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What will happen after you apply these steps is that she will start to become interested in you again and feel as though she is losing you.
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PLUS I'll give you a free subscription to my "Stealth Seducer" newsletter, packed full of powerful seduction techniques. Just wanted to know I was with my ex girlfriend for 9 yrs we had our ups n downs happy moments an screaming moments. Thanks to some good advices from other friends I’ve managed to cut all kinds of contact with her.
Hey, I know a lot of people asked you for advise and you might not answer but I’ll try non the less lol. If my girlfriend isn’t sure what she wants, is emotionally unavailable and feels the need to find herself and her independence will this work the same?
Will this article apply to my situation and is there anything else you would recommend to me so that I can achieve my goals in this situation? I haven’t been well explained that to him I have had undiagnosed thyroid problem, which causes me mood swings and to be down at times. And all what happened about the baby I’m devestated due to my health I lost the baby it was hard to deal with on my own. So, I said maybe when I’m better with hormones I will be able to deal with it better. Recently, my ex girlfriend called me and was really upset… She wants to meet me just because to show her current boyfriend (whom she really loves right now) that she is happy with me!! She told me the plan and how its gonna be work… Please lemme know whether should I help her?
I was desperate, and the first place, I looked was in your blog , the I try to use the tips part by part.
If it weren't for you I would still be a virgin (at 20), severely depressed, constantly contemplating why I'm alive and thinking things will never change and that life will always be lonely, empty, and average at best. My life has totally changed right from the way I act to the way I think to the way I dress.. Closure is important after the ending of any relationship, but the question is, do we really need it? How can you get your ex-girlfriend, fiancee or wife to forgive your mistakes and give you another chance? Another example is where a guy lacked purpose in life and because he lacked goals and ambitions in life, he focused way too much on her. He doesn’t have to have achieved his goals and ambitions already, but he needs to have started to make progress towards that.
Another example is where a woman broke up with a guy because there was always constant arguing and fighting and misunderstandings and she was just sick of it.
When she says things that would normally piss him off or irritate him and make him want to argue and get angry, he instead laughs and turns it into something to laugh about together, to joke about together and they end up smiling and laughing and feeling good.
The second part of getting your woman to forgive your mistakes is to educate her on the reality of relationships.
Successful couples who stay together for life, they love each other patiently, they forgive each other constantly, as long as the other person in the relationship is always trying to become better and is learning from their mistakes and becoming a better person as a result. You don’t have to keep making the same mistakes over and over and over and over again.
You are capable of learning from your mistakes and starting to do things right from now on. When that happens, she starts to pay more attention and place more value on what you’ve said.
It’s actually possible to fall out of love with someone or to feel turned off by them, and for them then to change and become a better person, and for the feelings to then come flooding back.
You need to be able to explain to her that we all start out at a rookie level, at a beginner level when it comes to relationships.
Some guys learn a bit faster than others and some women learn a bit faster than others, but what makes a relationship last for life is when both people become better for each other over time.
Obviously if you been broken up with, you didn’t become better for her over time, but that was you before, not now. The final part of getting her to forgive you is to get her to forgive you for her own benefit.

Let her know that the mature way to handle a breakup is to actually forgive each other, rather than holding onto grudges and having unnecessary baggage as a result. When you give her that freedom to not have baggage in her future relationship and she forgives you as a result of that, she stops looking at you in a negative way. When you get to that point of the reconciliation process, you’ve got to be confident and guide her back into a relationship with you. In some cases the woman remains cold and distant and doesn’t make it easy for her guy to get back with her, but it can be done as long as you focus on making her feel respect and attraction for you again. Every interaction that you have with her from now on, use it as an opportunity to make her feel something for you.
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You need to let her see that holding onto the resentment is an immature thing to do, and it’s also an ineffective thing to do.
When she forgives you, her guard comes down and she becomes open to looking at you in a positive light and having some feelings for you. My name is Dan Bacon I am 100% committed to helping men succeed with women and relationships.
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This puts you in a better position going forward and will leave you in the leading position, making her more open to get back with you in the future. Show her who the daddy is – Always end things before she does, like phone calls, texting, meeting up.
I unwittingly seemed to follow your advice (before actually having received it) almost to a T when I was recently in this position. I my humble opinion I guess it is too soon, and she might still have mixed feelings, including anger and regret, other than if I wait a little longer and possibilities are that she feel a little bit more lonely and with feelings of loss! I had startd smokin which she dint lyk she loved me alot wen we wer in relarion i also put many restrictions on her and she followd everythin bt still i felt insecure!! Use everything I mentioned in the video as soon as you can, so that the other guy doesn’t get a chance to stake his claim. I've now got hot women begging me to take them out…They even go as far as running their fingers through my hair in the first few minutes we meet can you believe that so thanks a lot you guys are awesome!!! But in matters of love, what if that nagging feeling won't go away — to have one more peek at what you left behind? When one ends, especially badly, never getting the closure you need can only tug at your mind, filling it with what-ifs: What if he hates me? Some people who are more than pleased to wipe their hands clean of a relationship may say no, but what about the rest of us? I personally don't like leaving a relationship with loose ends, or on bad terms with the person hating me or never wanting to speak again.
Write a letter, but don't send it.This is easily one of the best ways to be as honest as you possibly can. Learn to accept that the relationship didn't work, and move on.Not all relationships work, so learn to accept it. Reach out for contact with the person.Before using this option, be aware and prepared that he or she may not want to hear what you have to say.
However, knowing about the ways of getting back your ex is quite important, there are certain areas you must improve or change.
Their relationship was just too stressful, too annoying, too frustrating, too irritating, and she just turned her back on her guy, and then she left him. She feels respect for you, she feels attracted to you and she’s starting to feel love for you again. Understand where you went wrong and why she lost interest when you initially broke things off… this is important to keeping her interested. He said you can love someone but doesn’t mean it will work and maybe it would in the future.
Till 20 march she called me talkd nicely with me bt i dint gave a good response bcoz of some family problems!!

What about those who feel as though they need closure in order to signal that it's okay to move on?
It's animosity that can eat away at a person and make them feel as though things are truly never finished.
It's a chance to put your heart on the page and release any of the pent-up anger and sadness you've been carrying.
Think for a moment now on your past relationships — you may just have a few that never ended well, but with time, you healed.
You can't go into it with high expectations, so go into the situation doing it for yourself instead.
When you do that, she’ll start to reconnect with the love again and you can then guide her back into a relationship with you. I've already helped thousands of guys to achieve instant success with women and I would love to help you too. But it all started when I came on my lunch and she was crying saying I didn’t appreciate, talk, go out enough with her. She said it was loneliness that caused her to start things, not that she had feelings for me. Eventually around feb 2010 we got serious, and may 2010 we were in love & made it official. When i startd tryin on her she talkd for 2-3 days and dan said dat she dnt want to hav relation with me!! Do you genuinely want to be with them or it’s just that you do not want to suffer due to the loneliness of not being in a relationship? View customer success stories, browse my products or watch this mind-blowing video about success with women. My fiance broke up with me and was living with me for a week then all sudden she is gone and I have a restraining order on me. She kept me around for like 2 weeks then gave me the boot and I found out she had feelings for another guy but he didn’t like her. Don't resist the nagging feeling that you need closure; simply accept and trust that you will eventually be okay. I tried to show her I love her and didn’t give her her space and on Saturday she freaked out about it. Over the course of your relationship you have been removing blocks and weakening your foundation. Eventually I ended up moving on & dated a while without contacting each other but once and a while she would call to see what I was up too, ect ect. I askd her if she had bf, she said she dint had bf and those guys wer jst her frnds she dnt even lyk their faces!! You can continue holding on to resentment and not having that emotional strength to forgive me, but it’s not going to help you now or in the long run. You’re a strong girl, you can forgive me, people forgive each other after breakups, you can do it. And she dnt want to talk anymore with me She says she is happy as single and dnt want any relation for now!! If you think you already know why it happened, then you must also know that if it is your mistake, you can simply never afford to make it happen again. Well around feb 2013 I started getting more txt from her, u know a lot of small talk then a week b4 vday she tells me she missed me & asked me 2 be her valentine. You can make them understand that you cannot change the past but you are willing to make things better again. After that she says let’s work on us, in the back of my head I felt like she wanted to but at the same time she was just lonley but I still said ok. It is never good to show your ex that you can never live without them or in telling them since that can also be the reason on why they would not want you back. Instead of showing how badly you need them back, showing them (maturely and confidently) that things can be better when both of you are together is much smarter option. I picked up on this and finally last week asked her if she had a special someone and she said yes.

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