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A new feature of watchOS 2 finally allows users to send messages completely hands free, and even though there is a catch, it’s a much welcome improvement to communicate via text message without having to physically touch the device. The catch is that this new feature only applies to messages you create from the Home or Watchface screen using Siri. Up until watchOS 2, if you wanted to send a message, you had to dictate it, then you had to tap Send to confirm. So what Apple has done is that it reversed the process where before, you’d have to confirm you did want to send the message. This is to me one of the best features of watchOS 2, and I do wish Apple made more effort to streamline messages even further.

So tell me, are you as excited as I am about sending messages hands free from your Apple Watch?
It does not work for replies to messages you receive, and doesn’t work if you go straight to the Messages app and tap Reply.
By design, there was no way to send a message without having to physically touch the screen at some point.
For example, I would like to be able to reply to messages without having to touch my watch. You can also use a photo folder which rotates photos inside as your wallpaper every time you wake the screen.

Even though our own Jeff Benjamin had uncovered a workaround to make it work hands free, it just wasn’t convenient, or elegant for that matter. Likewise, if you go into the Messages app on your Apple Watch and hit Reply to a conversation, it won’t work either.

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