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So you and your ex have been broken up, but you suddenly have the opportunity to talk to her again. Talking to your ex is an important part of getting her back, so you'll need to choose every word carefully.
Instead, she's going to be completely turned off by how needy you've suddenly become, and totally grossed out by your dependence upon her. Check here for a more comprehensive list of post-breakup traits, attributes, and mannerisms your ex girlfriend is looking for from you. The logic is simple: Portray a good time, and your ex will want to be a part of that good time.
Most guys botch this concept pretty badly, because the first time they see or talk to their ex girlfriend they start babbling about e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.
Hype yourself up - The more fun you're having, the more your ex will be jealous of that fun. Smile and be happy - Your ex doesn't expect to see you happy right now, which is why you really need to be.
Don't be mopey - Acting depressed, forlorn, or upset will only strengthen your ex girlfriend's resolve. Don't apologize - There's nothing you can say in the way of an apology that will make your ex want you back right now.
For a much more specific list of things you can say to get your ex girlfriend back, check out the amazing video resources at The Magic of Making Up. You can check out his videos on best opening moves as well as his now famous calm mind technique (located lower down near the bottom middle of the page) in order to get a better idea of what to do and say first. Just as there's a time to pull away and distance yourself from your ex girlfriend, there's also a time to reconnect. Somewhere between breaking up and losing your ex for good is a small window of opportunity.
How do you make first contact with your ex, and what should you say to her when you do get her back on the phone with you? First, you should never try calling or contacting your ex until you've given her time to really miss you. Next, you should be able to recognize and identify the signs and signals given off when your ex still has feelings for you.

If you're constantly trying to get back in touch or tell her how your life has been, your girlfriend will have little need or desire to stay connected to you. The week after you break up is the most critical part of any split, and also of the entire get back ex process. Truth be told, you need to go at least a month without seeing, hearing from, talking to, emailing, or texting your ex girlfriend. Obviously this doesn't count running into her unexpectedly, or if your ex actually calls you. Maybe she's calling to pick up her things, or maybe she's calling to beg you to take her back - either way, it doesn't matter. You're also making her worry that she can't get you back anymore, and this will drive her crazy with wanting to know what you're doing (and who you're doing it with). By waiting at least five or six weeks after the breakup you're maximizing the chance for a successful reunion by putting yourself in a very strong position. In fact, she's probably very curious to know where you've been, and she'll be a lot nicer, sweeter, and more receptive to you when you do get back in touch with her. Phoning your ex in the evening, as she's more relaxed and has more time to talk, is the ideal situation. You want your ex to visualize you doing well without her, and not riding out the breakup with hopes of getting her back. Fighting with your ex girlfriend?NOT a good idea if you want her back.Lime green striped V-neck shirt?Not really a good idea EVER. There are also a number of things you should avoid talking about when making that first phone call.
There's no reason to rehash things right now, and talking about your separation will only lead to one or both of you placing blame on each other for past misdeeds. You also need to talk about the things your ex is interested in, which is why you should probably let her do all of the talking. If your ex girlfriend doesn't seem happy to hear from you after a few weeks of no contact, different measures need to be taken. Start by checking out these audio tips, which will set you on the road to manipulating the way your exgirlfriend sees and acts toward you.
Trying to win back your ex girlfriend can be an extremely trying time especially if you have no idea what you are doing.

You can pretty much assume relying on your feelings for anything is a BIG MISTAKE since our feelings are easily influenced by so many factors.
This isn’t a debate class; you’re not going to persuade her she messed up by letting you go because in her mind you’re wrong and she’s right. Yes, there may have been some things you did wrong that resulted in the break up but chances are she had something to do with it too.
Secondly, a relationship is a 2 way street, so unless she straight up cheated on you, it’s partly your fault too.
If you’re throwing yourself at her at every moment, she is going to get sick and tired of seeing your face and hearing your voice.
Jackson's indestructible guide to rebuilding your broken relationship includes TONS of tips, tricks, and direct phraseology you can use to not only win your girlfriend back, but actually turn her thought process around so that SHE becomes the one who chases YOU. You see, all those feelings inside are telling you to put your pride aside and lay it all on the line, but doing that will almost always do nothing to help you and everything to ruin your chance to win back your ex girlfriend. To be sure you don’t end up one of without her, I came up with a list of the top 4 things you must avoid when trying to win back your ex girlfriend. Since women are primarily emotional, trying to reason with your ex girlfriend is just about always a waste of time and only makes the situation worse.
So when you apologize for something that wasn’t just your fault, she’ll see that you’re only apologizing for the sake of getting back together. Making her out to be the bad guy, and pointing your finger will only drive her further away so don’t do it.
Nobody’s perfect, and I don’t know about you but there’s nothing more repulsive than someone who never thinks they’re wrong. You may be feeling that begging is your only option, but like I mentioned earlier, your feelings will get you in the most trouble when trying to win back your ex girlfriend.
No one likes to be manipulated, so don’t take all the blame for the sake of the relationship.

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