over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi — it stays on your Mac, encrypted and safe. You'll see the taps appear as white circles on the Mac's lock screen, but you can uncheck Taps visible on lock screen if you'd prefer not to let someone see what you're doing over your shoulder. Click on the Mac ID menu and select Change password whenever you change your system password, to keep Mac ID operational. Note that the email address should be the same as the iCloud account (the one you’ve used to sign into iCloud on your Mac). You can get Moaxis on smart TVs and video game consoles, too, making it more robust than most in terms of cross-platform support. Now go back to the previous Settings screen, and you should see the Text Message Forwarding option.
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Also ensure that your iPhone’s phone number is ticked and iCloud email address is also selected. If your iCloud email address is not there in the list, then click on the + button to add it.

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