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KARI v4.0 - An excellent virtual girlfriend simulation with beautiful girls and with the ability of self-awareness and the best virtual relationships around. VGirl3D - If you are looking for the best 3D virtual girlfiends get this girlfriend simulation.
Brooklyn-based outpost CCC and designer Anne Colombo makes forward-thinking fire structures for those looking to add design elements to their living room. Gregory Barsamian bases his work on persistence of vision, instead of making flip books though, he makes flip sculptures! In 1981, professor of Architecture at Tokyo Institute of Tech, Masahiro Chatani, proved that paper cutting could produce stunning pieces of art and with Keiko Nakazawa he developed Origami Architecture. More animal sculptures crafted from unusual materials; artist John Kearney creates sculptures using chrome bumpers.
Fabulous sculptures of light and wood from a Venezuelan artist, who bring to life dead trees, thorns and dry barks.

Sculptures of Japanese onomatopoeias Also called giongo, these are what manga artist use to convey a sound to its readers.
Thelermont Hupton's Blow-Up lights are beautiful blown glass sculptures of things like balloon dogs and hand grenades. Birds In Flight by Alena Hennessey are large beautiful sculptures (the wingspan is 17" across) and available in 4 colors. Dark and sinister dioramas carefully constructed and photographed by Italian artist Adalberto Abbate. Brian Jung exhibit featuring Aboriginal inspired sculptures created using recycled Nike Air Jordan shoes.
Marjolijn Mandersloot's giant bobblehead dog sculptures are just some of her amazing public art works. They are made from typewriter parts without soldering, gluing, or welding- a process he calls cold assembly.

Go smoothly with your mouse through the website homepage and download the PDF for more photos. Escape to an enchanted forest, the Garden of Eden, or even Hell and have a conversation with an Ai Hell vixen.
The girls are so hot and so real looking that they almost feel like someone is on the other side of your screen.

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