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See Asteroid 2012 DA14's current position and explore other details with NASA's Eyes on the Solar System 3D interactive. NASA's Near-Earth Object Program Office can accurately predict the path of the small near-Earth asteroid 2012 DA14. This small near-Earth asteroid is passing very close to Earth on February 15, so close that it will pass inside the ring of geosynchronous weather and communications satellites. These real-time simulations depict asteroid 2012 DA14 in its orbit around the sun and provide the asteroid's current distance from Earth. The Flyby of Asteroid 2012 DA14 - A Discussion with Don Yeomans of NASA's Near-Earth Object Program Office at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif.
An animation depicting the trajectory of asteroid 2012 DA14 as it travels within the Earth-moon system on Feb. An overview of near-Earth objects with emphasis on the upcoming close approach of asteroid 2012 DA14. Graphic depicts the trajectory of asteroid 2012 DA14 during its close approach, as seen edge-on to Earth's equatorial plane. At the time of closest approach, the asteroid will be over the eastern Indian Ocean, off Sumatra -- approx. A: Asteroid 2012 DA14 will be only about 17,200 miles (27,700 kilometers) above Earth's surface at the time of closest approach on Feb 15, 2013. While this is the closest possible distance based on observations and calculations as of February 4, 2013, future observations will refine the calculation and may increase the minimum distance of the flyby. A: The flyby of asteroid 2012 DA14 is the closest ever predicted Earth approach for an object this large. A: Asteroid 2012 DA14 is currently estimated to be about 150 feet (45 meters) across and has an estimated mass of about 130,000 metric tons. A: Asteroid 2012 DA14 was discovered by the La Sagra Sky Survey operated by the Astronomical Observatory of Mallorca in Spain on Feb.
A: Scientists believe there are approximately 500,000 near-Earth asteroids the size of 2012 DA14. A: There is very little chance that asteroid 2012 DA14 will impact a satellite or spacecraft. A: The gravitational influence upon Earth and its inhabitants by the flyby of asteroid 2012 DA14 will be infinitesimally small.
A comparison to the impact potential of an asteroid the size of 2012 DA14 could be made to the impact of a near-Earth object that occurred in 1908 in Tuguska, Siberia.
During the closest approach, and dependant on local weather, the asteroid will be visible from parts of Europe, Africa and Asia.
A: As there is no chance of impact, there is nothing that needs to be done about the asteroid.
The NASA Near Earth Object Observation (NEOO) Program detects and tracks asteroids and comets passing close to Earth using both ground- and space-based telescopes.
All observations from observatories worldwide are sent to the NASA funded Minor Planet Center, operated by the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory for the International Astronomical Union, where they are combined to maintain the database on all known asteroids and comets in our solar system.
NASA's 70-meter (230-foot) Goldstone antenna, located about 35 miles north of Barstow on the Ft. NASA has also started several basic research and technology demonstration projects to better understand the nature of asteroids and how they might best be deflected from an Earth impacting trajectory, or to develop the space technology required to do this.
Launched in 2007, NASA’s Dawn spacecraft has just finished orbiting the giant asteroid Vesta and is on its way to the dwarf planet Ceres.
NASA will launch a spacecraft to an asteroid in 2016 and use a robotic arm to pluck samples from an Near Earth Asteroid (NEA) that could better explain our solar system's formation and how life began. Dante Lauretta from the University of Arizona is the mission’s principal investigator.
NASA is sending the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft to asteroid 1999 RQ36 to better understand the evolution of its orbit and to retrieve a pristine sample for study on Earth. A: The story started with claims that Nibiru, a supposed planet discovered by the Sumerians, is headed toward Earth.

A: Just as the calendar you have on your kitchen wall does not cease to exist after December 31, the Mayan calendar does not cease to exist on December 21, 2012. A: There are no planetary alignments in the next few decades and even if these alignments were to occur, their effects on the Earth would be negligible. Q: Is there a planet or brown dwarf called Nibiru or Planet X or Eris that is approaching the Earth and threatening our planet with widespread destruction? A: The Earth has always been subject to impacts by comets and asteroids, although big hits are very rare. Graphic depicts the trajectory of asteroid 2012 DA14m during its close approach, as seen edge-on to Earth's equatorial plane. Information is still being collected about the Russia meteor and analysis is preliminary at this point. The flyby will provide a unique opportunity for researchers to study a near-Earth object up close. 7, to discuss asteroid 2012 DA14 which will have a very close, but safe, flyby of Earth on Feb. The graphic demonstrates why the asteroid is invisible to northern hemisphere observers until just before close approach: it is approaching from "underneath" our planet. This distance is well outside Earth's atmosphere, but it is inside the belt of satellites in geostationary orbit, which is located 22,200 miles (35,800 kilometers) above Earth’s surface. The orbit of asteroid 2012 DA14 is well understood – it will not come any closer than 17,150 miles (27,650 kilometers) above Earth's surface during its flyby on Feb 15, 2013. To view the asteroid, you will need a good pair of binoculars, or even better, a moderately powered telescope.
The network of projects supported by this program, commonly called "Spaceguard," discovers these objects, characterizes a subset of them and plots their orbits to determine if any could be potentially hazardous to our planet.
The Near-Earth Object Program Office at JPL manages the technical and scientific activities for NASA's Near-Earth Object Program of the Science Mission Directorate in Washington. This development work includes improved Solar Electric Propulsion (SEP) systems that could push or pull an asteroid for an extended time, and close proximity operations and grappling mechanisms to work in and around asteroids and manipulate their surfaces. It is a project of the Discovery Program managed by NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, Ala.
The mission, called Origins-Spectral Interpretation-Resource Identification-Security-Regolith Explorer, or OSIRIS-REx, will be the first U.S. This composite image uses a number of swaths of the Earth's surface taken on January 4, 2012.
Our planet has been getting along just fine for more than 4 billion years, and credible scientists worldwide know of no threat associated with 2012.
This catastrophe was initially predicted for May 2003, but when nothing happened the doomsday date was moved forward to December 2012 and linked to the end of one of the cycles in the ancient Mayan calendar at the winter solstice in 2012 -- hence the predicted doomsday date of December 21, 2012. This date is the end of the Mayan long-count period but then -- just as your calendar begins again on January 1 -- another long-count period begins for the Mayan calendar. One major alignment occurred in 1962, for example, and two others happened during 1982 and 2000.
Is it true that the Earth's crust does a 180-degree rotation around the core in a matter of days if not hours? There are slow movements of the continents (for example Antarctica was near the equator hundreds of millions of years ago), but that is irrelevant to claims of reversal of the rotational poles. The last big impact was 65 million years ago, and that led to the extinction of the dinosaurs. Near these activity peaks, solar flares can cause some interruption of satellite communications, although engineers are learning how to build electronics that are protected against most solar storms. In videos of the meteor, it is seen to pass from left to right in front of the rising sun, which means it was traveling from north to south. 15, 2013, the asteroid will pass by our planet at a remarkably close distance, but the asteroid’s path is understood well enough that there is no chance of a collision with the Earth. NASA's Goldstone Solar System Radar, located in California's Mojave Desert, will observe the asteroid on Feb.

The principal investigator resides at UCLA, and is responsible for overall Dawn mission science. It is a project of the New Frontiers Program managed by NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, Ala. The false reports on this issue claim that some sort of "alignment of the Universe" will cause a blackout. Each December the Earth and sun align with the approximate center of the Milky Way Galaxy but that is an annual event of no consequence. If Nibiru or Planet X were real and headed for an encounter with the Earth in 2012, astronomers would have been tracking it for at least the past decade, and it would be visible by now to the naked eye.
Today NASA astronomers are carrying out a survey called the Spaceguard Survey to find any large near-Earth asteroids long before they hit. There is none, and for all the fictional assertions, whether they are made in books, movies, documentaries or over the Internet, we cannot change that simple fact. The other is the National Science Foundation's 1,000-foot-diameter (305 meters) Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico. At each target, Dawn will acquire color photographs, compile a topographic map, map the elemental and mineralogical composition, measure the gravity field and search for moons.
After traveling two years, OSIRIS-REx will approach the primitive Near Earth Asteroid designated 1999 RQ36 in 2018, discovered by the NEOO Program back in 1999. They claim a relationship between the rotation and the magnetic polarity of Earth, which does change irregularly, with a magnetic reversal taking place every 400,000 years on average. We have already determined that there are no threatening asteroids as large as the one that killed the dinosaurs. There is no credible evidence for any of the assertions made in support of unusual events taking place in December 2012. The next solar maximum will occur in the 2012-2014 time frame and is predicted to be an average solar cycle, no different than previous cycles throughout history.
At that time, the asteroid will pass no closer than 17,000 miles above the surface of Earth over Indonesia. Due to the asteroid's small size, the radar images generated are expected to be no more than a few pixels across. The capabilities of the two instruments are complementary, and NASA’s NEOO Program supports the radar capability at both these facilities.
The data gathered by Dawn will enable scientists to understand the conditions under which these objects formed, determine the nature of the building blocks from which the terrestrial planets formed and contrast the formation and evolution of Vesta and Ceres.
Once within three miles of the asteroid, the spacecraft will begin six months of comprehensive surface mapping.
Some versions of this rumor cite an emergency preparedness message from NASA Administrator Charles Bolden. Eris is real, but it is a dwarf planet similar to Pluto that will remain in the outer solar system; the closest it can come to Earth is about 4 billion miles.
All this work is done openly with the discoveries posted every day on the NASA Near-Earth Object Program Office website, so you can see for yourself that nothing is predicted to hit in 2012.
Dawn’s quest to understand the conditions that existed when our solar system formed provides context for the understanding of the observation of planetary systems around other stars. The spacecraft gradually will move closer to the site, and the arm will extend to collect more than two ounces of material for return to Earth in 2023. This is simply a message encouraging people to be prepared for emergencies, recorded as part of a wider government preparedness campaign.
Scientists believe a magnetic reversal is very unlikely to happen in the next few millennia.

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