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In a study published in the Journal of Couple and Relationship Therapy, researchers Lori Schade and Jonathan Sandberg of School of Family Life studied 276 adults to see what communicating through texts did to their relationships. Laura is a 20-something year old media student with a great passion for fashion, pop culture, beauty and travel. Law, think about it, you don't want a woman to call you for help just to feed your ego, it would not be an aequilibrated relation, it's like the men fear being useless if women don't depend on him, so it's a way of being insecure, as if a woman want a men only if he needs him financially or phisically, certainly that happens and it's what form many relations, but imho, not sane relations.
Finally a what men want from a women list where I can reckon myself, maybe because there are no chauvinistic or sexist parts. This is a good article - the complements however is slightly distorted men don't want you to force a complement only complement with what comes naturally.
The author is a "Laura is a 20-something year old media student with a great passion for fashion, pop culture, beauty and travel. So they pretty much want everything but a provider: the home maker, the girl next door, the femme fatale, lady in the street but freak in the bed, best friend, mysterious, sexual woman (but is respectful and doesn't outman him) etc etc! Sorry, but this "writer's" illiterate grammer issues were so distracting, I don't even remember the content of her article. The participants were real couples: 38 percent described their relationship as serious, 46 percent were engaged and 16 percent were married. I believe in honest, open, consistent, positive, fun, assertive but not needy (emotionally healthy) communication. I'm so glad that their are so many women in the comments who believe they know what every guy wants. Besides writing, she loves hanging with her friends, people watching and photography." She's not a relationship expert. When a 20 something girl writes the equivalent of high school media assignment, posts it on the Internet, it comes up in searches, people read it like it is actual real information, and the dumbing down of society continues. I've seen fatter, uglier women than myself with men, so I don't know what the f--k is wrong with me. The point is that everyone is different and what you think you're looking for is hardly ever what ends up finding you. We strive to bring you the most entertaining information online today.If you've come across some great content that we don't have on the site, then feel free to Contact Us So we can get it added to the site. It's 3AM Tuesday morning and you just know that one of these pathetic texts is going to show up in your inbox. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! Each of them completed a detailed relationships assessment that covered, among other things, their use of technology.Gender differencesFor women, texting about serious subjects is linked to poorer relationship quality. And lets face it, who wants to be in a relationship where the other person is an 'optional extra'.
It used to be published authors were accomplished, educated, vetted people with an authority on a topic.

I've tried being nice, flirty, friendly, funny, cool, reserved, aloof, neutral and "myself" but nothing works.
It sounds like the perfect woman yet what I hear most here is a woman who is mature and healthy in every way. If you find someone who makes you happy just being near them, don't screw it up by comparing it to some idea in your head. Let's get started!The Best FriendMany men would love their lady to be the one to whom they can share their concerns and they expect unconditional support from their significant other. Now some 20 year old writes a piece of dribble and she is contributing to the knowledge base of the Internet. Whoever said there are people who act like themselves and don't find love was totally right. But let us not forget that if a woman works, she needs to not take on a female gender role in the home in terms of doing all of the domestic duties. It is very important for partners to share their issues and try to solve them together.The Independent WomanMen don't like women to depend on them. I'm college-educated, intelligent and have a variety of interests, but my face and body must be totally repulsive. Women need to understand equality and although I feel a lot do, I think some still succomb to waiting on men too much and not expecting the same. A good woman embraces her beauty without being trashy, who knows how to care for her man emotionally. And he was everything I never wanted but somehow none of it mattered because he loved me and treated me like I was important to him. Both men and women responded well to affectionate texts.The researchers said more than four out of five study participants sent text messages back and forth with their partner multiple times a day.
They love those ladies that know what they want in life, that have their own career and hobbies.
I think self respect is one of the most important keys to a happy relationship, along with wisdom. This part is the worst, "If you're one of those women who think that men and women are equal".
It's always great to get the chance to share new passions and get to learn new things together. If we don't respect self, others want respect us either and we need to establish what we need early on or it may be impossible to have later on.
If this article is utter tripe, or crap, or BS like all of you are saying, then why can I understand and relate to it? Some work hard on things initially and that can be true for both sexes, but we need to be honest and real upfront. How can "become gorgeous" be a safe place for women when it just highlights the stereotypes placed on us?

You might end up suffocating each other.The Sweet BeautyMost men feel attracted to women that are sweet and caring. I like to think of myself as a "girly" girl who in fact loves learning about new products, hair tips, and even the occasional boy advice, but this makes me truly sick. They also love a good sense of humor, so, if you are one of those ladies that know how to handle problems with a big smile on your face, you're just perfect! Are you seriously all that ignorant that you believe everyone must be like your perception?
Also, what better way to face an embarrassing situation than with a funny joke up your sleeve?The Pressure Free LadyMost men tend to react badly when it comes to pressure. Oh, and voiceofreason, there are plenty of girls who be themselves who will never find love. These people are either stupid for believing they can do what they want and get what they want or they are rejected by society because society has been raised to dislike 'ugly' or 'weird' people.
So it would be better not to call him or send him texts every hour.Miss EqualityIf you are one of those women that think that men and women are equal, you're just a sweet treat for most of men.
They love a woman that has the same rights and responsibilities as them and that just don't take chivalry for granted.
We no longer live in an era where only men should provide for the well-being of the family, we live in one where women work hard because they want to have a successful career.The Voice of ReasonAccording to men, wise women are very attractive. Schade told the Deseret News that her husband is a master of using texts to make her feel loved and appreciated. He’ll send her a quick text telling her he heard a song they both like and it reminded him of her, for example.
Moreover, maturity helps you deal with some bad situations calmly and wisely, without there being any need for drama. However, this type of woman is also the one that says what she doesn't like and when she sees a bad behavior, she will speak her mind, because she wants to change things for the better.The Sexy LadySexy without being trashy – this is what men find physically attractive. So, it would be better to highlight your best physical assets in a sexy, yet lady-like manner, because you would not like for your man to feel embarrassed by other men's comments. Men love women that behave and dress like a lady.The Well Mannered WomanNothing is more embarrassing than a dinner with your significant other's family where you make a fool out of yourself. They like to be complimented on their looks and achievements, so, if you wish to keep the harmony in your relationship, you know what to do. They will surely appreciate your initiative, we bet!The Great Personality LadyMen are not only attracted by looks, they are also attracted by women with a great personality. They love smart women that know plenty of things and can carry a conversation on different topics.

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