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A Reddit thread has exposed an iPhone security bug that allows a simple text message sequence to shut down a person’s phone (video below).
The recently discovered security vulnerability has many iPhone users worried their phones will be easily manipulated. On May 27, Twitter users we sharing that their phones were being shut off by friends who sent them the text message, or that they had been nonstop sending the text to friends to prank them. Some commenters claim their phones haven’t shut off after receiving the text message, but others seem to have experienced the issue firsthand.
Cute Text Messages To Send To Your Boyfriend – A real relationship must be build over problems. In this situation, each partner needs to have sincere understanding and communicate well, For girls.

If someone sends the particular string of text to an iPhone user, the phone itself will, in most cases, automatically shut down.
However, the problems when committing a relationship can be very frustrating for both sides. Today in this article you will see that how to send text messages remotely from your iPhone by using Command line.
It means you can use anything that could access to command line terminal till the both devices are on the same network.
Problems in relationship are just common as there is no relationship that can escape from problems.
This is done for many reasons not only to show how girls love they boyfriend but to make the relationship lasts longer.

This might be flirting but some boys like to be flirted.  Thus, you do not need to be over much worried about how it will be, just send the lovely messages to your boyfriend.
Feel free to use the biteSMS with default message application but don’t think that you can also send free SMS messages from it.

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