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This new platform has such potential to get huge, not only for an idividual looking for a productivity boost, but as Rand inscinuates, for potential inbound marketing capabilities.
Suppose you’re an accountant and want to receive an email if someone tweets about needing help with taxes. Back on topic, there is some valuable triggers for BH, from post on WordPress to channels like posterous (dofollow), delicious, diggo, zootool… I consider writing an article about it. I’ve also read a stunning article about transforming a dumbphone to a smartphone, thanks to ifttt.
I submitted some ideas to ifttt staff -they’re nice and reactive on Twitter- like most users do.

Hi Again… thanks, wow some interesting ideas there, looks like you’ve been studying up on it! Actually the limitation is more about the typology of channels than the actual soft, and those are english. Some brilliant #ifttt ideas in there, it’s definitely going to become the glue that joins the social web together. What would it take to create an IFTTT Recipe to send an eMail (or Text) message whenever there is an inbound call to the LandLine?
I believe a Caller ID box could be hacked to capture the Caller ID info, Date & Time of Call. I’m going to share a few quick things about their potential and three different general ways Ifttt can be used.
Interesting to me as well, that global search volume is much larger, and on the insights chart above there’s been a huge Interest in China.
Rand could be using bufferapps or hootsuite to schedule tweets so he wouldn’t necessarily be online.

I have already started using for SEO perhaps I will write a post on how I use it to improve my marketing efforts.
I realize this post is nearly two years old, but do you have a link to Wil Reynolds’s IFTTT recipe for this?
Get tips and advice to all your questions about guys - no matter how embarrassing you might find the question. Perhaps you’re waiting to share a new piece of content with them, or have a question and you want to ask when they are likely to notice. Yes, I was really surprised to see Google Insights and AdWords show such high search interest in ifttt outside of the US, like dramatically different.

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