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Now I’m sure you know a couple of longtime friends who got together after a dozen years of dating the wrong people and now they live happily ever after with their three kids in Sheboygan, WI.  It happens and I’m sure it’s close to an ideal situation. I mean, after all, who better to be your partner than someone who knows you as a friend first?
Sex with a friend is a minefield of maybes, and a good majority of the time, you don’t make it to the other side without losing a limb. You know how much the friendship’s worth to you, and what you stand to lose by letting sex get involved.
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Great example, I did at one time live in Sheboygan, I never knew people outside of Wisconsin knew about the place. I must say that I have a friend whom is very close to me; we have always hung out and had a great time just enjoying our friendship. I thought that I should also mention that it has been working for over a year… Some classmates had happened to hear a conversation that him and I were having and remarked that our friendship would turn sour in a week if we would actually have sex.
As a woman, for safety reasons, I’d take sex with a friend over sex with a stranger anytime. I would have thought similarly when I was younger, but currently I am in my mid 20s, and for many reasons prefer my close friendships to relationships. Consider yourself lucky to have seen his true nature before the pain it caused was even worse than what you experienced. Find out what my blog can do for you, and what type of man becomes a dating coach for women. If you’re looking to answer your most pressing dating and relationship question, my blog is like Google for your love life! And I sometimes have sex with my best guy friend, who’s been my best friend for over a year.

Just because, for you, sex must come with marriage, holding to that position doesn’t gaurantee a happy marriage. I am monogamous, myself and considered it just a casual fling. However, for me, I am not emotionally able to be intimate with a partner without having feelings.
The stakes, in this instance, are a lot higher, because there’s actually something to lose. 99% of relationships fail, otherwise you’d be married to your Spin the Bottle boyfriend from sixth grade. Of course we moved on with our lives, I got married had children, he moved to the east coast and got married had children. I hope you will realize that, instead of losing something, you gained a life in which you no longer have pure hearted faith in a person who didn’t deserve it at all.
On the other hand, some unmarried couples are true friends and partners who enjoy a vibrant sex life. And, to me, what’s the point of being married or in any romantic relationship if you don’t enjoy it?
We hadn’t seen each other in four years when we reconnected after college, but when we did, we slept together.
So if all relationships are fraught with danger, yet who better to navigate it than a trusted friend, what can we conclude? Evan, I think most of your readers know things like this, but like me ?Skim? over these obvious lessons, and it takes someone like you to remind us of them and how to apply them to our decision making. At the time, I was just out of a long term abusive relationship and it had been a very difficult breakup.
It was everything I’d dreamed of, but it was so…foreign…and somehow, wrong. We stayed in touch for years afterwards – but we never ever got together again.

It’s far easier to let it all hang out if you know you may very well not see your sex partner again.
Women also have the added pull of the “cuddling” hormone oxytocin, which bonds them emotionally to men and makes unattached sex even more difficult. He responded and a few back and forth notes later, he told me of how much he had a crush on me and still did.
The sex is great I don’t think there is anything wrong with having sex with your friend.
Dating him is like dating a coworker, in that everybody knows our business, everybody has an opinion and everybody thinks they’re more right than i am in judging his commitment and sincerity. After five months, not one of those ladies has come forward to apologize for their discouraging judgements.
Also, because he had a reputation as being available, several other ladies find it normal to try to entice him into liasons again, exacerbating my insecurities. As far as I’m concerned, it has been well worth it for the possibility of having a partner who I admire and adore. If it doesn’t work out, I hope I can be mature and emotionally stable enough to love him platonically again.
I don’t love him in a sexual way, yet a way that is far greater, a kindred spirit kinda love.

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